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Rock out with your gloss out!

photos: we heart this

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a rock star. Not because I want to be famous, but because it’s just awesome to let it all out and belt out a song at the top of your voice, like it was written about you. So I turn up the radio in my car (quite loud) and then sing my heart out (quite poorly).

However, no one would mistake me for an actual rock star, as I’m somewhat musically challenged, and the ponytail and yoga pant look isn’t very punk rock glam. Maybe if I got a little more into character, someone would totally offer me a record deal! (Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job.)

There’s something awesome about a woman who knows who she is, is comfortable with her herself, is creative and original with makeup and fashion choices, and can actually rock out like it’s nobody’s business. And singer-songwriter Beth Ditto of the indie rock band The Gossip is exactly that kind of woman. Just check her out in any of her music videos on YouTube, or watch this behind the scenes clip from her MAC photo shoot:

I can totally see why MAC Cosmetics would create a Beth Ditto Collection. Ditto’s limited-edition, twenty-four piece collection is comprised of “shades ranging from tender to tart…candy-glossed pop mixes with polished punk sensibility.”

The Dual-Ended Shade & Smoke shadow and liner pencil is a new product to the MAC family. One end is slanted and is a lighter shadow/liner , and the other rounded end is a darker, coordinating greasepaint. Together, they were intended to create the perfect long-wearing and water-resistant smoky eye. We got to check out three of the duos.

Shadow/Liner – Beth Mask; Drag, Strip; Little Miss Moffet

Greasepaint – Little Miss Moffet; Drag, Strip; Beth Mask

Drag, Strip has a pale blue matte shadow, and a smoky blackened navy greasepaint. Beth Mask is a peachy pink with gold shimmer shadow combined with a reddish brown greasepaint. The peach side is beautiful in the tube and in swatches, but less flattering on my lids. Little Miss Moffet has a pearly white shadow and a black, semi matte greasepaint.

Beth Mask; Drag, Strip; Little Miss Moffet

Honestly, neither side applies as good as you’d hope it would. The shadow side is a bit better, and can be layered on to intensify the color. But the greasepaint side is more difficult to use and tugged at my lids. The texture is truly similar to an actual artist’s greasepaint pencil.

Of course, no eye look is complete without a swipe or two of mascara and MAC has released three shades of their Zoom Lash Mascara.

Zoom Lash Mascara in New Hue

I tested New Hue, a lovely blackened warm plum color. The effect is very subtle in terms of adding color to your lashes. Even with two or three coats, it was discreet enough to wear to the office. And there wasn’t any smudging, smearing, flaking, or irritation.

For the fingers and toes, MAC has introduced three new Nail Lacquer shades that manage to be soft yet bold at the same time.

Near Beth Experience, Life & Beth, Vagabondage


Vagabondage is a cool toned lavender-pink color. I really like that it has a bit of a translucent quality to it.

Life & Beth

Life & Beth is a milky, warm, melon shade.

Near Beth Experience

Near Beth Experience is a pretty, very pastel yellow. This color is a little difficult to work with, because even with three coats, it’s still a little blotchy looking.

Last but not least, one of my favorite MAC products – their Pro Longwear Lipcreme. Honestly, I didn’t care much for lipstick until I met this MAC formula. The Beth Ditto collection has new, limited-edition shades to sample, all with MAC’s signature vanilla scent.

Pro Longwear Lip Creme in Booyah! and Love Long Distance

Booyah! is a vibrant tangerine orange opaque cream – this color is so hot this year! And it’s especially good for summer. I love it. Love Long Distance is a light mauve.

These lip cremes are creamy and have a bit of shine upon their initial application, but then it dries down to a slightly matte finish. Unlike some long-wearing lip products, it doesn’t feel like it’s drying out my lips, or that the product is permanently caked onto my lips. It’s quite comfortable to wear and even leaves a bit of a stain on my lips. It still wears off (it transferred onto my coffee cup within a few hours), but the Pro Longwear Lipcremes are still some of the best out there.

Overall, the Beth Ditto collection has a few off-key pieces, but still sounds sweet to me.

we heartsters – Do any of these Beth Ditto pieces make you want to pick up your mic and rock out?

MAC Cosmetics – Beth Ditto Collection
Pro Longwear Lipcreme
Love Long Distance – light mauve
You’re Perfect Already – neutral pale pink
Booyah! – bright orange
Dear Diary – bright neon pink
Heart hangover – deep purple
$17 US/$20 CDN

Lip Pencil
In Synch – bright yellow pink
Embrace Me – vivid pinkish fuchsia
Entertain Me – clearly orange
Nightmoth – blackened plum
$14 US/$16.50 CDN

MAC shade & smoke shadow/liner
Little Miss Moffet – true black liner/true white shadow
Drag, Strip – smoky navy liner/pale blue shadow
Beth Mask – reddish brown bronze liner/golden peach pink shadow
Beth or Glory – deep brown liner/bright blue shadow
$22 US/$26 CDN

Zoom Lash Mascara
Plum Reserve – light violet purple
New Hue – blackened burgundy
Blue Charge – deep navy blue
$15 US/$18 CDN

Zoom Fast Black Lash
Zoom Fast Black Lash – black
$15 US/$18 CDN

Liquidlast Liner
Point Black – black
$18.50 US/$22 CDN

Nail Lacquer
Near Beth Experience – light yellow (creme)
Life and Beth – milky peach (creme)
Vagabondage – mid-tone lavender (creme)
Nocturnelle – black (creme)
$15 US/$18 CDN

MAC powder to the people
$38 US/$45 CDN

7 lash
$15 US/$18 CDN

Marilyn is a makeup maniac and slow but stubborn runner. She loves color coding her day planner, reading celebrity gossip and drinking good wine. Marilyn blogs about makeup and fitness over at her blog, Lipgloss and Spandex.

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  1. I like the duo liner/smokes, but the other items are a little too pastel for my taste. MAC has been doing an excellent job of putting out very diverse collections this year though!

  2. I’m just like you, @lipglossandspandex , shamelessly singing in my car. We could start a wht supergroup!
    The Beth Ditto lip crèmes and Nail Lacquers have my full attention. I’d love to see both Booyah! and Love Long Distance in person. And even though Near Beth Experience is streaky, the color is so pretty and unusual. Might be worth the trouble.

  3. @liglossandspandex -great run down. I have love long distance and it is great when you want a lighter lip. I have also layered it with other colors I already have. It is a good versatile product to have in my purse.

    I really love the vagabondge nail color. I am going to have to check that our next.

    four stars.

  4. Wow.. just watched the video above.. pretty amazing art work.. not my cup of tea but nontheless amazing! I like the the Pro Longwear Lip Creme in Love Long Distance- I wish i could wear Booyah, it’s so pretty! I’m totally interested in Zoom Lash Mascara in New Hue. That looks dark enought that I could wear it to the office! Great post @lipglossandspandex !!!

    1. I love colored mascaras too @irene – A deep plum one sounds divine (and would probably help make my blue eyes pop). You’ll have to tell me what you think if you pick one up!

  5. I’m with you @lipglossandspandex – Beth Ditto is full of awesome and a collaboration with MAC makes perfect sense! I’m getting a kick out of the plays on her name (Beth Mask, Life & Beth) -heh. I’m not familiar with the Pro Longwear Lipcremes, even though I keep hearing great things about them – I love the look of Love Long Distance so I may have to try one soon!

  6. I have serious mixed feelings about this collection….I love MAC and Beth Ditto, and the product concepts are good… but the quality is really lacking on most of the items in this collection. :(

    Zoom Lash in New Hue–love the plum color; very very subtle but adds a little je nais c’est quoi to your eyes. No smudging, and no flaking. But clumpy like you wouldn’t believe, and the brush is actually scratchy. I had to wipe almost all of the mascara off to make it bearable, and then still had to use a lash comb afterwards. I wouldn’t recommend buying this. Two stars.

    Nail polish in Vagabondage–Love this lavender-tinged pink! It’s a little too close to the same value as my skin (although my skin is yellow toned), but it ends up looking a little weird for the same reason you shouldn’t wear nude polish that matches your skin. It applies well, and wears well though. If you have a medium skintone, I’d test this before buying. It’s a little spendy, and I’m not sure the color is truly unique, but it’s a good one. Four stars.

    Nail polish in Near Beth Experience–I’m not sure if pastel yellow just looks bad on me, or if this shade is just a dud. Additionally, it’s difficult to apply evenly. Skip this! Two and a half stars.

    Smoke & Shadow sticks (both shades)–the idea is so promising, and similar products are available from other brands… but this is pretty terrible. The shadow creases within a few hours, and both sides tug at my eyelids. I really tried to make these work, and I really wanted to like them, but it’s probably one of MAC’s worst products. The only decent thing is the packaging, with the color coordinated lids. One star.

    Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Booyah! and Love Long Distance–Love this product, and love these colors. Booyah! is not for the faint of heart, but it’s such a fun color. And Love Long Distance is a pretty, translucent pastel mauve. It’s a different take on the mod pastel lips. You’d probably want to try this on in person before buying it. Although these Pro Longwear Lipcremes are more expensive than MAC’s regular line of lipsticks, I love the lasting power, and I’m a fan of these colors for sure. Five stars.

  7. @lipglossandspandex I think I feel the same way about this collection as you do. I love the colors and the way everything looks together, all polka dotted and fun! But I think essentially the shades are not overly unique. The nail shades are adorable together but I feel like I have these already in my nail polish collection. I will take your advice and give the Pro Longwear Lip Creme a try :) Great review!

  8. Confession- I’m just not excited about this collection. It seems just ho-hum to me! I do like that they’ve released some fun colors of Zoom Lash Mascara, but that’s about it. *sigh* There have been some really, really fantastic collections this year, maybe I’ve just set my standards too high!

  9. As a whole, this collection isn’t something I’d imagine myself buying into, BUT the summery rainbow sherbet shades of those nail polishes all in a row look unspeakable pretty to me!

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