MAC Bronze Everyday Collection Review + Swatches

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Ready for that gorgeous bronzed look? Mac Bronze Everyday will give you that sun power you’ve been looking for!

MAC has just made it a little easier for you to get a little (or a lot) of sun with their new Mac Broze Everyday collection!

Adding to their existing, permanent collection of bronzing products, they’ve released two new shades of Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (sans shimmer), and brought the once Limited Edition Skinsheen Leg Spray and Lustre Drops into the collection as well.

And it’s one big bit of bronzey goodness!

We got to take a closer look at the new releases…

(Give me Sun!, Sun Power)

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural ($27)

While I love a bronzer with shimmer, it can get problematic when trying to build up color. Tan disco ball is never a look I’m going for. MAC to the rescue with their finely milled, matte Mineralize Skinfinish Natural for shimmerless, yet still glowing color.

MAC Give Me Sun

MAC describes Give Me Sun! as “light summer peachy tan”, and that seems pretty right on. This seems like a true tan to me, not an orange tan from a bottle. It makes my medium skin look truly sunkissed.

MAC Sun Power

Deeper skin tones should reach for Sun Power, which is “deep terracotta bronze”.

This has a real red tone to it. (In fact it reminded me of the bronzer that used to be sold in a little terracotta pot, does anyone remember that?) I would imagine this red tone would be really lovely on dark skin.

(Give me Sun!, Sun Power)

(Give me Sun!, Sun Power)

(Pink Rebel, Sun Rush)

MAC Lustre Drops ($19.50)

These are my favorite part of the launch. For me, Lustre Drops are like taking my favorite highlighter (no glitter, but tons of shimmer) and liquefying it – literally, as they’re water based!

Apply them anywhere you want to draw attention to, and any high point on your face where you’d put a powder highlighter.

Plus, they can be mixed in with moisturizers or lotions to give them a shimmery glow.

MAC Pink Rebel

MAC describes Pink Rebel as “blue pink with gold pearl”.

Me? I describe it as beautiful! It’s a very light pink with a gorgeous gold sheen. I love it on my browbone. I love it on my cheeks. I love it dabbed over a lipstick in the center of my lower lip. I love it!

MAC Sun Rush

Sun Rush is Pink Rebel’s warmer, golder, good time cousin! It’s a “peachy bronze with gold pearl”. To me, this is like summer in a bottle and I imagine reaching it for it more and more often as the months heat up.

(Pink Rebel, Sun Rush)

Skinsheen Leg Spray ($26.50)

Want some color on those pasty arms and legs of yours, but don’t want to deal with the hit or miss factor of a self tanner?

Skinsheen Leg Spray is for you. These are liquid body bronzers that are gel-based. The spray nozzle shoots out (really, it shoots out!) a mousse-like bronzer that feels moisturizing and delivers sheer color.

They say there’s a bit of sheen to these, they looks rather shimmerless to me.

Medium Dark Skinsheen

Medium Dark is a “sheer soft bronze with golden tan-pearl”. And as you can see, a good choice for medium skin.

Dark Skinsheen

Dark is “golden-bronze” that looks a bit dark on my arm, but I can see using it on my legs (especially after they’ve see the sun a a few times!)

(Medium Dark, Dark)

Overall: Wherever you want to glow, and whether you want it matte and natural or softly shimmering – MAC does bronze right!

we heartsters and testers, what here is causing that glimmer in your eye?

The complete MAC Bronze collection…

Bronzing Powder

Refined Golden – Finely spun golden with soft pearl
Golden – Muted golden tan-beige with shimmer
Bronze – Soft bronze with shimmer
Matte Bronze – Bare-shouldered bronze
$23.00 U.S./$27.50 CDN

Skinsheen Leg Spray

Medium Dark – Sheer soft bronze with golden tan-pearl
Dark – Golden-bronze
Price $26.50 U.S./$32.00 CDN

Lustre Drops

Pink Rebel – Blue pink with gold pearl
Sun Rush – Peachy bronze with gold pearl
$19.50 U.S./$23.50 CDN

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Give Me Sun! – Light summer peachy tan
Sun Power – Deep terracotta bronze
$27.00 U.S./$32.50 CDN

Mineralize Skinfinish

Soft and Gentle – Gilded peach bronze
Gold Deposit – Soft reflective golden-bronze
$28.00 U.S./$33.50 CDN

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  1. I am VERY tired of looking at my pale winter face in the mirror, so MAC Bronze Everyday couldn’t be arriving at a better time. I’m ready for a new bronzer, and you’re so right, @stef – shimmer is pretty until you try to build the color. Give Me Sun! is my must-have bronzer for summer: a natural color in a matte formula. I can’t wait to check out Bronze Everyday in person!

    1. Yay, I got to test Give Me Sun! and it really IS the perfect bronzer. Just a light dusting all over and a little more on my cheeks and forehead, and I have a natural-looking tan. It’s actually kind of shocking how realistic the color is! My summer beauty plans are clear: self-tanner on my body and Give Me Sun! on my face. 5 stars for MAC’s best summer bronzer ever.

  2. This line just makes me want summer, I can’t believe I just heard Minnesota might get more snow this week. I’m wondering, as a very pale person, how sheer do the powders go on? Also, I’m about to freak about the leg bronzers, they look amazing! I literally can’t tan (my skin just burns and then goes back to WHITE, especially my legs) but I’m tired of being stuck in jeans and leggins in the summer. That medium color looks like it would be good on my skin. This looks like a great line to get us ready for summer.

    1. Oh yeah, you would def. like the Skinsheen Leg Spray!

    2. I hear you @pinkshaya! My legs are so glowing white, I’ve had people think I was wearing tights – heh. I need to try the MAC Leg Spray immediately. I’ve also had some bad luck with self-tanners and I’m hoping I’ve found a solution – I hope the medium color is workable on my ghostly skin…

  3. Lustre Drops just scream “Summer! Quick and easy!” to me. Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel is pretty much my favorite MAC product EVER. Maybe this launch around I should spread my wings a bit and try out Sun Rush- that golden glow is beautiful!

  4. Wow, MAC yet again coming out with great products. I really love the look of the bronzer, especially because it’s matte. The Lustre Drops sound amazing… I think they would work great mixed with my moisturizer.

  5. @tyna – I feel your pain. I, too, am very pale and frequently am asked if I’m wearing tights in the Summer. It’s only embarrassing about 99% of the time :P LOL!

  6. Ohhh…I love the looks of this collection. I’m all about using bronzers these days. Those lustre drops are calling my name. Love that you can mix them with moisturizers. Sounds like the perfect summer foundation for me!

  7. This MAC Bronze Everyday collection is making me want to be bronzed everyday! I really like the Give Me Sun! bronzer. I prefer to use matte bronzers since I am an oily girl and shimmer on an oil slick just magnifies my issue..The Silksheen leg spray may cause me to bear my legs a bit early! Looks like some great additions to the line.

  8. Those Lustre Drops sound interesting and like something fun to play around with. I’m betting I will lean toward getting the Mineralize Skinfinish in Give Me Sun!, though. I’m in the market for something just light and totally natural looking. Thanks for the intro to these!

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