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MAC asked, you requested…

MAC By Request collectionphoto: we heart this

We heart MAC. Truly, we do. But they are the single biggest cause of our raging case of LED (limited edition disorder). There’s something about knowing that there will come a time when you can’t buy something, that makes you instantly want to buy it. Clever marketing or evil plot to keep my savings account at its $10 balance? Perhaps a bit of both.

But, lucky for us, these limited edition products do sometimes come back. Usually, a product here and there may make its way into a new launch. But this time, they’ve come back in a pack! Nine former LE products make up the By Request collection. MAC asked in March for its customers to pick their favorites from a list of 18 eye shadow, lipstick and lipglass. Here are the three of each with the highest votes.

Guacamole, Moth Brown, Jeté

MAC By Request in a spring green with gold shimmer and frost finish

Guacamole was originally launched in Salsabelle (May 2005) and 50,536 votes brought it back. It’s a beautiful spring green with gold shimmer and a frost finish.

MAC By Request in a dark purple and grey leaning taupe

Moth Brown is the shade I voted for, so of course, it’s the color I was most excited to see won. First seen in Madame B. (March 2005), 39,563 votes got it here. It’s surprising to me that it was the lowest scorer of the three shadows. This shadow is legend! And with good reason, it’s a dark purple and grey leaning taupe. Like any self respecting taupe, it’s a chameleon, looking more grey in some looks and more purple in others. And like Guacamole, for a frost finish, it’s not very frosty (which is a good thing in my eyes).

MAC By Request in a peachy nude shade

Jeté is from the Danse collection (January 2006), with 40,245 votes bringing it back. It’s a peachy nude shade that I can see being a favorite for any neutral lovers out there. And oddly, this veluxe pearl finish looks more frosty than the two frosts!

MAC By Request swatchesGuacamole, Moth Brown, Jeté

All three shadows have amazing color pay off and a smooth texture. Well done MAC!

MAC lipglass collectionBait, Flash of Flesh, Cult of Cherry

Bait is from the Lure launch (June 2006) and received the highest votes in the lipglass category; 34,045. I find that surprising. It’s pretty, a light milky pink with silver and multi color shimmer, but it doesn’t seem terribly unique to me. But I’m not a pink girl, and who am I to doubt the voters!

Flash of Flesh was first seen in D’Bohemia (May 2005) and 27,707 votes brought it back. This is a complex shade (I have nine words written down in my notes to describe the color!) But I’d call it a metallic pinkish nude copper with chunky silver glitter.

Oh Cult of Cherry, how I remember driving to MAC on the first day of your launch (Cult of Cherry, September 2008). 29,466 smart cookies brought you back from retirement. It’s a dreamy metallic opaque blue-red. If you’re a red lover, you must own this.

MAC lipglass collection

MAC lipglass collection swatchesBait, Flash of Flesh, Cult of Cherry

MAC lipstick

The most exciting results for me are in the lipstick category; three rich, pops of color – all of them matte, and creamy matte at that! Two of them are gone already, but stalk MAC online…they may just pop up again.

MAC lipstickCandy Yum Yum, Moxie, Rocker

Candy Yum Yum is from Quite Cute (April 2011) and at 77,517 votes, it has more votes than any other product in the launch! I can see why you love this cool neon pink, it’s a show stopper.

Moxie was first seen in Retro Matte Lipsticks (September 1999) and 74,957 votes brought it back. Hooray, because I LOVE this shade of warm pink red.

Finally, there’s Rocker from Time Rocker (Fall 1999). 72,299 wanted to rock out with it again. It’s a burgundy-brown red with a light smattering of multicolor glitter (not sure I’ve seen a matte with glitter before!) It’s very vampy, perfect for fall.

MAC lipstick collection swatchesCandy Yum Yum, Moxie, Rocker

So readers, are you happy with the requests? What will you be picking up? (This launch is online only.)

Lipstick: $15 US/$18 CDN
Candy Yum-Yum – Neon pink (matte)
Moxie – bright pink (matte)
Rocker – burgundy-red with glitter (matte)

Lipglass: $15 US/$18 CDN
Bait – iris-pink with gold pearl (frost)
Cult of Cherry – clean red with red pearl (frost)
Flash of Flesh – light nude pink with pearl (frost)

Eye Shadow: $15 US/$18 CDN
Guacamole – light green with gold pearl (frost)
Jeté – sandy coral (veluxe pearl)
Moth Brown – soft metallic grey/brown (frost)

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. I like Rocker. I have CYY and love it. I thought I’d love Moxie but I don’t.

  2. Finally, Guacamole and Moth Brown can be mine! I’m so excited about this re-release!

  3. A blogging buddy of mine bought me Candy Yum Yum because she said it’s a must have. I haven’t picked it up from her but I did order myself Moxie and I LOVE it. I was looking for a hot pink equivalent to their Ruby Woo (the perfect matte red) and this pink is definitely the bee’s knees. I had Cult of Cherry the first time around but barely wore it. I always felt a bit slutty wearing shiny red. LOL

  4. haha! That’s me – Limited Edition Disorder…I have it. So Moth Brown has been haunting me ever since I got into MAC and I totally missed out. It’s been one of my lemmings for years.

    Flash forward to today…You bet I got myself not one but two Moth Browns. It feels so good to cross this one off my list :)

  5. Thanks a lot @stef for featuring these, now my bank account is smaller!! : ) I couldn’t resist, I had to have Moth Brown, Jete and Flash of Flesh. I think they will be perfect for back to school/fall look!

  6. These colors are AMAZING! I have so many I’m hoping to snatch up once they migrate down here. Moth Brown and Guacamole for sure. Flash of Flesh is the only lipglass I think I’d be interested in as the other ones look pretty generic to me. I’ve never been a big MAC lipglass person though…I like the shimmer in Bobbi Brown’s better and I can usually be happy with even just a cheap drugstore one. Rocker and Moxie look FABULOUS! Every single really great bright pink I like has been from MAC & has been hard to get (my current favorite in my stash is Pink Fusion…which I had to pick up in NYC).

  7. Moth Brown is the shade I want and will go fetch! I think that the popular shades always somehow make it back.. MAC has it all figured out so we will all want them when they arrive again!I’m okay with that too!

  8. @stef, I totally have a severe case of LED! I adore MAC but they totally get me all kinds of worked up with their limited edition collections–especially their Fluidlines, which are one of my all time favorite makeup products but are almost always limited editionread are rarely re-promoted.

    I’ve heard of the legendary Moth Brown but have never seen it in person. I must have it :) and Flash of Flesh, Candy Yum Yum, and Moxie probably too. I just hate that lip products have such a short shelf life.

  9. I wish I wasn’t broke! I want all three shadows along with Cult of Cherry and Moxie. Especially Moth Brown! At least I can drown my sorrows in my tube of Candy Yum Yum.

  10. Lucky me, Flash of Flesh arrived in the mail for me to review! It’s so pretty in the tube, and even more complex swatched/on my lips. It’s cool and frosty and warm and sparkly and pink and copper and coral and bronze all at the same time! The glitter is noticeable, so this may not be a gloss for everyone. But if you love sheer neutral glosses with large sparkly bits, this one is really pretty. I love it on it’s own and it also looks great layered over lipstick as well. I can definitely see why it was brought back by request!

    And like all of MAC’s Lipglasses, it has a slightly sticky texture (which I love and gives it a longer wear time than most thinner glosses), a compact and simple tube design, nice moisturizing qualities, and the signature MAC vanilla scent. Four and a half stars.

  11. This green-lover was stoked to try out Guacamole. It’s a bright pop of shimmery green that I am currently loving. I’m trying to get as much wear into this before cooler months because it’s too bright (IMO) for fall and winter months. The staying power on this is fantastic and this is a great addition to my green shadow collection (yes, I have a COLLECTION–I heart green shadow).
    Now I think Moth Brown is calling my name :)

  12. I like my Bait a lot, so long as I’m wearing a smoky eye. By itself, that “milky” pink is just a little too milky-pale for me. I love the silvery shimmer and the thick-without-being-gloppy texture. All-in-all, a “like” not love.

    1. Yeah, with dark eyes is the way to go!

  13. Jete and Rocker look right up my alley!! I love a nice dark lip and a neutral lid. How very 90s of me.

  14. LED is a serious disease, we should do a fund raiser or something to pay for our “treatment,” haha!

    Finally, I can get my paws on Moth Brown. I missed out the first time and have attempted to pacify myself with dupes, but a chance at the real thing? I’m on it!

  15. I was so lucky to actually get to try Jete. It is truly lovely!! It is a soft peachy/almost copper shade. It is an almost perfect neutral that perfectly complements my pale skin and brown eyes. I am in love!! A new MAC favorite for me.

    Now I just need to get my hands on Rocker. That sure is one delicious looking lipstick!

  16. Finally, Cult of Cherry is mine! I got to test this absolutely beautiful metallic blue-red, which is so shiny and opaque, it makes me feel like a 50’s pinup with just one swipe. Now that I’ve worn it, I understand the name. If there’s a cult that worships this perfect red, sign me up!

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