MAC By Request - Vote for the LE shades YOU want to see again!

MAC By Request – Vote for the LE shades YOU want to see again!

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Guess who’s coming back in fall 2012?

There are many things we love about MAC Cosmetics – their top quality formulas, chic packaging and vivid colors – but one of their best traits of all is that they truly listen to their customers.

Never afraid to keep moving forward, MAC is known for constantly producing new hues and collections, often based on the feedback of you – the consumer. In fact, for the upcoming MAC By Request collection, it’s YOUR TURN to decide what shades make the cut!

MAC has selected 18 of their most popular, yet sadly discontinued shades (the ones fans keep asking for, months, even years after they vanished from the shelves) and will be re-issuing the nine shades in the MAC By Request collection based on YOUR favorite.

Head on over to the MAC Facebook page until March 30 to cast your votes and make your voice heard!

We’re inviting M·A·C fans to vote for their favorite shades starting March 12 on Facebook. 18 popular lipsticks, lipglasses and eye shadows have been selected from past collections; the three shades with the most votes from each category will come back as an online exclusive, limited edition collection.

Voting opens to all Facebook fans March 12 – 30. The collection will be available online in North America in August and internationally Fall 2012.

3N as seen in N Collection (January 2008)
Candy Yum Yum as seen in Quite Cute (April 2011)
Eden Rocks as seen in Eden Rocks (May 2001)
Moxie as seen in Retro Matte Lipsticks (September 1999)
Rocker as seen in Time Rocker (Fall 1999)
Shitaki as seen in Cuisine (March 2001)

2N as seen in N Collection (January 2008)
Bait as seen in Lure (June 2006)
Cult of Cherry as seen in Cult of Cherry (September 2008)
Emancipation as seen in Wonder Woman (February 2011)
Flash of Flesh as seen in M·A·C D’Bohemia (May 2005)
Icescape as seen in Love Lace (December 2009)

Cool Heat as seen in Cool Heat – June 2008
Guacamole as seen in Salsabelle (May 2005)
Heavenly Bliss as seen in Eden Rocks (May 2001)
Jeté as seen in Danse (January 2006)
Moth Brown as seen in Madame B. (March 2005)
Solar White as seen in Cool Heat (June 2008)

I’ve got my fingers crossed Moth Brown makes the cut – it’s the one brown hue my eye shadow collection is missing and I’ve coveted the cult favorite for years.

we heartsters – What is your favorite discontinued MAC color?

7 thoughts on “MAC By Request – Vote for the LE shades YOU want to see again!”

  1. Wow Candy Yum Yum!? That’s super recent, I had no idea it was super sought after. Luckily I received mine from the lovely ladies of wht ;). I TOTALLY see Moth Brown making the cut! I own the Barbie version I believe (one of my favorite collections). It’s wonderful and I have a good feeling it will be a top pick. I will vote on your behalf Tyna :)

    1. I know @mandabear – I was surprised to see Candy Yum Yum too – I love it, but didn’t realize it was so popular. And thanks for voting for Moth Brown – I too have a feeling it will be in the By request collection!

  2. I love, love, love the idea of this!! Unfortunately, my holy grail eyeshadow-Hypnotized is not on the list! :( I will have to do my research to see what to vote for.

  3. I really want to see Moth Brown reappear. It’s such a gorgeous unique color. I’d also vote for Eden Rocks, I didn’t get into MAC until the Lure line so I missed out on it. And Cult of Cherry would be my pick for glosses, though Pink Clash from the Lure line should be in this list.

  4. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Moxie and Eden Rocks make the cut. I remember borrowing both from my much more fashion forward friends in high school (yeah yeah, I was a freshman in 1999). My makeup was borderline crazy then, but those lip colors I’ve yet to regret!

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