MAC Cham Pale review and swatches

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Who doesn’t love Champagne? Really, what’s not too love? There’s nothing quite like it when you want to celebrate. MAC agrees, releasing Cham Pale much to the merriment of bubble lovers everywhere!

If you are not a lover of shimmer, you may think that you should keep on walking. Because I don’t recall seeing such a shimmery launch in quite some time. But, you also may just find your dream highlighter too. From what I’ve seen, there are some beautiful, light reflective gems in this collection.

This is also a BIG collection: a quad, a mascara, two skincare items, two hues of highlighting powders, lip conditioners and nail lacquers, four shades of eyeliners, paint pots, lipsticks and lipgelees. We received the following 3 items for closer inspection…

I have been on a search for my ideal highlighter for some time, and Chez Chez Lame special reserve highlighting powder ($28) was the answer. It is a soft gold with silvery-white shimmer. Shimmer, not glitter. Glitter does not play well with my pores, and I question why so many highlighters have it. Not only is it glitter-free but, Chez Chez’s shimmer is so fine it creates that ethereal-type of glow on your skin that is just divine. I call it J.Lo skin! It’s gorgeous.

Do you have any Paint Pots? If no, why not?! They are, hands down, my favorite cream shadows: really pigmented, super creamy but dry to a non-budgeable finish. MAC describes Vintage Selection ($16.50) as frosted dirty peach. I describe Vintage Selection as the type of color I grab over and over again. It has a certain “Kitten” quality to it (a favorite of mine from another brand) – a shimmery, pinky tan meets peach that can be used to highlight, or add a shimmery dimension to other shades. LOVE this.

Bubble Lounge lipgelee ($14.50) will make a lot of people happy. From the jelly-soft quality of the gloss and the slant tip squeeze applicator, to the packed with glitter finish. The shade is a very wearable peachy pink that’s incredibly similar to the Vintage Selection paint pot. Maybe it’s because I was so happy with the other 2 pieces, but Bubble Lounge did not go straight to my head. It was a bit too glittery for me.

from left: Chez Chez Lame, Vintage Selection, Bubble Lounge

Here’s how I created the above look. Eyes: Vintage Selection all over, a matte brown used in the crease and smudged over MAC Teddy eyeliner. Cheeks: MAC Garb Sheertone blush (LE peachy-nude) with Chez Chez Lame applied on top. Lips: MAC Marquise’d lipstick (LE peachy-nude shimmer, this is being re-released in the Wonder Woman collection. And it is my favorite nude lipstick EVER!) with Bubble Lounge applied to the center bottom lip.

All 3 of these items are sold out at MAC online (of course, have you ever known Champagne to last?!) But they can still be found in-store, and through other retailers.

How about it readers, does this collection make you want to clink glasses in it’s honor?

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  1. I’ve been lusting after Chez Chez Lame since I saw the first promo picture. And now we say J. Lo. skin?! Sign me up! It’s just so beautiful, and the texture on the product gets me all caught up. It’s official- if I get the job I just applied for I’m buying this as my present to myself!

    Okay, and maybe Bubble Lounge, too… My husband won’t understand, but another nude lipgloss isn’t just another nude lipgloss sometimes!

  2. I’ve zoned right in on Bubble Lounge lipgelee (and for the record, I have to track down Marquise’d lipstick, too). And a glitter-free highlighter? Chez Chez Lame goes on the must-have list, too. That’s a gorgeous look you’ve created!

  3. Oh yeah, my glass is clinking rather loudly! I want this all and I want it now! I totally fell for Cham Pale instantly. Chez Chez me is so up my ally – you might say I’m all over this one like bees on honey.. I’m beyond anxious to see this for myself. I’ll head over to MAC and put this on- of course let you know my thoughts! @stef thanks for your always fantastic MAC review –you are MACstef!

  4. I’ve been looking for a good highlighter – Chez Chez Lame may just be calling me – need to get to the MAC counter to find out – either way I love the textured look of it. Vintage Selection does look kindof “Kitteny” – which I find a little too frosted personally – I always have to tamp it down…is this quite as frosted? Great pics, swatches, and review, @stef!

  5. What a pretty collection. I’m lusting after the Chez Chez Lame. One more thing to add to my shopping list!

  6. I love MAC Paint Pots, and Vintage Selection looks fabulous!

    I want to love the Lip Gelees, because I love the squeeze tube and the texture, but they’re so glittery! :(

  7. Oh wow, Vintage Selection is going right on my MAC list. It looks like a great neutral to reach for with everything.

  8. Love love love these. Nude/natural ish shades like these are great…I might have to look into that highlighting powder :]

  9. Ooo! This collection is getting me in the mood for summertime with the shimmer and nude tones!
    I am an immediate fan of the Chez chez lame. I would dust tis on cheek bones and collar bones alike!
    And helloooo to Vintage Selection lipstick!Love the sexy, nude shade!
    Looks beautiful, @Stef!

  10. I feel like this entire collection was created by someone who could see inside my makeup crazy head and decided to make me a Christmas present. I’m seriously freaking out about this, and avoiding any and all MAC stores since my wallet just can’t take it right now.

  11. I just received a product for this line, buut I have to say the timing is perfect! I was lucky enough to receive the Rose Ole highlighting pressed powder from the Cham Pale collection.
    I fear my skin would be too pale for this in February, but for June, it’s perfect! Being an oily girl, regular highlighting powders are not my friend…shimmer = oil= diaster. But this powder is different!
    I was so excited to find a shimmer powder that made me look shimmery and not greasy!
    The desgin stamped into the powder is very appealing and the bronzy- rose is very flattering. I used it on my cheekbones and down my cleavage for a shimmery look. I love this powder and I may even take it to France with me this summer! 5 stars!

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