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What’s pink and blue and all kinds of fab?

photos: we heart this

What you see above is the MAC Chenmen collection summed up in one photo (of two gorgeous products). The line is based on love (pink) and water (blue) and is a glimpse into the world of a visionary named Chen Men. The photographer is the star of the Chinese fashion world. Who i.D described as “bold and experimental, (she) captures colour and sensuality like no-one else in the industry.” Her work is breathtaking and a beautiful mix of real and fantasy. And I think the MAC collection is a fitting homage.

Breezy Blue

Behold, Breezy Blue Nail Lacquer in all its blurple glory! This is my first interaction with a blurple, a blue and purple hybrid, but its devotee list is long with good reason. It is gorgeous. Like, stare at your fingers all day kind of gorgeous. It’s dark and edgy, but also bright and happy. The formula is amazing as well, two coats gives you streak free, perfect coverage. Which sums this up in general, perfection. Go get this now, I honestly can’t believe it’s still available!

There are three Mineralize Eye Shadow duos in this collection. We got a chance to see two of them…

Love Cycle Mineralize Eye Shadow duo

Representing the water is Love Cycle. In the most fitting Yin Yang motif ever, one side is a light blue, white and cobalt blue mix, and the other is solid dark cobalt blue. They apply as a sky blue and dark blue metallic. And like most Mineralize shadows, they sing when they’re wet (especially the dark side).

Love Cycle applied dry

Sugarsweet Mineralize Eye Shadow duo

The one I fell hard for though was Sugarsweet. It’s a half bronze, taupe and pink mix and the other half is a rosy golden pink. It’s really frosty, not normally a finish I’d love, but wow – do I!

Supersweet applied dry

There are two loose products in the Chenman launch; Navel Blue pigment and Reflects Glitter in Reflects Blue. And they’re both a big pool of awesomeness!

Navel Blue pigment

Navel Blue pigment is a dark, smoky metallic blue. It’s almost identical to the dark side of Love Cycle when applied wet, so you don’t really need both.

Reflects Glitter in Reflects Blue

My very first MAC Glitter! And it’s nothing like I would have expected (in a good way). In the jar Reflects Glitter in Reflects Blue looks white, but when you apply it the white pretty much disappears and all that’s left is this limpid blue sheen. Glitter almost seems like the wrong word, it’s like crystal on your skin. It’s so, so pretty.

Naval Blue and Reflects Blue

Reflects Blue is like fairy dust. Don’t believe me? Look what I caught on film when I applied it over Naval Blue. I do believe in Reflects Blue!

Force of Love Lipglass

Watch out Tangerine Tango, Honeysuckle Pink is still flirting around! And in Chenman it takes shape as Force of Love, in both Lipglass and Lipstick. It’s sold out online, but if you’re a fan of bright, yellow based pink like me, it’s worth a few trips to stores to hunt down.

that’s the Chinese character for love on the outer sleeve

The limited edition collection is available through April 5th in stores and online. What say you we heartsters – are you going to be snatching up any of this vision?

Beauty Powder
Play It Proper – Pastel soft pink with sparkles
$23 U.S./$27.50 CDN

Mineralize eye shadow duo
Supersweet Duo – half bronze, pink, gold mélange/half solid golden pink (frost)
Pink Union Duo – half taupe, lavender, brown mélange/half solid dark violet (frost)
Love Cycle Duo – half light blue, white, dark blue mélange/half solid dark royal blue (frost)
$20 U.S./$24 CDN

Zoom Fast Black Lash – Carbon black
$15 U.S./$18 CDN

Blacktrack – Solid flat black
Waveline – Navy blue with low level gold pearl
$15 U.S./$18 CDN

Reflects Glitter
Reflects Blue – Sparkling blue
$20 U.S./$24 CDN

Naval Blue – Deep smoky blue
$20 U.S./$24 CDN

Brow Set
$15 U.S./$18 CDN

Force of Love – Vivid honeysuckle pink (matte)
Budding Love – Pale lavender (lustre)
$14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN

Force of Love – Vivid honeysuckle pink
Budding Love – Pale lavender
$14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN

$19 U.S./$23 CDN

Nail Lacquer
Breezy Blue – Dark blue
Pinkly Fresh – Mid-tone blue pink
$16 U.S./$19 CDN

208 Angled Brow
$19.50 U.S./$23.50 CDN

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  1. The Force of Love Lipglass looks perfect for spring! And that Reflects Blue glitter looks gorgeous. I really love the promo photos for this MAC collection.

  2. Blurple! Ha, that’s perfect!
    But not as perfect as the Force of Love Lipglass, which has sent me all over town in a fruitless search… But I love a challenge and I will find it! Gorgeous collection.

    1. I’m tickled over ‘blurple’ too – I can’t stop saying it – as I sit alone at my computer. Heh.

  3. LOVE that nail color. So pretty. Think I need to try me a blurple shade!

  4. MAC always does such a great job with their images and promotion, but I especially love the photos in this campaign. Stunning.

    I had a chance to peek at this collection over the weekend like @stef loved the perfect blue meets purple (Burple!) of the Breezy Blue Nail Lacquer – and the finish looks so nice in the pictures above. Impressive for just two coats. It would be a really fun pedicure shade too!

    Oh and the Love Cycle Mineralize Eye Shadow is gorgeous in the pan! I would hate to use it and mess up the perfect swirls.

  5. The blues and the pinks in this collection just pop! So pretty! I need to hunt down that lip glass.

  6. Love Cycle and Navel Blue are absolutely gorgeous – they all are but I keep going back to those two and just staring!

  7. I had the rare pleasure of playing with the Force of Love lipstick at my local MAC counter and the color is so beautiful! I didn’t break down and buy it (I wasn’t a fan of how it made my teeth look) but I keep questioning whether or not I want to go back before I don’t have the choice!

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