MAC Cremesheen + Pearl – review, photos & swatches

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Lip product lovers rejoice: new shades of Cremesheen Glass and Lipstick are here to stay at your MAC counter!

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl lipsticksphotos: we heart this

I’m the kind of gal that loves a good twist on a classic item, whether it’s through clothes, hair or makeup. So when I heard that MAC had released Cremesheen + Pearl, a collection of 15 new shades of Cremesheen lipstick and Cremesheen glass, I was more than a little intrigued.

This Asian influenced line comes in a range of modern pink, coral and nude shades. They’ve got everything you already love about the MAC Cremesheen Glass and Lipstick, but with the added addition of light reflecting crushed pearl to help you shimmer and glimmer your way through fall.

Pagoda, Double Happiness, Floating Lotus shadesPagoda, Double Happiness, Floating Lotus

The we heart this team review team got a look at a few shades of each. Of the Cremesheen Glass, I tested Double Happiness, which MAC describes as a frosted light nude and Floating Lotus, a frosted soft rose. As I’m not really a fan of the frosted look I was relieved to find that these have more of a subtle twinkle than they do a “frosted” sheen.

Pagoda, Double Happiness, Floating Lotus shadesFloating Lotus

The Cremesheen Glass is, as expected, incredibly lightweight and extremely easy to wear without any stickiness. Double Happiness goes on like a creamy pale, peachy nude. Floating Lotus on the other hand is a hushed bubble gum pink. Much like the pink tips of a lotus blossom! If you’re looking for a wild burst of color though, these probably aren’t for you. Their focus is on lots of shine and shimmer.

Pagoda, Double Happiness, Floating Lotus swatchesPagoda, Double Happiness, Floating Lotus

Pagoda – cool lavender pink with silver shimmer
Double Happiness – peachy nude with gold shimmer
Floating Lotus – warm medium pink with gold shimmer

Japanese Maple, Pure Zen, Saigon Summer lipstickJapanese Maple, Pure Zen, Saigon Summer

From the lipsticks I got to test Pure Zen, a frosted warm nude. Similar to other Cremesheen Lipsticks this goes on smooth and is nicely hydrating. And similar to the Cremesheen Glass, this wasn’t so much frosted, as it was slightly shimmery and very, very sheer.

One application created the faintest whisper of color and even after multiple passes, it was still subdued, but in a good way. As I mentioned, the slight shimmer, though not as obvious as the in the Cremesheen Glass, helps brighten your lips and create a tinge of pop for such a reserved shade.

Japanese Maple, Pure Zen, Saigon Summer swatchesJapanese Maple, Pure Zen, Saigon Summer

Japanese Maple – light warm nude
Pure Zen – medium warm nude with an ever so slight peach tint
Saigon Summer – muted but bright orange

Not sure you’ll have a chance to nab the Cremesheen + Pearl collection right away? Never fear, these new shades are permanent! So grab one, or two, or the entire line because the new Cremesheen + Pearl collection will be an essential pairing for every fall smoky eye look.

we heartsters and Testers – are you loving the latest additions to the MAC Cremesheen family?

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl
Cremesheen Glass
$19.50 US/$22.50 CDN
Paper Lantern – Frosted soft warm pink
Double Happiness – Frosted light nude
Dynasty at Dusk – Frosted neutral pink
Imperial Light – Frosted light peach
Pagoda – Frosted cool pink
Floating Lotus – Frosted soft rose
Rising Sun – Frosted bright orange

Cremesheen Lipstick
$14.50 US/$17.50 CDN
Japanese Maple – Frosted light beige
Pure Zen – Frosted warm nude
Peach Blossom – Frosted cool nude
Shanghai Spice – Frosted neutral pink
Sunny Seoul – Frosted light warm pink
Pink Pearl Pop – Frosted mid-tone pink
Coral Bliss – Frosted light coral
Saigon Summer – Frosted bright orange

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. The Asian influence for this collection is really cool. The names are all super cute. I like how incredibly wearable this collection is – there is a shade for every complexion I feel! I tested Pagoda Cremesheen + Pearl, which was a tad bit on the cool side for me – I have slightly pigmented lips but when testing some shades, I feel more pigmented than I realize!). Overall I LOVED the formula of these and have been tempted to get more since I tried this one. I think maybe Double Happiness or Floating Lotus would have worked more in my favor but I was incredibly happy to try one. :) I’m giving this 4 stars for lovely tube packaging and formula. I wish they were a tad cheaper too!

  2. I got to try Saigon Summer! To be honest it was intimidating when I took off the cap. It reads a little darker in the pictures here to me, it’s gorgeously bright in person. I was a little worried about wearing an orange lipstick, however on my lips it looks great. It really is a wearable orange, even though that sounds absurd. It gets a more pink/coral tone against the skin and I’m really digging the pop of color. 5 Stars from me!

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Love these shades and that they are so sheer – Double Happiness looks like my perfect carry in my bag gloss. Just a hint of color and lots of shine and can be applied sans mirror. Must check this one out on my next MAC trip.

  4. Love all of these! Floating Lotus looks like my perfect shade of gloss–will have to pick it up for this weekend!

  5. I got to try Japanese Maple. It is a very sheer, lightly frosted and muted beige. It is great a neutral lip. (MAJOR PLUS: It did not dry out my lips like many formulations of lipstick do.)

  6. I borrowed Japanese Maple from Holly and tried it out. I’m a huge fan of MAC lipsticks, and I adore their signature vanilla scent. It’s a curious color. It’s ever so slightly mod and ever so slightly 90’s with the light nude and frost characteristics, but subtle.

    This collection is kind of bland to me–everything is so sheer and just shiny. Saigon Summer seems to be the only product with noticeable color. But they’re good products to have in your purse to throw on in a pinch.

  7. These are definitely subtle shades. Although that Saigon Summer is shockingly bright compared to the others, but after reading @lucylemonade‘s comment I think it would be a fun one to try. Double Happiness and Floating Lotus are ones I would for sure suggest for anyone as it seems the most friendly towards any skin tone. So easy to apply and wear anytime. I’m loving these so definitely 5 stars from me!

  8. I’m so happy that these are being added to the permanent line! I can see Japanese Maple or Pure Zen becoming a go-to lippie for me. So easy and what a great way to put the finishing touch on an office look!

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