MAC Dazzle lipsticks, they aren't kidding!

MAC Dazzle lipsticks, they aren’t kidding!

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MAC Dazzle lipsticks photos: we heart this

In the midst of all the dark fall collections that have been popping up, MAC is reminding us it’s still summer! And I have two collections to prove just that, Dare to Wear and the fabulous Digi Dazzle Lipsticks. I, for one, say hooray!

These 13 limited edition lipsticks are exactly what I’m craving right now; sparkling and yes, dazzling color to carry me through the end of summer. Not that I can’t see wearing these through the cold months too, but to me glitter equals fun. And fun equals summer.

I will admit, while I am a fan of glitter on the lips, these didn’t do much for me just viewing them in the bullet. I think it’s my habit of looking to gloss whenever I want some action that led me to think “I’ve got lip gloss for this, why do I need glitter lipstick?” Oh, but getting these on my lips was a whole other story…

MAC Dazzle lipsticks swatchesWith these, you get the flash of a glimmery gloss, with the staying power of a lipstick. We’re not talking just a smattering of glitter either. These are bursting with glitter (see photo evidence!) Pure wall to wall glitter. But be prepared for it to migrate, I looked like I was making out with a disco ball after swatching these. Surprisingly the lipsticks feel less gritty than you’d expect. But don’t go in hoping for silky smooth, they’re not.

Plus, these are real chameleons. All three looked better on my lips than in the bullet. What a great surprise!

Liquid lurex in a sheer gold with silver and a shape-shifter sort of glitter

Liquid Lurex swatchLiquid Lurex is a sheer gold with silver and a shape-shifter sort of glitter than transforms from fuschia to copper depending on how you are looking at it. Next to impossible to capture in a photo; in mine it looks gold in the tube, and kind of nude on my lips. But in person, you get a gold that flashes pink. This blurry swatch shows you the brilliance of the glitter. This is unlike any shade I’ve ever owned and is like a party in a tube (or preferably, on your lips!)

Wham in a plummy brown with gold with glitter

For a more subtle, but no less beautiful look, I adore Wham, a plummy brown with gold and a bit of the same shape-shifter glitter described above. I can see reaching for this a lot in the fall, as it’s warm but still fun. Check out a full face look with it on my Dare to Wear post.

Naughty You is a bright, almost bubble gum medium pink with a ton of pink glitter

Lastly, Naughty You is a bright, almost bubble gum medium pink with a ton of pink glitter. MAC describes it as neon, and I’m with them on that. It’s like Barbie’s disco-date-pink. Not a color I’d reach for, but surprisingly wearable with my warm-toned skin.

we heartsters, these have to be swatched to truly be appreciated. Don’t miss Dazzle Lipsticks, who couldn’t use a bit more sparkle in their lives? And if you own one (or 13), tell us about your shades!

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19 thoughts on “MAC Dazzle lipsticks, they aren’t kidding!”

  1. Wow – these are gorgeous on your lips! And I’d probably never pick them up just from how they look in the tube – I do see the power of swatches now! I can see “Wham” being my go-to color in the fall for sure.

  2. This just goes to show you cannot judge a lipstick by how it looks in the tube. I want to try liquid lurex if I can find it. (The limited editions go fast out here.)

  3. Wow, these are some of the BEST swatch photos of the Dazzle Lipsticks I’ve seen anywhere else on the www! Good job @Stef !

    Now I have to get my butt in gear and go out to get Naughty You. I love that color! I was worried that it wouldn’t be very wearable when I saw the promo photos but was still seriously lusting after it. Your photo wearing the colors has confirmed in my mind that I need it. I thank you, but I’m not sure my bank account feels the same. ;) LOL

  4. Count me in as another one wanting Liquid Lurex – and again, just from the tube it’s not a color I would normally reach for – in fact, while the Dazzle Lipsticks got a lot of attention from Stef and I at our MAC Fall preview day, I pass right over LL without picking it up – my bad.

    Thanks to these great pics I can see what I was missing. As for the Dazzle line – I love that they work sort of like a lip gloss but without the gloop and better staying power. I especially liked Wham (seen in the post – and love the name) and Glaringly Hip – a light peach.

  5. I am finding that with MAC I need to test everything. So many things that have looked garish in the package look awesome on. And these lipsticks look amazing on you @stef!!! I must try wham and naughty you.

  6. I’m soaking these all in.. I’m so glad to be home now taking a closer look at MAC’s fall preview, without interuptions! I am dazzled over the dazzle in “Wham”. It is such a pretty color and so up my alley.. I like how it has such a splash of that glitter you describe above. It is so sweet with that pretty brownish and golden huge. I also love,”Naughty You”- so pretty! Great post @stef! I’m heading over there to see it live!!! We have a great MAC store in Costa Mesa, at South Coast Plaza.

  7. Wow these are cool! I seem to have really good luck when the lipstick has glitter or shimmer in it… they make my lips look fuller. They look great on and I’m tempted to give them all a try just because they each have such different looks!

  8. WHOA. I would have never even picked these up to try, but Wham has me wanting to reach through the screen and grab it! It’s amazing how the glitter just seamlessly smoothes into such a pretty and delicate shimmer. I’m VERY impressed!

    And even more convinced that I need to give MAC more of a try than just their blot and setting powders. (I can’t live without those, they’re perfect and I’ll never switch back.)

  9. Oh – I do LOVE me some glitter! These look amazing. As for looking like you’ve been kissing a disco ball, I’ve found that Mally’s Lip Fence seems to help a lot. Thanks so much for sharing these finds!
    XO Piper

  10. Holy cow those are gorgeous! Liquid Lurex and Wham are so pretty! I probably would never have picked out Liquid Lurex just based on it in the tube. I would’ve been afraid it would look like just plain gold. But wow does it look awesome when worn by someone!

  11. My dearest Wham…we need to be together…think about it…call me *holds up hand to ear like a phone*
    I effing love the glittery shimmer!
    I need to see Naughty You in person I’m thinking…I usually shy away from that shade of pink, but it looks so freaking pretty on you, @stef!!!

  12. Hey DWJ! Nice to see you here. She’s got a FABULOUS fashion blog, check it chicks:

    I’m glad everyone is feeling the love on these. I’m so glad I had the chance to swatch, I totally would have overlooked these. Oh, how I’d be missing out!

    I am fighting the urge to get the 10 other shades, seeing as these were such a hit. Hmmm, how do I justify a purchase of 10 lipstick to my hubby?

    @lucylemonade – you are too funny with your 4am Liquid Lurex stalking. I can’t wait to see what you think. I find myself putting it on at random times during the past week because I just want to stare at my dazzling lips. It’s great with a thick layer, it’s great with a very sheer layer (blended with a finger), it’s AMAZING with a clear gloss on top, it’s FABULOUS with a gold glitter gloss added. I’m telling you, I’m in love.

    @spitfire77 – you are so right. Glitter does add dimension to your lips, making them look fuller. It’s fancy lip-trikery!

    And yes ladies, Wham is all kinds of awesome!

  13. Whoa! Like others, I probably would have passed right by these in the display, but seeing them on your lips has me whistling a different tune now. I’m thinking I absolutely must have Liquid Lurex. No doubt about it.

    Thanks so much for the fantastic review and pics, @stef. All of these shades look stunning on you.

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