MAC Dazzlesphere! – review, photos & swatches

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MAC wants you to have a dazzling holiday!

Next up in the MAC holiday line up are Dazzlespheres, sure to be the most uniquely packaged gift you give (or receive) this season. Housed in clear, bubble-like orbs, there are seven mini kits to choose from; a Nail Lacquer quartet, Crushed Metallic Pigments in smoky blue, smoky berry or plum, and glosses in coral, pink or neutral.

We got a closer look at two of the aptly named spheres…

Regular readers of we heart this will know our unofficial mantra for most things “smaller is cuter, cuter is better!” As you can imagine, the mini nail lacquer kit ($25.50) made me squeal with delight.

Not only are the bottles adorable sized, but it’s a beautiful range of shades that will work for all color palettes. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I have only completely finished one bottle of polish in my lifetime. So I think this size makes a lot of sense.


Look familiar? Mistletoe kinda looks like Immortal Gold, the shade I was raving about from the Posh Paradise collection. And by kinda, I mean identical. It’s the same dirty green gold with a wet metallic look to it. My love for this shade hasn’t faded in the slightest!

Dark Angel

Dark Angel is a medium purple cream that gives just the right amount of gothiness. Like, goth that you can wear to the family gathering and not have your Uncles ask where your broomstick is. I speak from experience.

Much Adored

Much Adored is a sheer gold-tinged white with opalescent gold shimmer. It’s a beautiful, glowingly, warm “your nails but better” sort of shade.

Style Tip

Style Tip is a medium nude cream. It matches my skin tone pretty perfectly, so it personally gives me that odd super long finger look! But I think for some, this shade could be the perfect aforementioned “your nails but better” polish.

Next up are the phenom known as Crushed Metallic Pigments. We got to take a closer look at the Smoky Blue Crushed Metallic Pigments ($32.50). I first got to check these out with the Surf, Baby! launch and I was no less entranced this time around.

These pigments have an interesting chunky texture, like crushed gemstones. And, a slightly wet feeling to them (which makes them less messy than loose pigments). I am forever in debt to Temptalia, who advised that the color should be pressed on rather than swiped. I also get a good result mixing them on the back of my hand and applying the product from there, essentially crushing or breaking them down first.

Silver Sleet

Silver Sleet
is a dark silver grey with a bluish cast. It looks like a molten quarter! This had the prettiest texture of the four, less chunky and glittery, more metallic.

White as Snow

White as Snow is a silvery white with a glittery finish. And that glitter lead to
lots of fall out.

Silver Sleet, White as Snow – all swatches applied dry


Wintersky is a periwinkle blue with silver shimmer and teensy, tiny flecks of magenta glitter. It’s a beautiful and perfectly named shade.

Dark Moon

Dark Moon is a deep, inky black with tons of sparkling silver shimmer and glitter.

How much sparkle? This much!

This is the ideal shade to use with a mixing medium as a liner. Not only because it would be gorgeous, but because applied dry, the texture was a bit chunky.

Dark Moon, Wintersky

Silver Sleet, White as Snow, Dark Moon, Wintersky

So, how about it readers – need a bit of dazzle in your life? Which Dazzlesphere will you be picking up?

Mini Nail Lacquer Kit
$25.50 U.S./$30 CDN

Petite Nail Lacquer Ornament
Dark Angel
Style Tip – Soft pink nude
Much Adored – Sheer white pink with pearl
Mistletoe – Pale gold

Crushed Metallics Pigment Kits
$32.50 U.S./$38.50 CDN

Dazzlesphere! Smoky Berry Ornament
Rose Light
Spicy Smoke – Dark strawberry
Roasted Chestnut – Deep chocolate with gold pearl

Dazzlesphere! Smoky Blue Ornament
White As Snow – Snowy white
Silver Sleet – Medium grey
Wintersky – Purple blue
Dark Moon – Charcoal

Dazzlesphere! Plum Ornament
Light Violet
Seasonal Cool – Sparkle taupe
Misty – Pale silver

Mini Gloss Kit
$32.50 U.S./$38.50 CDN

Dazzlesphere! Neutral Ornament
Bare Necessity (dazzleglass)
Get Rich Quick (dazzleglass)
Boy Bait (cremesheen)
Over Indulgence (cremesheen)

Dazzlesphere! Coral Ornament
Phiff! (dazzleglass)
Eurobeat (dazzleglass)
On The Scene (cremesheen)
Richer, Lusher (cremesheen)

Dazzlesphere! Pink Ornament
Rags to Riches (dazzleglass)
Like Venus (dazzleglass)
Fashion Scoop (cremesheen)
Petite Indulgence (cremesheen)

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  1. I need the mini nail lacquer kit pronto! And I almost choked on my morning coffee over the broomstick comment, @stef – my relatives think they’re funny, too.

  2. Wow! What an eye opener and I have not even had my coffee to choke on! For some reason, maybe the season.. I’m totally drawn to Silver Sleet and White as Snow! Love them! I like Much Adored for nails too.. it looks super on you (as do the rest) I think the gold/white would be so pretty on. Up my ally! :)

  3. Why MAC? Why are you doing this to me/my wallet? I NEEEEEEEED to own those nail polishes in the best way possible. I want to wear them every day. Its like they were made for my wardrobe.

  4. I’m usually pretty disappointed by gift sets because there are usually a few duds in the batch, or it’s overpriced, or any number of other things. But when I saw these in person in the MAC store, I got really excited. I purchased the Dazzlesphere Neutral lipgloss ornament because the MAC girl informed me that EACH of the glosses in the Dazzlesphere set was actually larger than a full sized gloss, in terms of ounces, which makes the lipgloss sets a REALLY good value, AND the colors are all super wearable. I kind of want to own them all….

    The pigment sets looked pretty too but I personally find loose pigments to be too much work.

  5. Wintersky is just stunning!! I think that it would be fabulous with my brown eyes.

    But Silversleet and White as Snow are pretty insane too.

    Why do you do this to me MAC, why????

  6. I’m in love with the mini nail polish set! Such a pretty combination of colors.

  7. Mistletoe and Dark Angel are gorgeous! I love kits of any kind, and these seem like so much fun…

    The Smoky Blue Ornament isn’t up my alley, but the Smoky Berry Ornament….I WANT IT. I’ve been curious about these pigments since WHT talked about them in Surf Baby! launch and now I know I NEEEED them. the same goes for the Dazzlesphere Neutral Ornament, they are just lovely. Plus they’re mini, who doesn’t love wee products?!? :-)

    Thanks for enabling me once again, @stef!

  8. Gotta love MAC, they are packaging geniuses and these are no exception! I am all over the glosses ornament!

  9. I got the Dazzlesphere! I’ve seen them everywhere on sale! I have the Petite Nail Lacquer Ornament and LOVE them all! Great packaging and great gift to give if you need to make someone smile!

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