MAC Fabulousness: Neutral Eyes palette - review, photos & swatches

MAC Fabulousness: Neutral Eyes palette – review, photos & swatches

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Taupe lovers, this one’s for you…

MAC Fabulousness: Neutral Eyes palette

MAC Holiday Collections 2012

Have you gathered by day four of our MAC holiday collections week that there’s a bit of a retro theme to this year’s launches? From the chevron hat boxes of Guilty Passions, to the leopard-print, fishnet and kisslock bags of Primped Out; it’s a vintage lover’s dream.

Neutral Eyes palette

But it’s the satin tufted palettes accented with a big black bow that spoke loudest to this vintage lover. Fabulousness indeed! From first glance at MAC’s mega holiday releases, it was the beautiful Neutral Eyes palette that I instantly set my sights on. It’s like MAC snuck into my head and created the palette of my taupe dreams.

MAC Fabulousness Neutral Eyes palette

I’ve seen mixed reviews of this online, but I’m in love with this palette. I think the shades are beautifully pigmented and I LOVE that the taupes (and accenting shades) are leaning grey rather than purple.

MAC Fabulousness: Neutral Eyes palette

Blonde Mink (lustre) is a cool light grey with silver micro glitter.

Magical Mist (lustre) is medium taupe with slightly larger (and more) silver micro glitter.

(The glitter can get a bit wayward on these first two, so primer is a must.)

Brun (satin) looks like a standard chocolate brown in the pan, but on it’s a dark, sooty brown that makes for an incredible smoky eye. Brun is a permanent shade.

Enviable (veluxe pearl) is a dirty, pearlized sage green. Love is not lovely enough of a word for what I feel about this color. It is utterly divine.

Smut (velvet) is dark grey brown with a red undertone to it and a slight shimmer. I got the least amount of pigment from this on the first pass, but was able to build it up nicely. It’s like the infamous MAC Club eye shadow’s distant cousin. This is a permanent shade too.

MAC Fabulousness: Neutral Eyes palette swatchesBlonde Mink, Magical Mist, Brun, Enviable, Smut

MAC Fabulousness: Neutral Eyes palette swatchesBlonde Mink, Magical Mist, Brun

MAC Fabulousness: Neutral Eyes palette swatchesA peek of Magical Mist, then Brun, Enviable, Smut

My only complaint? The tiny brush is bit of a throw away for me. It’s small size is hard to handle and the bristles splay.

Now let’s get back to that packaging, which may just be my favorite MAC packaging to date. It’s so feminine and vintage looking. The tufted satin even reminds me of a vanity bench! And that big ol’ bow just slays me.

MAC Fabulousness: Neutral Eyes palette body

Taupes not your thing? Check out the Warm Eyes palette or hunt down the Smoky Eyes palette in-store (it’s sold out on line). And see if they make your heart beat like this does mine.

we heartsters, do you agree that this is the definition of fabulousness?

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Fabulousness / Warm Eyes
Glamour Light – Soft beige frost (satin)
Sketch – Burgundy with red shimmer (velvet)
Honesty – Pewtered bronze (lustre)
Cognac – Frosty golden bronze (frost)
Retrospeck – Bleached blonde (lustre)
SRP $39.50 U.S./$47.50 CDN

Fabulousness/Neutral Eyes
Brun – Muted blackish-brown (satin)
Blonde Mink – Grey taupe frost (lustre)
Enviable – Cool mint green with pearl (veluxe pearl)
Smut – Muted black with red shimmer (velvet)
Magical Mist – Metallic taupe (lustre)
SRP $39.50 U.S./$47.50 CDN

Fabulousness / Smoky Eyes
Spellcaster – Matte aubergine (matte)
Taupeless – Lavender pink (lustre)
Black Slip – Rich blackened plum with pearl (veluxe pearl)
Satin Taupe – Taupe with silver shimmer (frost)
Love Spice – Mid-tone rosy pink with pearl (frost)
SRP $39.50 U.S./$47.50 CDN

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13 thoughts on “MAC Fabulousness: Neutral Eyes palette – review, photos & swatches”

  1. My favorite eyeshadow palette from the Holiday collection! Gorgeous taupey browns. Love the mint green pillow case :) So girly! This should always be left on top of the vanity, it’s too cute.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! This one tops my list of Holiday NEEDS! The colors of the neutral eyes palette are pure perfection in my book and the packaging design is exquisite – color, tufts, bow – all of it. I should not be buying one more thing for myself, but I will be heading to my MAC counter to check this out this weekend!!

  3. Call me dense, but I didn’t even pick up the vintage vibe on all these MAC Holiday collections until I saw @stef put it in writing – I just thought cute! cute1 cute! But with the hat boxes and kisslock and leopard print, it’s so very retro.

    This palette looks divine. Love the packaging of course, and the colors are amazing. Is Brun a repromote? I swear I’ve drooled over that perfect dark brown in the past. It’s such a nice looking brown – and I would use it as both a lid color and a liner. Blonde Mink looks pretty awesome too – a nice shimmery (but not sparkly) highlighter.Can’t wait to check this palette out the next time I’m visiting Stef.

  4. I tried to tell myself, I don’t need this palette… I have both NAKED palettes, and dozens of other great neutrals… but it’s just too precious. I’m a total sucker for the tufted satin and the black plastic bow. And the colors are just so practical because they’re taupe-y deliciousness.

  5. We all know what we want, this palette! I love this retro collection. I also want to wear your swatched arm! Soooo pretty.. I know I say that often about many things but really, I mean it! Did I say I want this cute holiday collection loud enough.. May it find a way into my stocking!

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  7. This kit is my favorite color palette by far… I’ve informed my husband, that it NEEDS to show up in my stocking or I will be in serious mourning on Xmas morning!

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  9. This wasn’t even on my radar, but now I desperately want it. I’ve been looking for a palette with neutrals in it and these are gorgeous and not too bronzey (I can’t do a bronze shadow–the orange tones are horrid on me). The greenish shade kinda makes this set for me because I consider that a neutral for me :) Wah!!!

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