MAC Fashion Sets – review, photos & swatches

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MAC makes it fashionable to match again, and we’ve got LOTS of pics to prove it!

A closeup image of woman's lip wearing a red lipstick and having a red nail polish

There’s something very retro about matching when it comes to fashion and beauty. I’m not sure when it happened, but there seemed to be a revolt somewhere along the way against the matchy ways of our elders. Match your shoes to your purse? As a teenager I sometimes didn’t even match my shoe to my other shoe!

But as all things do, trends you once rebeled against become fashionable again. And lover of retro that I am, I find myself asking “what’s so bad about matching?” MAC answers “not a thing” with it’s introduction of Fashion Sets; matching trios of Lipstick, Lipglass and Nail Lacquer that were created in honor of some of their best sellers worldwide.

MAC Fashion Sets

The collection is broken into four regions where the shades are best sellers; North America, Asia Pacific, Europe & Africa, and Latin America & Middle East. You can get any set from MAC online and each region will have their respective shade line-up in-store through June 28, 2012. Plus, Macy’s in the US will have the Latin America line-up exclusively.

A collage of woman wearing different lipstick shade and nail polishclockwise from top left: Myth, Snob, Russian Red, Girl About Town

We got a look at four of the sixteen sets that were released. Wanna peek?

Girl About Town sets with a shade of hot pink

Girl About Town is a blue-based hot pink that’s high impact yet very wearable. There’s something so summery about a hot pink too, isn’t there?

Girl About Town sets with a shade of hot pink

Girl About Town lipstick and lipglass swatchGirl About Town lipstick and lipglass

Which came first, the lipstick, lipglass or the nail lacquer? In the case of the four trios we looked at, the lipstick is the predecessor.

Girl About Town lipstick has an amplified finish and fabulous opaque, creamy coverage. The lipglass has a fine silver sheen added to the pink base.

A hand with a hot pink nail polish holding a mac nail lacquer

The nail lacquer matched the lipstick precisely, and covered perfectly with two coats.

Russian Red set

If you are a red lover and you don’t own Russian Red lipstick, stop what you’re doing and buy it immediately. I am not even kidding, they’ll take your red lover card from you if they catch you without it! It’s the perfect red. Like, if an alien landed and never saw red before – you’d show him this. Not too dark, not too light, it is truly neutral. Are you getting how perfect it is?

Russian Red is the #1 selling lipstick in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Singapore and Venezuela.

A hand holding the Russian Red set

Russian Red lipstick and lipglass swatchRussian Red lipstick and lipglass

Russian Red lipstick has a matte finish. I don’t know if MAC has recently updated the formula on their mattes, or if I’ve just tried a lot of bad mattes recently. But it’s actually quite plush, not drying and wears for ages. The lipglass is a tad brighter, but adds a shiny layer of fabulousness to the lipstick.

A hand with a red nail polish holding a mac nail lacquer

Like Girl About Town, the nail lacquer matched the lipstick perfectly, and covered evenly with two coats. This trio is divine, folks!

Lipstick and lipglass with a shade of myth nude

Myth is my go-to nude when I want a REALLY nude lip. I turn to it to eliminate any color from my lips and give me that mod, Edie Sedgwick kind of look.

Myth is the #1 selling lipstick in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia and Finland.

A hand holding the myth lipstick and lipglass

Myth lipstick and lipglass swatchMyth lipstick and lipglass

MAC calls Myth lipstick a “light neutral nude” and that’s pretty spot on. I’d add that it does have a slightly peach tint. The matching on this trio is slightly skew-whiff (to quote my British Hub), meaning it doesn’t quite. The lipglass is definitely darker and takes on a brown tone versus the peach in the lipstick. But, it does make the combo a bit warmer.

A hand with a nude nail polish holding a mac nail lacquer of the same shade

The nail lacquer was a bit pesky to work with. It felt a bit thick to me and left visible streaks even after two coats. Really beautiful neutral shade though, so you may think it’s worth the work.

MAC lipstick and lipglass in a cool pink shade

I think cool girls could almost treat Snob as a nude. It reads with the same paleness that Myth does, except it’s a cool pink.

Snob is the #1 selling lipstick in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

A hand holding MAC lipstick, lipglass and nail lacquer in a cool pink shade

Snob lipstick and snob lipglass swatch

The lipglass is a bit more sheer and milky than the lipstick. Versus Myth lipglass warming up the lipstick, I think Snob lipglass actually makes the lipstick look even cooler and paler.

A hand with a cool pink nail polish holding a MAC nail lacquer

The nail lacquer is on the thin side, which I really like. Give me thin coverage to thick any day. But because of it, I didn’t quite get opaque coverage with 2 coats. It’s also a tad bit warmer than the glass/stick.

Personally, I’ll be purchasing the Spice trio, as the lipliner was my very first MAC product! I’m excited to see how it translates into the other products. Interestingly, Spice lipliner is the biggest seller on the list, it’s #1 in Canada, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, UK, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, India, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman and United Arab Emirates.

Here are all 16 of the Fashion Sets:

Myth – Light neutral nude (satin)
Snob – Light neutral pink (satin)
Spice – Mid-tone neutral nude (satin)
Girl About Town – Bright blue fuchsia (amplified)
Russian Red – Mid-tone neutral red (matte)
Rebel – Mid-tone cream plum (satin)
Chestnut – Rich chocolate brown (satin)
Peachstock – Creamy peach beige (satin)
Razzledazzler – Creamy light coral (lustre)
Ravishing – Clean light peach coral (cremesheen)
Angel – Soft Pink (frost)
Saint Germain – Clean pastel pink (amplified creme)
Morange – Loudmouth orange (amplified creme)
Please Me – Muted rosy-tinted pink (matte)
Pink Nouveau – Bright Pink (satin)
Impassioned – Amped up Fuchsia (amplified creme)
$14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN

$14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN

Nail Lacquer
(all shades are creams)
$16 U.S./$19 CDN

How about it weheartsters – ready to be fashionably matched? Which trio interests you most?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. How fun! I always have loved matching nails and lips. And I am so excited to get a look at Spice – like @stef that was my very first MAC love – I think it’s the only lipliner I ever wore down to the stub.

    Not sure if I can still pull off Spice so I have my eye on Snob – such a nice, wearable, cool pink. Would look great on toes this summer!

  2. I have never gotten away from matchy-matchy and am so glad it’s coming back in so I can once again maybe be stylish! I am loving Snob and wish I could pull it off, but will probably get washed out with it, so will most likely be checking out Girl About Town instead – but they are all gorgeous!

  3. I am such a nail and lip gloss junkie that I never match; otherwise I’d be walking around with blue glitter lip gloss or translucent pink nails! But Russian Red is SO sexy, I think I might have to check it out. Not to mention Spice and Chestnut…Oh, and maybe Peachstock. *sigh* MAC always does me in…

    Also, I am loving that they broke this up my region; it’s super interesting to see what is a bestseller where!

  4. Oooooh Girl About Town and Russian Red are calling my name!!

  5. I already own Russian Red, but I still want this trio. I know, I’ll buy a backup!

    I laughed about your mismatched teenage shoes, @stef . I did that.. earrings, too!

  6. Oh wow, Girl About Town is just the type of pink I always gravitate towards, but Spice has always been one of my all time favs so I will have to pick that one up for sure!

  7. I don’t usually go for matching colors, but hot pink is my favorite color… for everything! So I might have to get that set. And I do like the matching lipstick/lipgloss look.

    1. Girl about Town is calling you then!

  8. It’s so cliche, but sometimes I just really, really want my nail polish and lipstick to match exactly. Thank you MAC! Russian Red and Girl About Town will be mine. I already own lipstick in Rebel, so I think I need the nail polish to match. It’s such a beautiful color!

  9. Surprisingly I don’t own any products of any of these best sellers! I really love Snob and Girl About Town though :) Russian Red nail polish looks gorgeous on.

    1. Girl About Town is getting a lot of love! Well deserved, it’s so pretty.

  10. Wow…Girl About Town lipglass looks FABULOUS! Well, all of the Girl About Town items look fabulous, but that lipglass is calling my name.

    @stef – The Russian red stuff looks amazing on you! It also makes me wonder why I don’t already own that lipstick…*ponders*

    1. Thanks @krista – and I’ll just go ahead and say it, I’m ashamed of you for not having Russian Red. Do you feel my cyber-scorn?
      Serious though, you’d look fab in it.

  11. I received Girl About Town, the gorgeous blue-based hot pink combo that’s even prettier in person. I’ve never been match-y about my makeup, but now that I’ve experienced the concept, I understand! With my hot pink nails and lips, I’m suddenly compelled to create an entire outfit around my makeup. If there are any hot pink lovers here, try to track down this set pronto. It’s pink perfection!

  12. I received the Snob set and I was really excited to try this iconic shade. The lipstick and gloss were a bit hard to work with my coloring (pigmented lips, warm toned) but I made it work as best as I can. I love the nail polish though. Gorgeous, work-friendly flirty pink! Go MAC!

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