MAC Hayley Williams Collection - swatches and review

MAC Hayley Williams Collection – swatches and review

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Orange you glad it’s another MAC music mashup?!

MAC Hayley Williams 

MAC has had a number of limited edition collaborations with musical artists – Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Ricky Martin, Cyndi Lauper, Beth Ditto, just to name a few. But few artists are so strongly personified by color as Hayley Williams.

Hayley, the lead singer of platinum-selling alternative rock band Paramore, is known for her orange hair, fair skin, and glowing complexion. The MAC Hayley Williams collection captures this in three shades of orange – a lipstick, a nail polish, and an eyeshadow – representing a sampling of the many shades that Hayley’s dyed her hair. Plus there is a subtle luminescent beige/white – a pale pretty highlighter – meant to duplicate Hayley’s fantastic glow.

MAC Hayley Williams Daydreaming eye shadow

Daydreaming Eyeshadow ($15) – frosty orange-red, veluxe pearl finish. The texture is smooth, it’s nicely pigmented, and it blends well. It’s not the easiest shade of eyeshadow to wear, but the product itself is good. For those willing to go bold, this shadow is calling your name.

MAC Hayley Williams Sounds like Noise

Sounds Like Noise Lipstick ($15) – pure orange, satin-matte finish. While it’s opaque in one swipe, it didn’t look as vibrant on my lips as it looked in the tube – there is a very slight pastel aspect of this that makes it a look a little mod.

I had expected it to look more of a pure orange, like MAC’s Prolongwear Lipstick in Booyah! (a bright, bold, true tangerine with a matte finish). Sounds Like Noise tends to accentuate any dry spots, so be sure to exfoliate and moisturize well!

MAC Hayley Williams swatchesDaydreaming Eyeshadow, Sounds Like Noise Lipstick and Lightscape MSF

MAC Hayley Williams Lightscape MSF

Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish ($30) – a soft, frosty beige/white highlighter. Unlike many of the other glittery sparkly Skinfinishes, this one is very natural and has very finely milled shimmer.

MAC Hayley Williams LightscapeLightscape Skinfinish

This has a really subtle effect and would probably look best on lighter complexions, but it can be layered on medium complexions. It’s hard to overdo, but it might look ashy on truly dark complexions. I like it best layered over blush.

MAC Hayley Williams Riot Gear

Riot Gear Nail Lacquer ($16) – a bright, true orange cream polish. It’s a fabulous, summery shade, but it is a little streaky, and doesn’t have the best length of wear.

MAC Hayley Williams Riot Gear swatches

Perfect shades for summer!
If you missed out on Lightscapade in the past, you have another chance to buy it.

These bold shades of orange can be a little intimidating and hard to wear.
MAC’s Nail Lacquer still underwhelms me.

MAC Hayley Williams Daydreaming eye shadowA look at the Daydreaming Eyeshadow in action

If you love orange or Haley Williams, make sure to take a look at this collection before it’s gone!

we heartsters – does this orange MAC collection hit all the right notes?

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photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC 25/30 skintone

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17 thoughts on “MAC Hayley Williams Collection – swatches and review”

  1. Lightscapade! I did miss out on this one which is so pretty. Being one of those pale girls I flocked toward this the first time I saw it. Maybe I can get my hands on it finally!

  2. You are pulling off that Daydreaming shade! I would be a little scared to wear it, but I’ve also been trying to use more sunset-y colored shadows to contrast with my green eyes, so I think I may just check this out.

  3. Ooo, I really like Daydreaming! It’s definitely a bold color, but they way you’re wearing it @lipglossandspandex, it doesn’t seem so! It looks lovely on you!

    And that’s a shame about Riot Gear, that’s a great color but I just don’t think there’s an excuse for streaky nail polish at this price. I really wish MAC would update their nail line with new formulas, they do everything else SO well…

    1. @mandabear–exactly! While Hayley doesn’t necessarily wear these colors as makeup (the promo photo of her looks a bit weird), I do feel that these colors totally “fit” as a collection in homage to her.

  4. I really love layering Lightscapade on top of different blushes. It’s a nice subtle “almost-glow”. :) It’s good that it’s hard to overdo. If you want to apply more product, use a dense small brush (or even a flat foundation brush!).

    If you want a bright TRUE orange lip color, Sounds like Noise is it. But this particular color made my lips look all dry and awful (and I wouldn’t say my lips are THAT bad normally!), and it looks a little mod/ever so slightly pastel. It’s kind of an artistic/runway lip color. Pairing it with an orange lip liner (like MAC What a Blast! ProLongwear Lip Pencil) may help this color work better. But if you need an orange-ISH lippy, MAC ProLongwear Lipstick in Good to Go (permanent) or Booyah! (limited edition) are also beautiful bright orange options–they’re both more red tinted than Sounds Like Noise, but I prefer the ProLongwear formula, and I feel that Good to Go and Booyah! are easier colors to wear.

    Daydreaming is lovely and a good texture–if you want to ease into red/orange around the eye, try pairing it with some charcoal frost and some ivory frost shadows to mellow it out. As Amity said, it could be a great color for summer, paired with yellow!

    As usual, I suggest that you save money and instead of buying this orange MAC nail polish, get a drugstore version. Length of wear will be about the same!

  5. Many moons ago I had eyeshadow in a shade pretty darn close to Daydreaming. It was very well loved until it met a dramatic end on the bathroom floor (sob). So you can imagine how excited I am to see it here! Thank you MAC and thank you @lipglossandspandex for helping me find a long lost love!

  6. @lipglossandspandex, I get excited when you model shadows on your eyes. I could NEVER rock this shade like you do! Ohmygosh, I HAVE to have the “Lightscape Skinfinish.” I’m always searching for great highlighters, and this is gorgeous. Very nice work (why don’t you model?).

  7. Sadly, the Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish powder is the ONLY thing from this collection that would work on me. The shadow and lipstick are just in that weird family of reddish orange/orange that just can’t work on me. Wah waaaahh *sad trombone*

  8. Lightscape looks so pretty!! So often highlighters aren’t designed for pale ladies. This one looks like it would be perfect for me. I must pick this one up before it is gone. Thanks for the review. I had no idea that this highlighter was a part of the collection.

  9. Looks gorg, especially the Sounds Like Noise lipstick. I’ve been really into orange lips lately. I’m actually a little ga-ga over the nail lacquer, too. Looks like my kind of color palette!

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