MAC Hey, Sailor! Eyes and Lips – review, photos & swatches

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MAC Hey, Sailor! Eyes and Lips Collectionphotos: we heart this

Hey matey, look what just washed ashore, it’s MAC Hey, Sailor! A nautical themed launch that has something for all hands; fun limited edition packaging and shades that never go out of style.

Let’s jump right into the lip and eye portion of the collection, shall we?

MAC Hey, Sailor! Eyes and Lips Collection

light shimmering beige highlighterJaunty

Jaunty is the kind of shade I tend to reach for every day as I can find a place for a warm, light shimmering beige in most looks! It has a frost finish but it’s not uber-frosty. It’s also not the shade you’re going to gasp over, it’s more the trusty sort of shade that everyone needs at least one of.

veluxe pearl finish shade highlighterCrystal Avalanche

You may want to call the search party for a perfect highlighter off, Crystal Avalanche is here. This veluxe pearl finish shade is a beautifully pigmented shimmering white.

a smoky blue with a bright blue sheen eyeshadow shadeNaval Blue

MAC must love this shade, as it was just repromoted in the Chenman launch too. It’s Naval Blue, a smoky blue with a bright blue sheen. It’s billed as a frost, but again, it’s a subtle frost. I can’t wait to use it for a smoky blue eye.

Jaunty, Crystal Avalanche, Naval Blue swatch Jaunty, Crystal Avalanche, Naval Blue swatch

Blue Stripe and Handforged Powerpoint Eye PencilBlue Stripe and Handforged Powerpoint Eye Pencil

I love both of the Powerpoint pencils I got to try from this launch. Blue Stripe is a blackened navy base with a metallic blue sheen. It’s Naval Blue pigment’s counterpart (and the liner I’ll reach for in that smoky blue eye described above). And Handforged is a tarnished gold metallic that sounds like it’s Old Gold pigment’s first mate (not reviewed). I love the consistency of these pencils, creamy and smooth.

Blue Stripe and Handforged swatchBlue Stripe and Handforged swatch

Send Me Sailing and Blessedly Rich lipglass, Salute lipstickSend Me Sailing and Blessedly Rich lipglass, Salute lipstick

There’s a whole bunch of lip goodness in Hey, Sailor! Red and nude seem to be the colors du jour, which suits me just fine.

Send Me Sailing lipglass reminds me of a cherry popsicle. I wouldn’t call it sheer, because it has close to opaque coverage. But it does have this almost jelly-like finish that’s juicy and gorgeous.

Blessedly Rich lipglass is described a rich, pale coral. As in the cheek, body and nail part of this review, we’re going to have to duke it out down by the dockyard over that one. It’s a frosty orange peach, I say! But I bet we agree that it’s quite pretty.

Salute lipstick is a tough one. It’s a light peach nude with an amplified finish that’s rather unforgiving on; clinging to any signs of dryness and settling in lines. But if you pat it on lightly and apply gloss, you can be friends.

Throw Me A Line Pro Longwear Lip PencilThrow Me A Line Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

I LOVE the Throw Me A Line lip pencil! It’s a bright orange-tinged red that just makes me want to break out the tap shoes and sing in my loudest Broadway voice. I’ve been known to apply lip pencils over my entire lips and cover them with clear lipglass. This one is next up for that.

Salute, Blessedly Rich, Send Me Sailing, Throw Me A Line swatchSalute, Blessedly Rich, Send Me Sailing, Throw Me A Line swatch

Sea Mist and Abalone SuntintSea Mist and Abalone Suntint

Abalone and Sea Mist Suntint Abalone and Sea Mist Suntint

Abalone and Sea Mist Suntint swatchAbalone and Sea Mist Suntint

Tyna has flipped for the Suntints, so be sure to check in the comments for her ravings. Me? I’m not a huge fan. I swear I can smell the spf (but please note, I’m crazy). But more so, even though they have a thick, smooth and balmy feel that I do like, I prefer my glosses to have much more color. Abalone is a sheer jelly candy pink and Sea Mist is a light milky peach with pearly shimmer.

Any items playing their siren song for you? Let us know in the comments!

Salute! – Neutral peach (Amplified)
To Catch a Sailor – Highly frosted tan (Frost)
Red Racer – Bright yellow red (Satin)
Sail La Vie – Bright mid-tone orange (Satin)
$15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN

Cut Loose – White gold with pearl
Orange Tempera – Pale peach
Blessedly Rich – pale coral
Riviera Life – Bright tangerine
Send Me Sailing – Bright yellow red
$15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil
Saunter – Pale nude beige
Throw Me a Line – Bright true red
Shore Leave – Light vibrant coral
$19 U.S. / $22.00 CDN

Crystal Avalanche – White with reflects (Veluxe Pearl)
Barefoot – Tarnished gold (Veluxe Pearl)
Jaunty – Light yellow beige (Frost)
Feeling Fresh – Bright green (Frost)
Nautical – Navy blue (Satin)
$16 U.S. / $20 CDN

Old Gold – High frosted tarnished gold (Frost)
Naval Blue – Deep smoky blue (Frost)

Powerpoint Eye Pencil
Handforged – Metallic yellow gold
Emerald Sea – Kelly green
Blue Stripe – Dark navy
$16 U.S. / $19 CDN

Bronzing Powder
Soft Sand – Golden bronze with fine gold pearl
Refined – Golden Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish
$23 U.S. / $27.50 CDN

Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder
Nude on Board – Bronzy, yellow tone
Sun Dipped – Dirty red tone
$28 U.S. / $32 CDN

High-Light Powder
Crew – Soft peachy cream with fine shimmer
$29 U.S. / $33.50 CDN

Launch Away! True peach (Satin)
Fleet Fast Pinky, golden coral (Satin)
$21 U.S. / $25 CDN

Nail Lacquer
Verstral White – Cream white (Cream) (Repromote)
Touch of Red – Bright yellow red (Cream)
Gold Knot – Brass gold (Frost)
$17 U.S. / $21 CDN

MAC To the Beach Body Oil
Seaside – Dirty blush pink with multidimensional sparkle
Man Rays – Glowing tan with multidimensional golden shimmer
$22.50 U.S. / $26.50 CDN

Suntints SPF 20
Sea Mist – Peachy nude with multidimensional pearl
Abalone – See through hot pink with no pearl
Au Rose – Poppy coral pink with gold pearl
$16 U.S. / $20 CDN

167SH Face Blender
$34 U.S. / $39 CDN

Gone Sailing Makeup Bag Set
$35 U.S. / $40 CDN

Gone Sailing Tote
$45 U.S. / $50 CDN

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  1. The Sea Mist suntint is pretty! I like that it has spf 20 in it! It has a barely there peach shimmer that I like. Perfect for summer! That Nautical Naval Blue pigment has some serious sailior waiting on deck, me! I would love to see this in a smokey blue eye too @stef! Great MAC attack review!

  2. The nautical theme of this launch just kills me! Aren’t you hard enough to resist without going all sailor on us, MAC?
    There are so many things I want here: the Blue Stripe and Handforged Eye Pencils; the Blessedly Rich lipglass; the Throw Me A Line lip pencil; and, for my beach bag, the Sea Mist Suntint.

  3. Um I went a little crazy when I saw these at the MAC store. I pretty much want E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. in this entire collection. Of the lip and eye products, I bought the Sun Tint SPF20 gloss in Abalone, the eyeshadow in Barefoot, the pigment in Old Gold (part of their permanent line in limited edition packaging).

    The Suntints have a nice texture, different from the Lipglasses. I love that they have SPF20, and although I wish they had a touch more color to them, they’d be great for layering on top of any other lip products. The squeeze tube is perfect for quick and easy application (important for SPF products, because it means I’m more likely to use it, and less likely to get skin cancer!). I don’t notice any sunscreen-ish scent to it, which was something that really bothered me about MAC’s Lip Conditioner Sticks with SPF.

    The Old Gold pigment is GORGEOUS over the Barefoot eye shadow. The girl at the MAC store was wearing it that way, with the navy blue shadow in the crease. Since I already have a great navy eye shadow, I knew I HAD TO HAVE the pigment and shadow to recreate the look. The shadow is silky smooth and pigmented, and easy to apply. The pigment is a little more difficult to apply, but so incredibly beautiful and awesome, I don’t really mind.

    And I WOULD JUST FREAK OUT IN EXCITEMENT if I could get the rest of the collection too, especially Sail La Vie lipglass and Riviera Life lipstick!

  4. I have the Naval Blue pigment at home and love it for smokey eyes, it blends so well. For anyone who doesn’t have Old Gold pigment, it really is an awesome color of gold. I’m also interested in the red lip products, I really love a red lip for summer.

  5. I was sooo excited to see the “Hey Sailor” striped boxes land in my hand to test too.. I reviewed Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in “Shore Leave” and Powerpoint Eye Pencil in “Emerald Sea” – the lip pencil
    Shore Leave, has a light salmon, almost pink shade to me.. but has a brightness to it that shows up as a coral depending on what light you look at it under. It goes on like butter and stays on for a good spell. I thought it looked pretty all on its own. I like covering my lips along with lining them. But it really popped when I filled in my lips with a pretty light pink gloss!
    I am such a fuddy-duddy for the most part.. I wear such neutral colors 9 out of 10 times, so thanks to WHT and MAC I have learned to spread my wings a bit as I applied “Emerald Sea” PP Eye Pencil. I have blue eyes and recently lightened my hair color significantly from a light brown to a lot of blonde highlights and it’s made playing with color a lot of fun. The “Emerald Sea” is really a light
    Forest/Kelly green mix – I’ve only had this a short time so I need some time with it. I will be adding shadows with this next to see what I come up with.
    I like how it glided on my eye lids with the greatest of ease. It seemed to not last that long though..but It was mid-day and not with primer or a clean lid.. I’m sure this could be built up with more applications.. For the most part I give both of these 5 stars. MAC has got our numbers!

  6. @Stef – you are crazy – heh. Imo, the Suntints are the bomb! I n general, I am nev er bothered by SPF smells, but truthfully I didn’t notice any SPF scent in these balms. I loved them in the Surf Baby collection, and love them here. I can see where some may want a bit more pigment, but that’s what lipstick is for! These balms can be slicked on when you’re on the go without a mirror and add a pinch of color and moisture to lips. Plus, they are super plush on the lips – thick and long lasting and with SPF 20 for protection to boot. They are just right for a day at the beach or by the pool.

  7. MAC Hello Sailor Collection are gorgeous! A bit pricey, but its a collection that shouldn’t be missed.
    The one I tried recently is Sea Mist Suntint love the shimmer.

  8. I’m loving the bling-y neutrals of Jaunty, Handforged, and Blessedly Rich. I guess I know what direction I’m being drawn this summer!

  9. I just got Crystal Avalanche and am so thrilled. It is a fab highlighter to make my eyes look wide open all summer –even when I am tired.

  10. I got to try Vestral White and Salute and all I can say is…save your money!

    First I tried on Salute. It went on creamy & pigmented, but it showed every flaw in my lips. Also, the color was atrocious on me. After about three hours of wear with no eating, it had faded and was terribly uneven. The boyfriend came over to kiss me and asked if I had been eating Zaxbys. I told him no & he said “Oh, it looks like you have Zaxby’s sauce dried on your lips.” I think it would only look good on really dark skin tones. I have a friend in mind to pass it on to.

    Vestral white was an awful nail color. It went on streaky & I had to do three THICK coats to get it anywhere near even. Not worth the price for such a terrible formula when Zoya, China Glaze, etc. make whites with a far superior formula. I may just use this as a ridge filler…maybe…

  11. I got to try the Sun Tint in Sea Mist and am a big fan of the formula. When I first put it on my immediate thought was it was more made for winter than summer with the thick formula and sweet, vanilla-like scent. The more I wear it though the more I like it. it’s very long-lasting and moisturizing and I love the SPF in it – it’s possible I smell more of a beachy, spf scent Stef – but I’m not positive. If I were to buy one myself for the summer I’d also choose one with more tint, but the glossy nude shimmer is really pretty in itself and I am thrilled to have this and will definitely be pulling it out a lot this summer! 4 stars.

  12. Send Me Sailing lipglass arrived in my mailbox just in time for an outdoor party at my friends’ waterfront home. Wearing bright red gloss in the bright sun can be a little risky, but @stef is right—despite it’s almost opaque coverage, this lipglass has a glowing, jelly-like shine that makes it incredibly flattering in any light. It also wore really well despite eating and drinking all day. Send Me Sailing is the perfect summer cherry red and the striped packaging is adorable. I wish Hey, Sailor! would stick around for the entire summer.

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