MAC Ice Parade Holiday Collection – review, photos & swatches

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Who doesn’t love a parade?

Confession: Me actually. I’ve never been a parade fan. But for this one, I am front and center, waving a miniature flag! It’s Ice Parade, MAC’s holiday gift sets.

Packaged in either clear or silver bags trimmed with a metallic silver circle, the collection contains:
Iced Delights Lip Bags – a Cremesheen Lipstick, Cremesheen Glass and Lip Pencil
Iced Delights Nail and Lip Bags – a trio of Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer
Iced Delights Eye Bags – an Eye Shadow duo, a Technakohl Eye Liner and Zoom Fast Black Lash
Make it Perfect Brush kits – four glitter handled travel brushes.

Let’s see what’s wrapped in the first futuristic, pretty lil’ package, shall we?

We got to take a look at the Iced Delights Eye Bag in Gold ($45). It contains an eye shadow duo packaged identically to the Double Feature eye duos from the Colourizations launch. But unlike the duos in that launch, now they have names – hooray! This duo has Baby, It’s Cold… (a shimmery butter yellow) and Woodsmoke (muted emerald green and red brown duochrome effect). I LOVE this duo. Both shadows are really pigmented, smooth and velvety feeling, and will you look at Woodsmoke? Is it green? Is it brown? It IS fabulous!

The bag also includes Brown Border Technakohl, a full-sized Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara and travel sized 275SE brush. This is an amazing kit that anyone would be delighted to own. You can also pick between Silver and Pearl color palettes as well.

Next up is the Iced Delights Nail and Lip Bag in Rocking ($36), which is pretty much a holiday party in an amazing circular bag!

I mean, check out this trio. If that doesn’t scream “I’ve got a hot date” I don’t know what does.

This set contains Kanga Rouge Lipstick, a bright blue based red with a glossy amplified finished. This goes a bit pinkish on me, rather than a true red. Asiatique Nail Lacquer, which is a true red cream polish.

And the beauty shown above Golden Blanket Lipglass. MAC describes this as “translucent with silver pearl”. But as the name suggests, it’s also got this enveloping layer of frosty and glowing gold warmth that slays me! It’s the perfect combo of silver and gold. I didn’t previously own anything like it, and am so glad I now do.

Kanga Rouge lipstick, Golden Blanket lipglass, the two layered

Asiatique Nail Lacquer

And finally, we got to take a peek at what lies inside the next clear bag, the Make It Perfect Brush Kit in Mineralize ($49.50).

a peek at the touches of silver glitter

This kit has four travel size brushes, all created with a duel blend of black natural fibers and white synthetic ones:

130SE, a round, flat-top to be used for foundations, creams, emulsions, and some powder products.

187SE, a full circular brush, use it lightly to create soft layers or add textures with face powder or pigments.

286SE, a tapered eye shadow blending brush (not sold separately).

282SE, a flat eye shadow shader brush (not sold separately).

How about it readers, will you be joining in on the Ice Parade?

Iced Delights Lip Bag
Fashion Whim Lipglass – Pink flesh (cremesheen)
Crème de Nude – Lipstick (cremesheen)
Stripdown – Lip Pencil
$38 U.S./$45.50 CDN

Deelight Lipglass – Raisonette (cremesheen)
I Love Winter Lipstick – Medium passionfruit (cremesheen)
Boldly Bare Lip Pencil
$38 U.S./$45.50 CDN

Iced Delights Nail & Lip Bag
Kanga Rouge Lipstick – Bright red (amplified)
Golden Blanket Lipglass – Translucent with silver pearl (frost)
Asiatique Nail Lacquer (cream)
$36 U.S./$43.50 CDN

Pure Drama
Hang up Lipstick (cremesheen)
Frozen Lamé Lipglass – Frosty nude (frost)
Vintage Vamp Nail Lacquer (cream)
$36 U.S./$43.50 CDN

Iced Delights Eye Bag
Silverwear – Metallic lavender (frost)
Blue Spruce – Marine blue with lavender sparkle (velvet)
Graphblack Technakohl
Zoom Fast Black Lash
275SE Brush
$45 U.S./$54 CDN

Taupeless – Lavender pink (lustre)
Celestial Black – Rich blue black with red pearl (velvet)
Purple Dash Technakohl
Zoom Fast Black Lash
275SE Brush
$45 U.S./$54 CDN

Baby, It’s cold… – Butter yellow (frost)
Woodsmoke – Muted emerald green (frost)
Brown Border Technakohl
Zoom Fast Black Lash
275SE Brush
$45 U.S./$54 CDN

Make It Perfect Brush Kit
$49.50 U.S./$59.50 CDN

286SE Duo fibre tapered blending
282SE Duo fibre shader


Special Edition
167SE Bronzer Brush

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  1. Love the look of Woodsmoke…it looks like Lagoon from BE’s The Vision that I was recently coveting (and now own, thank you very much). I do like the look of its partner color, Baby it’s Cold an awful lot, too.

    1. Lagoon? What was I thinking…Mirage. I’d love to try this MAC color to compare!

  2. I’ve NEVER purchased or owned a MAC gift set – and I can’t imagine how that’s possible. Love, love all of the little bags – I’m a makeup bag hoarder (they have soo many uses) and want one of each. Can’t decide which appeals to me more – the clear one of the circular clutch…

    Also, the Asiatique Nail Lacquer is gorgeous, a perfect red – and so perfect for the winter party season.

  3. I neeeed Woodsmoke! I love those durachrome style eyeshadows and that duo looks awesome.

  4. Love the holiday sets at MAC! These look so cool…the sad thing is I can’t buy one as a gift without buying a set for myself too!

  5. I have these brushes from this collection and they are ridiculously fun–they have GLITTER in them! Yeah, I’m like a racoon–I’m attracted to shiny, sparkly things…
    I’m not a big bronzer wearer, so I use the bigger brush to apply blush and I use the smaller brush for contouring. The 2 shadow brushes are perfect for me–the large, flat brush covers my lid in base color with one swipe and the contour brush isn’t too large for my almond eyes. Overall, if you can get your mitts on this, I’d highly recommend you do so :)

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