MAC Illustrated Bags Review

MAC Illustrated Bags Review

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Collectable art that’s useful for beauty buffs

MAC Illustrated 

We heartsters – it pains us to put up a post of products that you can no longer purchase online. But sometimes when it comes to MAC limited Edition releases, we just can’t get them to you fast enough (like Riri hearts MAC, which was gone in hours.)

Such is the case for this round of Illustrated Bags. We’re still showing it to you, because you may be able to pick them up in store. It’s also the second set they’ve released. If you like them, and missed out, keep an eye out for the next round and snatch one up.

But as a side note, MAC – we wouldn’t be mad if you slowed down a bit on the launches and made more of the products available. Just sayin’. Love, we heart this

MAC Illustrated bag

Nowadays, the coolest thing about art is that you don’t have to buy a huge expensive painting for your home to display your appreciation for it. You can find art in almost any form for any budget. This summer, the MAC Illustrated Bags are celebrating their anniversary with four new exciting designs. These mini-masterpieces, like most art pieces, have a limited run. So before you run off to your nearest MAC counter or start scouring eBay, let’s learn a bit more about the artists!

Mac Illustrated makeup bag

There were two artists chosen to design two makeup bags each. The first artist is Anja Kroencke, whose modern art usually features sophisticated women. Her two MAC bags are of black and white line drawings, both featuring feminine faces with elaborate wavy hair. While there is an absence of color, you can tell how intricate the detail is in both of them.

MAC Indie184

The second artist is Indie 184, a New York City graffiti artist and modern Renaissance woman. With her knack for both graffiti and fashion, she’s influenced by all things colorful, happy and sexy. It’s quite evident in her MAC Illustrated designs that her influence definitely carried over with these fun graffiti printed bags!

Mac Illustrated makeup bag

Each of these bags are made to last. They are made of that nice wipeable material that helps to prevent stains from any accidental spills. The interiors are each lined in a complementary pattern, making it even more fun to open your makeup bag!

MAC Anja Kroencke

On the side is a looped-end handle for easy grabbing and toting. The size is perfect to carry your essentials (and probably more than that) and perfect for throwing in your purse. Mine’s already been an everyday staple!

For the price that you pay for one of these makeup bags, you are getting a good bang for your buck. Some badass limited edition artwork that’s also functional is a pretty sweet deal. Unfortunately these bags flew out of stores almost immediately, so if you want to get your hands on one, keep an eye out for the next collection.

we heartsters: Which MAC Illustrated bag would you wish to hold your cosmetics?

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12 thoughts on “MAC Illustrated Bags Review”

  1. You really captured how fabulous these bags are, @mandabear ! I was lucky enough to receive the Indie 184 bag with the dark illustrated exterior and neon interior. It’s my favorite makeup bag ever, especially since I break out in a huge grin every time I unzip it and see the artwork inside! This is one bag that’s almost too nice to use… but I’m using it anyway, because everything about it is perfect: the size, the light-as-a-feather weight, the loop on the side, and especially the colors that add extra smiles to my day. I just wish they weren’t gone already. I swear, I would buy a second bag in an instant!

  2. Love both of those bags – especially the colorful interior of the Indie 184 bag and the smart little loop handle on both of them. Very sad I wasn’t able to get my hands on one of them. I’ve got like two dozen makeup bags but I need MORE!

  3. I always miss out and they’re gone before I can snatch one up! Love these, and love how the nails coordinate with the bag in the top pic! : )

  4. I have serious bag addiction!! I own way too many. But I can’t seem to stop. These bags are insanely gorgeous. Its probably a good thing that they are gone.

    1. True that! I kept one from the first launch (which were canvas instead of these nylons ones) skipped the 2nd launch, and am now looking forward to the 3rd…

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