MAC Mineralize Glass and Lipstick – Swatches and Review

MAC Mineralize Glass and Lipstick – Swatches and Review

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Light, airy lip color – perfect for spring or any season

As much as I look forward to new spring makeup collections, there is always a danger that they’ll be too spring-like. If you’re a makeup lover like me, you want a collection is unique or that captures the essence of its season, but also is kind to your wallet by being wearable long after its launch. No worries, because the geniuses at MAC have created , MAC Mineralize Glass with lipglasses and lipsticks that are perfect for spring and beyond.


There are twelve new shades of lipglass and six new lipsticks, now part of the permanent MAC collection, and all are formulated with a 77-Mineral Moisture Complex and infused with nutrients for a nourishing, but lightweight, shine.


The MAC Mineralize Rich Lipsticks ($22) are packaged in the classic MAC black with a slightly different shape than their normal bullet. These lipsticks feature an upgrade with a magnetic closure that snaps shut with a surprisingly satisfying click.


I received three hues of the MAC Mineralize Rich Lipsticks to play with:

Pure Pout – medium cool nude shimmer
Be Fabulous – cool pastel pink shimmer
Be a Lady – yellow-pink cream, almost coral but not quite…


Pure Pout is described as a “dirty cool beige,” which I found spot-on, but prettier than it sounds. A hair too light for my NC42 skin, it’s an example of a perfect “you, but better” color for lighter toned ladies.


Be Fabulous is a “washed out pastel pink” and the most spring-like of the collection. Don’t let that fool you, this pink would look amazing with a Brigitte Bardot look, you know – winged eyeliner and lots of mascara.


Be A Lady is my favorite of the bunch; described as a mid-tone coral,it gives a nice punch of color without being too bright, perfect for those of you still too nervous to jump on the coral bandwagon. (Join us! We have very pretty lips…)

All three of these are lightweight and very balm-like, which I adored as I’m not a lipstick wearer. There is good pigmentation with a slight shine, and the color is very buildable. MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick isn’t especially long-wearing, about three hours at the most, but that’s expected with such a light and airy formula.


MAC Mineralize Glass ($22) is very worthy addition to the Lipglass family. I tested Be Nice, a peachy coral cream, but I really think it should be named Be AMAZING because I’m in love.

MAC-Mineralize-Lipstick-8-swatchesMAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Pure Pout, Be Fabulous, Be a Lady: MAC Mineralize Glass in Be Nice

Glossy with great sheer color, the MAC Mineralize Glass was was not too sticky or too slick; it lives in that perfect lipgloss world of just enough slip to make a gloss addict happy. The color is billed as a “light cool peach cream,” and while it leans cool, it would fit just about any skintone.

One note regarding the packaging, the MAC Mineralize Glass has a very flexible rectangle applicator; it gives benefit of a doefoot with the precision of a lip brush.

MAC-Mineralize-Lipstick-9-swatchesA closer look at MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Pure Pout, Be Fabulous, Be a Lady and MAC Mineralize Glass in Be Nice

The Mineralize Rich Lipstick and Glass collections may be new for spring, but with their gorgeous color and silky, lightweight formulas, they will remain favorites all year long.

we heartsters – What do you think? Do any of these shades give you spring fever?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

16 thoughts on “MAC Mineralize Glass and Lipstick – Swatches and Review”

  1. Be A Lady is totally giving me spring fever–it looks so punchy and cheerful. And I’m coveting Be Fabulous too, because apparently already having a zillion baby pink lip colors just isn’t enough for me. Do these have the typical MAC scent?

  2. I’m with @Heather – Be a Lady is my new favorite beauty product name – and has also gone straight to the top of my MAC must have list! WHat a pretty little pink – it just says “Spring is here!” to me.

    1. I think it’s comparable, but I’d definitely test it in store, just to make sure. It’s got that same great slip, but creamy and not too sticky or gooey.

  3. Holy crap! Be a Lady looks like the coral reddish pink I’ve been searching for all these years. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine! Muwahahahahahaha :D

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