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Want a youthful glow? All you’ve got to do is MAC, Naturally

MAC’s Naturally collectionphotos: we heart this

Youth is one of those components of beauty that just goes away. We lament it, chase it, long for it, but when it’s gone, it’s gone. Staving off the outright markers of lost youth is one of the reasons I’m a big supporter of mineral makeup and all its soft, shimmery glory. MAC’s Naturally collection is a glowing example of products that can eliminate that need for soft focus a little bit longer.

The natural shimmer, sheen and glow of young skin can be revisited upon our older visages in the forms of mica and iron oxides, titanium and manganese. The Naturally collection uses these minerals and more to give skin a nearly incandescent luminosity.

This line includes Mineralize Blushes, Eye Shadows and (my favorite) Skinfinishes in fresh, sheer and sexy tones as well as jojoba and mango oil infused Eye Pencils and wholesomely hot, tinted Lipsticks and Lipglass. The wht team was lucky to receive a few of the Mineralize products portion of the collection for review.

Mineralize Skinfinish in blondeMineralize Skinfinish – Blonde

Why save the best for last? I’m too in love with the Mineralize Skinfinish ($28) in Blonde to wait! Described as a “Soft Pink to Rose Degrade” by MAC, I find this to be a brilliant alternative to bronzer for those who want to avoid the streakiness or muddiness that many a tan or brown bronzer offer, yet still want an all-over sun-kissed glow.

Mineralize Skinfinish - RedheadMineralize Skinfinish – Redhead

First, the large domed compact yields a lot of product. The powder itself is almost creamy in texture and is super finely milled, filling in pores and lines to really mimic that soft focus I was speaking of earlier. Another benefit of the powder being so fine and creamy is that the shimmer almost appears as a lotion would, without the chunky, almost glittery bits.

Mineralize Skinfinish in Redhead swatchesfrom left: Blonde, Redhead

As a brunette, the shades of pinks in Blonde worked well for me. If peach is more your thing, Mineralize Skinfinish in Redhead (Gold to Salmon Pink Degrade) awaits you with subtle stripes in a range from gold to peachy pink.

The Mineralize Eye Shadows ($20) are an impressive looking bunch as well, with nature’s finest colors swirled in ice cream-like ripples of multi-faceted dimension.

Mineralize eyeshadow - Summer Haze Mineralize eyeshadow – Summer Haze

I tried Summer Haze, an explosion of golds in tones ranging from pale to antique. More determined souls could use a thin brush to trace the veins of color for precise application, but I love swiping across these swirls to extend the multi-faceted color to my lids.

Mineralize eyeshadow - In The Sun Mineralize eyeshadow – In The Sun

I noticed some have commented (on MAC’s own site) that these colors fade fast but I haven’t had this problem. I do use a good primer and would suggest that everyone invest in one as well, particularly with mineral shadows. As far as application, I recommend using a finger for these. Like Skinfinish, the powder is almost creamy in texture and the finger seems to deposit just the right amount of color without waste or fallout.

In The Sun, Summer Haze swatchesfrom left: In The Sun, Summer Haze

The color is quite buildable and can be naturally reflective or intense. Wet application works especially well with these, really bringing out the metallic properties of the shadow.

Rounding out the mineralized products we have the Mineralize Blush ($22) in three shades. Early Morning Mineralize blush Early Morning Mineralize blush

Our own Stef tested Early Morning and describes it as a beautiful, intense blush. She says “I suspect most will have to go pretty light on this. It’s pretty far off from the ‘peachy pink’ description MAC gives. It’s really more of a dark orangey coral.”

Early Morning swatchEarly Morning

Not surprisingly, like shadow and skinfinish, the consistency is a divine. Stef said the Mineralize Blush is “almost creamy, it’s so silky soft and a dream to apply and wear.”

As a long-time supporter of the glowing youth movement to support minerals in makeup, MAC, I welcome you—naturally.

Mineralize Pros:
Fine milled, creamy powder that minimizes pores and fine lines
Glowing dimension
Buildable color (and shimmer)

Mineralize Cons:
Colors may fade without a good canvas
Some may prefer a more traditional palette to extract singular colors
Quite a bit of shimmer—if you’re not a big shimmer fan

we heartsters (especially mineral makeup fans) – how do you feel about MAC’s Naturally collection?

MAC’s Naturally Collection:
A Perfect Day – Light neutral pink (Amplified)
Beach Sand – Light tan (Cremesheen)
Sweet Sunrise – Light neutral peach-pink (Lustre)
Pillow Talk – Neutral pink (Cremesheen)
$14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN

The Wee Coquette – Naked neutral pink
Fresh Air -Light pink
Naked Space – Creamy mid-tone nude peach
Hot Spell – Bronze with multi-colored pearl
$14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN

Mineralize Eyeshadow
Daylight – Peach with dirty blue lavender veining
In the Sun – Gold with violet veining
Summer Haze – Palest gold with deeper gold veining
Cloudy Afternoon – Cream with gold, grey, and pink veining
Twilight Falls – Cool brown with bronze veining
$20 U.S. / $24 CDN

Eye Pencil
Ebony – Soft black
Coffee – Muted brown
$14 U.S. / $17 CDN

Mineralize Skinfinish
Redhead – Gold to salmon pink degrade
Blonde – Soft pink to rose degrade
$28 U.S. / $33.50 CDN

Mineralize Blush
Subtle Breeze – Blue-pink
Fresh Honey – Warm apricot
Early Morning – Peachy pink
$22 U.S. / $26.50 CDN

187 Duo-fibre stippling brush
$42 U.S. / $50.50 CDN

286 Duo-fibre tapered brush
$30 U.S. / $36.50 CDN

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. THAT BLUSH. I’ve rediscovered a love for blush and Early Morning looks like it’d be a nice contrast to my usual pinky-bronze. Actually, this whole line sounds great, I’m definitely going to have to head to the store to test it out….
    I love how WHT usually dictates my weekends. “Hmmm, nothing going on…OOOO! New review on WHT, looks like I’m going to the mall! :-)

  2. Note to self…Must go to MAC and see these.. play with these and bring home some of these!!! I can’t stop looking at the eye shadows.. and Mineralize Skinfinish – Blonde is really calling my name LOUDLY! I’m so glad all I have to do is go downstairs to see this!

  3. I’m really in love with this collection but sadly my local counter had neither skinfinish in stock and was already sold out of the e/s colors I wanted. Instead I bought the “Soft and Lovely” skinfinish which I’m loving. Next time I’m hitting them up on release day.

    1. That’s the one bad thing about MAC’s LE items – sometimes it can be hard to get your hands on the really popular pieces (luckily MAC often seems to bring back their most wanted LE pieces). Glad you had some luck with the Soft and Gentle Skinfinish – looks pretty!
      Also, welcome to we heart this @LaurieS

  4. I love this collection! If you slept on the Mineralize Skinfinishes when they were out during the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection, I highly recommend them before they disappear again (if they haven’t already)!

    1. Oh Skinfinish FTW! They have Brunette? I really loved the rosy Blonde on my pale winter skin, but I’d love to see that one. I tried a mineral “glow” in the past with BE’s Radiance–a loose powder–but the formula is nowhere near as smooth as these. BE is still my go-to foundation but MAC Skinfinish is a much better alternative to BE’s version.

  5. The Mineralize Skinfinishes alone are sending me scrambling to the MAC counter, hoping I’ll get there in time! A little shimmer is just what I need right now.

  6. I was lucky enough to try out the mineralize eyeshadow in In the Sun. It’s a very, very warm bronze that doesn’t really look the same as in the pot, but the swatch is spot on in terms of the color. In the Sun, like most of MAC’s mineralize eyeshadows, packs in plenty of shimmer and sparkle without being gritty. The texture is nice and smooth, and the color is definitely buildable. Using a brush can give you a sheer wash of color, your finger will give a bit heavier application, and using a wet brush gives the most intense look. Twenty dollars is a bit on the high side for shadow, and I’m not sure that I would splurge on this particular shade. It’s quite orange-leaning for a bronze and not the easiest to wear. I’m giving the color a two, but the product a four.

    I’m excited to try out the blush and mineralize skinfinish powders as well!

  7. Redhead looks nice, though I’ve always got too much red in my cheeks to wear much of anything. Otherwise I think this might just be a collection for me to skip. The colors are nice but a little too muted for me.

  8. Ok-I would like to marry the skin finisher in Blonde. It looks gorgeous! And just right for this pale burnette!!

  9. I got to try out Early Morning–I’m with Stef–it definitely requires a light hand or else it will pull out all of the ruddiness in your skin. It’s almost a muddy shade. I applied this to my ghostly pale cheeks with a very light hand and then had to go back and lightly pat my cheeks with a tissue to take off the excess blusher and then I had the right amount. Once I tinkered with it, I did get a very pretty result. I think ladies with darker complexions will have less tinkering to do. Overall, it goes on very silky if a bit dark, can easily be adjusted by removing excess with a tissue, and is not for the faint of heart. If you are someone that doesn’t wear blush or isn’t skilled with blush, you may end up a bit clownish with this or just not be satisfied with even the lightest application. I’m a blush whore, so this baby is joining my collection with pride :)

    1. I liked Summer Haze heavy on the lid and lightly on the brow bone. Add a little subtle brown of any sort in the crease and black liner on the top lid and it looks oh-so-retro Marilyn!

  10. Ooh, I really like the look of Blonde! I have the WORST luck with bronzer, it really tends to make my face look dirty, so I’m constantly searching for an alternative. I guess I had better hurry to my local MAC counter!

    1. That same muddy-thing always happens to me in the pale of winter. A little bronzer can make you look less dead but it can also make you look like an angel with a dirty face. What a wonderful alternative this is!

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