MAC: Holiday Packaging That’s The Object of My Affection

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MAC Objects of Affection for Holiday 2014 – Nude + Red Lipglass Swatches and Review

It’s the holiday season and with it comes glorious gift sets! I will admit, I’m a sucker for holiday palettes and gift sets – they’re usually such an amazing value and a great way to try out multiple shades at an affordable price. Even better is the packaging inspiration that accompanies them! This year, one of the sassiest sets I’ve seen is from the MAC Objects of Affection Holiday Collection. I mean, just take a gander at this Lipglass set!


Housed in a glittery, girly oval box with a cameo medallion on the lid, the MAC Objects of Affection Nude + Red Lipglass Set ($35) contains 4 gorgeous glosses. I’m going to take a brief moment to mention the box these glosses come in are like a second gift. They are not the standard, disposable cardboard many brands resort to – these are a sturdy and solid plastic. You are going to want to keep this beauty.


I’m currently using mine to hold my statement necklaces. These gift boxes are completely reusable and belong on a dresser or vanity somewhere – the cameo is classic, while the glitz is modern. If so much thought was put into the box they come in, just imagine how lovely the glosses they contain are!


Ahh! And there they are!

MAC-holiday-objects-of-affection-nude-red-lipglass-5Nude + Red Lipglass Set – Paper Lantern, Dynasty at Dusk, Deelight, Love Alert

The MAC Objects of Affection gloss sets are available in three shade collections; Nude and Red, Pink and Plum, Nude and Coral. I got to try out the Nude and Red Lipglass box housing Paper Lantern, Dynasty at Dusk, Deelight and Love Alert.


Paper Lantern – pale pink shimmer (cremesheen glass)


Dynasty At Dusk – peachy nude with gold shimmer (cremesheen glass)


Deelight – medium pink nude creme (cremesheen glass)


Love Alert – bright reddish pink with red and magenta microglitter (dazzleglass)

MAC-holiday-objects-of-affection-nude-red-lipglass-swatches-10Nude + Red Lipglass Set – Paper Lantern, Dynasty at Dusk, Deelight, Love Alert – indoors

MAC-holiday-objects-of-affection-nude-red-lipglass-swatches-11Nude + Red Lipglass Set – Paper Lantern, Dynasty at Dusk, Deelight, Love Alert – in the sun

Paper lantern is the nudest nude pink – it leaves barely any color on lips while leaving lots of shine. Dynasty at Dusk is that perfect hint of peach gloss and pairs well with a smoky eye. Deelight is a perfect, everyday sheer neutral. Love Alert is a shimmering, sheer red that looks like you’ve just eaten a cherry popsicle – if that cherry popsicle contained glittery pearls.


The cremesheen glasses have a doe foot applicator, while the dazzleglasses have a brush. The four are all fairly sheer and universally flattering. These gorgeous shades are definitely for the gal that prefers a more sheer and neutral color palette.

we heartsters – Is MAC’s Objects of Affection collection your latest object of affection? What other MAC gift sets do you have your eyes on this holiday season?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

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MAC Objects of Affection Sets

Nude And Red Lipglass
Paper Lantern – frosted warm pink (cremesheen glass)
Dynasty At Dusk – frosted neutral pink (cremesheen glass)
Deelight – midtone neutral (cremesheen glass)
Love Alert – raspberry red with red pearl (dazzleglass)

Pink And Plum Lipglass
Fashion Scoop – clear pink (cremesheen glass)
Loud & Lovely – blue pink (cremesheen glass)
Pagoda – frosted cool pink (cremesheen glass)
Rags To Riches – plum pink with teal and red pearl (dazzleglass)

Nude And Coral Lipglass
Rising Sun – frosted bright orange (cremesheen glass)
Fashion Whim – light beige (cremesheen glass)
Stately Shimmer – creamy peach coral with pearl (cremesheen glass)
Courtly Coral – warm rose sparkle (dazzleglass)

ALL: $35 US/$42 CAD


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  1. Yes! This packaging is so good and will suit tons of lovely ladies out there receiving this for the holidays. Great lipglass selection too!

  2. I would love each one of these! I would freak out if I had this set! Gorgeous!

  3. Are those full size glosses?

    1. I believe these are smaller than the normal glosses April. Trying to google the exact size – but no luck so far! I did see these sets in person and they were smaller – but not mini size. They seemed like a good deal for the price to me.

    2. According to the bottom of the box, the glosses are .08 oz.–according to MAC’s website, standard glosses are .06 oz., so these are a wee bit BIGGER.

  4. @tyna – I thought they’d be smaller than full-size, too, and I actually couldn’t find the size on the tubes when I wrote the post, but I didn’t even think to look at the bottom of the box until today. D’oh!

  5. I’m always a sucker for great packaging! I was just swooning over the holiday Keepsakes Natural Face palette the other day – looks like such a great combo! The Viva Glamorous Lip Palette looks amazing too. Apparently everyone else thinks so as well, as it’s sold out! I’m also really digging some of the shades for the lipsticks and pressed pigments in the Heirloom Mix collection. Oh holidays…

  6. I’m a sucker for MAC’s holiday gift sets, and this looks like a great one! Wouldn’t you be so excited to get this set as a gift? The box alone would make me so happy– it’s so beautifully designed! Great idea to keep necklaces in it!

  7. MAC usually sucks me in with their limited edition packaging, ESPECIALLY their holiday packaging. Every. Single. Time.

    @tyna and @krista–that’s right, these holiday glosses actually have MORE product in each tube, even though they look smaller! MAC doesn’t make this info readily available–I only found out through a blog and then confirmed it in real life. Which is funny to me, because it’s such a killer deal.

  8. The packaging for this collection is to die for. It is so glam and perfect for holiday luxury. I am a particular fan of this gloss. It is such a pretty shade on its own or layered over a variety of lipstick shades.

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