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MAC Objects of Affection Swatches and Review: Pink and Rose Pigments and Glitters

Hark the Herald Angels sing! Glory to the new season of holiday palettes! I’m not mocking the reason for the season, but truth be told, all that glitters is not only silver and gold this time of year – certainly not when MAC is in the room. My first venture to this year’s holiday cosmetic offerings is from the MAC Objects of Affection collection of mini kits.

MAC-holiday-2014A sneak peek at all the MAC holiday gifts we’ll be showcasing this season!

The Pigments and Glitter set consist of loose, matte and shimmery pigments as well as full-on glitter sparkle. I tested the Pink and Rose Pigments and Glitter set ($35), and yes Virginia, there is also a Silver and Blue Pigments and Glitter set, a Gold and Beige Pigments and Glitter set, and a Bronze Pigments and Glitter set.


Presentation is everything this time of year. The product you are giving yourself or others needs to looks special. Objects of Affection are packaged specially indeed. Oval boxes with glittered tops (of course) in black or cream hold the precious pigment cargo.


A cameo sits squarely in the middle of the box top. Though cameos can trace their origins to ancient Greece and Rome, the Victorian Age gave them the reputation of romantically imagined keepsakes. What better way to present Objects of Affection?


Of course one can’t judge a book by its cover, or a package by its wrapping. I remember getting some awesome presents wrapped in the funny paper, as well as some duds in the pretty, embossed stuff. You know MAC wouldn’t disappoint in the quality department, though, and surely the pigments and glitter are no exception. I sampled the Pink and Rose Pigments and Glitter set and was thrilled by its glory. Thank you baby Jesus!


Each set has four loose pigments and one glitter. The Pink and Rose set includes:

Whisper Pink (pigment) – light pink shimmery nude
Tan (pigment) – light pink brown shimmery
Rose (pigment) – copper rose shimmery
Reigning Riches (glitter) – copper
Heritage Rouge (pigment) – dirty plum satin


I know that many have a love/hate relationship with loose pigments. I know that fallout can be a bummer, and no one likes spilling a vial of the stuff. I also know that their coverage is phenomenal, and that they last and last – both in the vial and on your eyes. Investing in a brush built to hold loose pigments helps. I also like to use a wet brush to keep the color from falling out. Wet brush bonus? The color is much more intense and controllable.


As for spilling a vial of the stuff, MAC does its best to help you out by putting tiny lift-off lids on every vial. Simply unscrew the cap, lift off the lid, tap a small amount in the cap to use, and replace the lid. When you’ve finished applying the bit in the cap, screw the cap back on the vial. Viola!


But who said pigments are only for eyes? You are limited only by your imagination. Use the lighter colors to highlight cheekbones, chin, nose and forehead. Mix these into your existing blush to make a shimmery new color. Mix the glitter into nail polishes and hair gels. Oh what fun we’ll have, laughing all the way!

MAC-objects-of-affection-pink-rose-pigments-glitters-7Whisper Pink, Tan, Rose, Reigning Riches, Heritage Rouge – indoors

MAC-objects-of-affection-pink-rose-pigments-glitters-8Whisper Pink, Tan, Rose, Reigning Riches, Heritage Rouge – in sunlight

The best part of this mix and match batch of pigments is the price – just $35 for each lot of five! There is plenty of product here to last until the holiday season rolls around again, and for true Objects of Affection, that’s quite a deal!

we heartsters – Do these Pigments and Glitters capture your imagination this holiday season?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

Sherri is co-author of What Would You Do With This Room? My 10 Foolproof Commandments to Great Interior Design, and of course, a wht writer!
skin tone: NC 25
skin type: oily/sensitive
favorite beauty product: anti-aging anything

MAC Objects of Affection Pigments and Glitters
ALL: $35 US/$42 CAD

Pink And Rose Pigments And Glitter
Reigning Riches – soft copper (glitter)
Whisper Pink – soft beige pink with pearl (pigment)
Tan – muted pinky brown bronze (pigment)
Rose – rose with copper sparkle (pigment)
Heritage Rouge – dirty brown plum (pigment)

Gold And Beige Pigments And Glitter
Pretty It Up – Dirty olive with pearl (pigment)
Lithe – peachy nude (pigment)
Deep Brown – dark chocolate brown (pigment)
Gold – sparkly chunky gold (glitter)
English Gilt bright champagne (pigment)

Silver and Blue Pigments And Glitter
Deep Blue Green rich deep bluish green (pigment)
Dark Soul charcoal black smoked with gold (pigment)
Blue Noir dirty grayish blue (pigment)
White soft pearl white (pigment)
Grey sparkly chunky grey (glitter)

Bronze Pigments and Glitter
Online Exclusive Only
Naked – Deep Dark darkened brown (pigment)
3d Copper – high glitter copper (glitter)
Melon – soft bright golden peach (pigment)
Chocolate Brown – chocolate copper bronze (pigment)
Copper – smooth high-shine copper (pigment)


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  1. I am DYING over this packaging, and the colors are soooooo pretty. I think a dab of Tan would be lovely as an ombre touch on a nude-ish/pink lipstick, too.

    1. That was a brilliant suggestion @amity! I mixed some of that tan with a nude gloss/balm. The result was some kind of wonderful if you’re a frosty fan. It’s definitely an ice princess moment. This, of course, led to my trying the singular matte of the crowd, Heritage Rouge, mixed with a pinky gloss. That made for a very dark, winey lip. Oh, the versatility!

  2. I was just looking at these in the store the other day. They’re extra pretty in person too! I don’t know if I have anywhere fancy enough to wear such lovely sheen, but the girly side of me definitely loves the idea of it!

  3. The only reason I resist buying these is the loose glitter, which I almost never use. But these are super cute!

  4. Those look so lovely. I’ve never tried loose pigment color before, but this post has certainly changed my mind. Just so gorgeous!!! Thank you!!!

  5. I just love the cameo boxes on these gift sets! Sadly, I could only get away with the two lightest shades in this set. :(

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