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These colors work overtime, even on your days off!

photos: we heart this

MAC rules the makeup universe and when it comes to collections, they stand alone. I eagerly await emails keeping me “in the know” of their latest launch, and have been guilty of placing phone orders when a particularly hot, limited edition color hits the MAC Store. So, when Office Hours arrived for review, the happy dance (that my husband sadly witnessed) was only the start of my excitement for this launch.

Office Hours, MAC’s latest answer to longwear, will take you through a full day at the office. So if you’re a “glamorous go-getter with a real head for business and beauty”, as they put it, you won’t want to miss out on this one. Ok, so I might not be the epitome of a sophisticated business woman, teaching 150 crazy ninth graders, but I do need makeup that will make it past my second hour class…this line of eye shadows, blush and lipglass does just that.

The Pro Longwear Eye Shadows ($21) are twice the size of MAC’s standard shadows and come in a perfect array of fall colors; you’ll have a hard time picking just one or two.

Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in Mauveless, a decently pigmented brownish plum

Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in Ever Ivory, true to it’s name but lacks pigment and is frustrating to blend

I tried Ever Ivory and Mauveless, both perfect for my “office” and coloring. They have a smooth formula that glides on effortlessly but doesn’t pack a ton of pigment. But the Pro line’s matte finish isn’t bogged down with shimmer or glitter, making them perfect for work.

Pro Longwear Eye Shadow Ever Ivory, Mauveless

The Pro Longwear Blush ($23.50), is noticeably rich and comes in eight beautiful shades. Whole Lotta Love proved to be a great pink for the season and has become my new blush of the moment. It blended perfectly, with a soft, natural finish.

Pro Longwear Blush in Whole Lotta Love, bright medium pink

Pro Longwear Blush in Blush All Day, a nude dusty pink

These blushes have what MAC calls “extreme color perfection,” achieved after one brush over the cheeks. (I think that may depend on your skin tone and selected shade ~Stef) But as promised, these blushes provide the staying power needed for a full day of wear.

Pro Longwear Blush in Blush All Day and Whole Lotta Love

My favorite product products of the launch? The Pro Longwear Lipglass ($19.50), of course! Can I just say, I adore these, and you will too.

Pro Longwear Lipglass in Forever Rose and Persistent Peach

Available in a variety of eight colors, with six cream formulas and two frosts, it’s the richest, thickest, lipglass MAC has…it sticks on and stays put! These also have enough color to be a stand alone. Forever Rose will forever be a part of my makeup bag.

Pro Longwear Lipglass in Forever Rose, bright rosy pink and Persistent Peach, bright and milky coral tinged light peach

The big question… do they last? MAC claims eight hour wear for the shadows/blushes, and six hours for the lipglasses. Final verdict…they DO! Sipping morning coffee and after lunch, I could still see and feel the lipglass. As for the shadow and blush, both stayed on all day, but the blush was much more visible. Office Hours is a must-have for the working girl and yet another collection we’ll all want from MAC.

we heartsters and testers, is MAC’s Office Hours collection working hard for you too?

MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass
Everlasting Nude – Mid-tone warm nude (cream)
Patience Please – Light pink-blue (cream)
Love Love Love – Light cool pink (cream)
Next Fad – Mid-tone cool pink (frost)
Persistent Peach – Light warm peach (cream)
Boundlessly Beige – Light warm beige with pearl (frost)
Driven By Love – Red-blue with slight pearl (cream)
Forever Rose – Mid-tone neutral rose (cream)
$19.50 US / $22.50 CDN

MAC Pro Longwear Eye Shadow
Ever Ivory – Pale Ivory
Bloom On – Light burnt rose
Always Sunny – Light yellow brown
Uninterrupted – Dark camel
Endless Passion – Mid-tone rose
More Amour – Mid-tone red
Mauveless – Dark dirty mauve
Fashion Fix – Dark cool slate grey
Linger Softly – Light frosted grey blue
$21 US / $25 CDN

MAC Pro Longwear Blush
Stay By Me – Light peach coral
Baby Don’t Go – Light cool beige
Rosy Outlook – Light yellow pink
Stay Pretty – Light bright blue pink
Blush All Day – Light dirty rose beige
Whole Lotta Love – Light blue pink
Eternal Sun – Warm brown
Stubborn – Mid-tone rose plum
$23.50 US / $28 CDN

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. Adorable collection! The Pro Longwear Lipglasses are very pretty and wearable for everyday. I would love for my lips to be those colors for hours on end :)

  2. I’m like you, @spitfire77 — it’s the Lipglasses that have my attention in this launch! Forever Rose is especially pretty. Glad to hear it passed the test!

  3. The eyeshadows look disappointing but the gloss looks nice.

  4. I got a whole lotta love for that blush. It’s the color that I always search for. The colors in this collection remind me of those in a Bobbi Brown Palette…natural, but pumped up. I like all of these together a lot (if the shadows do underwhelm, I know their place in the scheme). I’d take ’em all.

  5. I like Blush All Day and Forever Rose, they are subdued but perfect for wearing to work. Pair them with a neutral eye and you’re set!

  6. Yay – I love the look of this collection. Soft, pretty and long-lasting? I would wear so many of these shades. I most coveting Mauveless – I wear a very similar brownish, purple-ly hue practically everyday. And I think I need the Blush All Day as well.

  7. I was really happy with this collection. The colors are really fantastic all together, and I too found Mauveless to be a great fall color for work. Ever Ivory was lacking in pigment, but worked pretty well as an under the brow highlighter. I can’t get enough of the lipglass either, love Forever Rose, it’s a great punch of pink.

  8. Blush All Day is very pretty and subtle. A perfect “office” shade. And I would love to try the Forever Rose lipglass. It would be the perfect pop of color in an otherwise low key look! Another great collection MAC!!

  9. I’m liking this “Office Hours” collection. It’s so up my street, Pete! All the colors are ones that I would wear all day long! I’m wondering if they do have staying power.. I’ll have to go check them out.. Thanks for another great post!!

  10. I had initially been underwhelmed by this collection when the promo pictures came out–I love pink, but it seemed like there was too much pastel pink (*gasp* I can’t believe I just said that…). The eyeshadows look disappointing, but the blushes look really great for everyday. And I’m a huge fan of the Prolongwear Lipglasses. They’re a little sticky (although I prefer that my gloss is sticky), the scent is a little different than MAC’s trademark vanilla, and there’s not as much product as a regular Lipglass, but the price is higher. However, the formula is wonderful, as is the pigmentation and staying power. I have a hot pink and a bright orangey coral and I love them both! I’m excited to see some more subtle shades added to the lineup.

  11. I got to try out the Persistent Peach lipglass, and actually the tube looks bigger to me than my other lipglasses from MAC – the box says it’s .06 oz -not sure what my other tubes are since the volume isn’t written on the tube. Anyways, I’m impressed with the amount of pigment in this. The color isn’t the most flattering on me – most light peaches wash out my fair skin and dark eyes/hair, but it’s got enough color to be worn alone. It did not last six hours on me – more like three – but I can attest that Erin’s Forever Rose did last all day on her – and that is one gorgeous color in person! I’d pick up Forever Rose in a heartbeat and the blush Whole Lotta Love.

  12. I got to swatch everything, and chose to keep Blush all Day to test and cherish! I really like this blush a lot. It’s super smooth, nicely pigmented and the color is just divine. It works for the office, but it’s nude pink shade is also the perfect counterpart to a smoky eye.

    I predict this will be a blush I wear to the pan!

  13. Ooh, Blush All Day is really pulling at my heart strings! What a great neutral, office ready look! And Mauveless is definitely on my list. It’s such a great color!

  14. Whole Lotta Love and Forever Rose want to be mine. They told me so. Too bad I’m officially on shopping lockdown (I’ve been bad). *whimpers*
    Seriously, though, those are perfect pinks–not too pale, not too dark, but just right. Gorgeous!

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