Shimmering Nudes meet Bold Reds, it’s MAC Pedro Lourenco

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MAC Pedro Lourenco swatches and review

I hate to do this to you, guys. I really do. Because by showing you the MAC Pedro Lourenco collection (Lourenço to properly get that cedilla in there) I know I’m going to create some serious pangs of longing. And of course, most of it is gone online already, as is the case with most of the truly special launches. Sigh…

But I always believe that where there is a will, there’s a way. Call your local MAC, Macy’s, and the like, and hunt down the pieces that speak loudest to you. (And would you be a dear and grab me the eye quad while you’re at it? ‘Cause I’m DYING for it!)

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco packaging

So, who is this Pedro Lourenço, you may be thinking? And why is he worthy of one of the prettiest MAC launches in years? Well, he’s one of the biggest fashion designers in Brazil and at 19, he’s also one of the youngest. He’s also part of the country’s reigning fashion first family; his mom and dad are Gloria Coelho and Reinaldo Lourenço.

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco limited edition packaging

The launch is filled with gorgeous shimmering neutrals, paired with four smack-you-upside-the-head bold shades thrown in for maximum impact and stunning outcomes. Let’s look, shall we?

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco packaging

As for packaging, it’s understated and elegant; rubberized matte black with soft gold accents (even on the boxes.) It’s no Alluring Aquatic, but it’s very pretty.

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco Corol Blush Duo

I’m probably one of the few bloggers who didn’t have issues with my Corol Blush Duo sample. If you look around, most people called it stiff and hard to work with. One blogger I saw even smashed up the entire compact in order to use it because she found it so difficult to use. Well, I’m happy to report that my sample is lovely; a silky finish with nice color payoff. Sorry my fellow lovelies got stiffed (literally!)

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco blush

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco limited edition blush

The larger part of the duo is a soft and light pink-tinged coral with a matte finish. The smaller shade is a medium plummy pink with a satin finish.

Coral Blush Duo swatchCoral Blush Duo swatches, shown separate and blended together

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco-Hush Cream Colour base

Hush Cream Colour Base is EVERYTHING. I’m in love with it. It’s a peachy champagne highlighter that’s beautiful anywhere; cheeks, eyes and even lips. You can use it under foundation for a luminous base, or over your skin products for more of an obvious sheen.

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco-Hush Cream Colour base

I’ve used this every day since it’s arrival, no joke. The good news for you? It’s part of the MAC’s permanent collection! Get it HERE.

Hush Cream Colour Base swatchHush Cream Colour Base swatch

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco lipstick

Here comes the impact with the Pedro Lourenco lipsticks…

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco Roxo lipstick

Shown above are Ruby and Roxo (left to right) two gorgeous variations of red that pair beautifully with the neutral eye and cheek shades in the launch. Ruby is a bright cherry blue-red. Roxo is a deep berry red. Both have an amplified finish, as do all fours shades in the launch.

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco mirror lip glass

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco mirror lip glass

Mirror lipglass had me wishing it was an eye shadow. It has a neutral silver, almost taupe-like base that is packed with silver, gold and multi-colored shimmer. It’s a mesmerizing color that shines like a diamond, but sadly a bit too cool for me personally. Oh, how I would rock this as a shadow though!

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco Ruby lipstick swatchRuby and Roxo lipstick, and Mirror lipglass swatches

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco flaming rose nail lacquer

Flaming Rose is a great blue-based red; bright and pure with a nice consistency and good coverage. It’s one of the few items actually still available at the MAC website. But it’s also part of the permanent collection, so if you can stand not getting the LE packaging you’d save $1.50! Get it HERE.

MAC-Pedro-Lourenco flaming rose nail lacquer swatch

we heartsters – what looks like it’s worth the hunt in the Pedro Lourenco launch?

Nude Quad
Pink Sands – light fleshy peach (matte)
Al That Glitters – frosted champagne with gold pearl (veluxe pearl)
Sable – cool bronze (frost)
Rosé Cloud – soft golden beige (matte)
$44 US/$52.50 CDN

Peach Beige – light pinky nude (amplified)
Ruby – mid-tone blue red (amplified)
Roxo – deep red (amplified)
True Red – vivid bright coral red (amplified)
$17.50 US/$21.00 CDN

Gold Mirror – neutral gold
Mirror – neutral silver
$16.50 US/$20 CDN

Cream Colour Base
Hush soft peach with icy shimmer (frost)
$22 US/$26.50 CDN

Powder Blush (duo)
Corol – light coral pink/mid-tone neutral plum
$26 US/$30 CDN

Nail Lacquer
Skin – light peach beige (cream)
Flaming Rose – true red (cream)
$17.50 US/$21 CDN

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  1. What a beautiful collection! I’m so glad the Hush Colour Base is available in the permanent collection– I’ll be treating myself to it even if I can’t get the elegant Pedro Lourenco packaging!

  2. Wow, I love the whole collection, the colors are beautiful! I will be hunting down my local Mac stores and makeup counters to find it!

  3. Holy Moses! I love this entire launcherooo! I particularly like the looks of Hush Cream Colour Base.. Gonna get me some of that for sure…love it.

  4. WOW, these are just gorgeous. VERY classy and old Hollywood; I feel like I’ve seen similar packaging on my grandmother’s dressing table when I was little! And that Hush Cream Colour Base? MAN, that is pretty… It looks like it’d be a more subtle alternative to my beloved Rebuenesque paint pot. And he’s only 19?? Pedro, I am IMPRESSED.

    I really love that MAC seems to be adding more and more LE collections to their permanent line. I love LE as much as the next gal, but some products are too awesome to stay limited edition!

  5. Wow – this is one beautiful looking collection! I’m normally not a huge gold fan, but I love the touches of gold in the packaging here. And the colors look so pretty and wearable. (And for some reason the whole collection reminds me a bit of the Rodarte line that was never released – ill-advised names aside).

    I am both happy for you that you received a a great version of the Corol Blush Duo and also so jealous of you for having it. Heh. I want one too!

  6. @stef — WHOA! What a collection . . . my heart swoons for the red polish and lipstick! I hope I can find them.

  7. I. Love. Everything. About. This. Collection. But especially the Roxo lipstick–that looks like it would be the red lipstick I’ve been searching for. Y’all need to really quit enabling me. Seriously :P

  8. When Gold Mirror arrived in my latest wht package, I gave a little whoop of joy, then rushed to the mirror to apply it. The color is a rich, super sparkly warm gold packed full of shimmer. I wore it alone for an evening out (maybe four hours) and still had glittering color to spare at the end of the evening. I can see using it over lipstick for fall. Crossing my fingers that MAC makes the Pedro Lourenco lipglasses part of the permanent collection!

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