MAC Playland – Swatches and Review

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Play to your heart’s content with MAC’s whimsical collection

Every beach town up and down the East Coast has a Playland, and you can always find wild excitement there. As a little girl, I rushed down the boardwalk towards the neon and flashing lights, practically floating on a cloud of magic and fun – the exact same way I’m rushing to the MAC counter now. Welcome to Playland, MAC’s “funtastical wonderland” where beauty and amusement romp hand in hand.


Don’t be afraid of all the candy-colored confections for lips, eyes and face. You don’t have to go full-on funhouse with the MAC Playland collection. Just a touch of playful color might be the ticket you need.


The pastel ads first got my attention, but in person, Playland made me squeal like a kid on thrill ride! I got to test a range of this fun-packed collection of color:


MAC Playland Lipstick ($16)
We received two of the six new colors (all limited edition):


Playland – metallic yellow gold (frost)
Sweet Experience – light, bright pink with a hint of yellow (amplified)


A little scary in the tube, Playland surprised me with a metallic gold finish that turned bronze over my natural lip color. If you’re in the mood for sparkle, it’s wearable and interesting.


Sweet Experience is a striking, light pink with warmish undertones and opaque, creamy coverage. The amplified formula keeps the longwearing color from looking chalky or uneven.

MAC Playland Lipglass ($15)


Playland introduces five dreamy (limited edition) colors and we received two:

Bright Side – sheer buttercup yellow with micro fine shimmer
Carousel – light, bright pink creme

MAC-Playland-8-swatchesMAC Playland Lipstick in Playland, Sweet Experience; Lipglass in Bright Side, Carousel – indoors

Bright Side is a sunny, custard-colored lipglass that’s sheer enough so that my natural lip color turns it peach. I doubt that I’ll wear it much alone, but I like it layered over more traditional colors, where it adds gleam and softness.

MAC-Playland-9MAC Playland Lipstick in Playland, Sweet Experience; Lipglass in Bright Side, Carousel – outdoors

Meanwhile Carousel is a cotton candy gloss saturated with an unnatural pink that I love because, face it, natural has no place in Playland! After careful application to get even coverage, the sweet-looking color lasts for hours.

MAC Playland Chromagraphic Pencil ($16)


I’m a big fan of MAC’s high-definition Chromagraphic Pencils with their soft, creamy texture. I tested two of Playland’s four colors (all available in the permanent line):

Process Magenta – matte magenta
Not to be used in the eye area, but so beautiful on the lips. Used as all over color with a bit of clear lipglass, the hard-hitting bright pink doesn’t fade for hours.

Black Black – none more black!
Not to be used in the lip area, but perfect as an eyeliner or on the waterline. Black Black draws the smoothest, darkest line without a bit of drag.

Because this is Playland, I should mention that both pencils are perfect for outlining or defining body art. Go ahead, draw a sideshow tattoo or two. These pencils have so much pigment, the color will last all day.

And speaking of pigment…

MAC Playland Pigment ($21)


Playland also features four pigments, and we received two:

Neo-Orange – intense neon salmon
This beautiful, bright pigment is a little House of Horrors on me. While it would be gorgeous mixed with gloss, the packaging says “not for use in lip or eye area.” Sadly, it’s too bright for my cheeks. Pretty color, though.

Golden Olive – high frosted green-gold
On the other hand, this one is my Tunnel of Love. Medium warm green with a frosty finish that looks great applied dry or wet.

MAC-Playland-12-pigment-swatchesMAC Playland Pigment in Neo-Orange, Golden Olive; Chromagraphic Pencils in Process Magenta, Black Black

Treats galore, right? You can toy around with this cascade of color now at MAC Playland – but hurry! These limited edition hues will be gone soon.

we heartsters – Which of these new MAC goodies has you ready to play?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

MAC Playland
Playland – frosty yellow gold (frost)
Sweet Experience – bright pink (amplified)
Happy-Go-Lucky – hot pink (amplified)
Toying Around – hot coral pink (amplified)
Red Balloon – hot fuchsia (amplified)
Head in the Clouds – red with pearl (frost)
$16 US/$19 CDN

Bright Side – creamy yellow
Lots of Laughs – creamy peach
Carousel – creamy pink
Live it Up – creamy orange
Pure Silliness – creamy lilac
$15 US /$18 CDN

Casual Color
For Your Amusement – bright pastel pink
Young at Heart – bright pink
Hi Jinks! – bright coral
$21 US/$25 CDN

Ever So Yellow – soft yellow with pearl
Hi-Def Cyan – cyan blue
Neo-Orange – intense neon salmon
Golden Olive – high frosted green-gold
$21 US/$25 CDN

Chromagraphic pencil
Genuine Orange – bright orange
Hi-Def Cyan – hi-def cyan
Process Magenta – matte magenta
Black Black – deepest black
$16 US/$19 CDN


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  1. Playland is a very FUN collection. While I think a majority of it may be catered towards the night time party crowd, I do LOVE the lipsticks in this line. I tested the other pink/red shades in the store and they are so fun! Perfect for spring and summer.

  2. First of all I love your story about rushing to the Playland area when your were “down the shore” (as we said in my neck of the woods!). it brought back summer vacations to the New jersey shore so vividly!

    Onto the MAC Playland – what a fun collection! I normally don’t go crazy for pinks but I am loving the pretty bright Carousel Lipgalls – it looks like spring in a tube!

  3. Liking the Golden Olive pigment, what a pretty color! This looks like a playful summer collection for sure…

    1. I agree I really like the olive pigment . . . it is unusual yet, fun . . .

  4. The bright light coral-ish lipglass and lipstick remind me of Viva Glam Nicki… can anyone offer a comparison? The yellow lipglass and lipstick are definitely curious.

  5. I’ve never used one of MAC’s pigments before, but that Golden Olive shade looks like it would be awesome on my hazel peepers. I’m such a sucker for greens. le sigh :)

  6. Great review! The colors are amazing and fun!! I just am not this daring. I am probably a real snooze, actually. My choices are so predictable.

  7. Process Magenta, wow! That color! I think I need that. I’m also wanting/needing Genuine Orange – I have so many orange lippies that need a pencil liner friend. :) The lipsticks look great but I think they’re all sold out.

    I am so sad to read that Neo-Orange is not for the eye area. *sob* I heed warnings like that – I have reactive/sensitive skin so that one is a no for me. So sad though! I would love to use it as an eyeshadow. >.< The color is so amazing.

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