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MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30, Loose Powder and Powder Compact – Swatches and Review

Spring is here, and all the fresh, colorful beauty that’s been hidden away all winter is about to burst out of the barren wasteland. I’m not talking about our yards (although tulips and daffodils are suddenly shooting up from my flowerbeds). It’s the hibernating glow of our complexions that are about to undergo springtime renewal.

The MAC Prep + Prime Colour Correct collection enhances and perfects our skin tones in every imaginable way, virtually erasing flaws and imparting a glow that even nature can’t create alone.


MAC’s new and expanded array of color correcting products comes in four colors, each available in three formulas – cream, loose powder and pressed powder:

Adjust (light, neutral peachy beige) – illuminates lighter skin tones with a subtle, radiant glow
Illuminate (pale lavender) – for sallow complexions, creates pink tones and minimizes dull yellow undertones
Neutralize (pale yellow) – the opposite of Illuminates, this erases pink or red tones and helps conceal bruises and discoloration
Recharge (bronzy orange apricot) – brightens up darker skin tones, and covers any blue undertones in the skin, like veins, blue-toned bruising and shadows

Each formula is sheer and buildable for delicate layers of color correction. I tested all three in a range of shades.


MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 ($30)

As a longtime user of MAC’s Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer, I was very curious about the Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30. Except for the text on the tube, the packaging is identical, and the color range is exactly the same. Was MAC just jumping on the CC bandwagon while giving us the same old (admittedly wonderful) product?

MAC-Prep-Prime-CC-Colour-Correcting-8Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 – Illuminate, Neutralize, Adjust and Recharge

I compared the two side by side in both Adjust and Illuminate, and the answer is a resounding no. Although the cream is similar in its tone-correcting coverage, the new CC Colour Correct is creamier and more concentrated.

Like its predecessor, the cream is packaged in a generously sized, handy tube with a precise needle-nosed tip. The sheer, buildable coverage blurs or erases imperfections, makes pores disappear, and adds light hydration and sun protection, too. The two colors I tested were equally effective for my NC20 skin.

MAC-Prep-Prime-CC-Colour-Correcting-6MAC Prep + Prime Colour Correct products in Adjust

Adjust, with its peach tones, brightens my pale skin without being heavy or obvious, and smoothes away fine lines and dark spots. It works well as a primer under foundation, but almost eliminates the need for it. Illuminate, the powerful pale lavender, reverses the yellow undertones that can make my skin look washed out and dull. The name is perfect, because just a touch is an instant illuminator and brightener.

MAC-Prep-Prime-CC-Colour-Correcting-4MAC Prep + Prime Colour Correct products in Illuminate

MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Loose Powder ($24)

The powders add another sheer dimension of perfection by smoothing the appearance of lines while correcting skin tone. I tested Adjust and Neutralize and these velvety powders are finely milled and reduce shine all day.

MAC-Prep-Prime-CC-Colour-Correcting-10Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Loose Powder – Illuminate, Neutralize, Adjust and Recharge

Like the creamy primer, Adjust brightens up my skin tone in a way that looks natural even in bright sunlight. I tried Neutralize loose powder on a day when my face was chapped and red, and was impressed with the instant improvement in the appearance of my skin tone. Neutralize is a must-have for anyone trying to minimize red or pink tones in the complexion.

MAC-Prep-Prime-CC-Colour-Correcting-5MAC Prep + Prime Colour Correct products in Neutralize

MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Powder Compact ($25)

The same powder is also offered in a handy compact. Here MAC takes all the benefits of the loose powder, and packages it in a super portable compact with a mirror for on-the-go touch ups. These shades are crafted so that each one is workable on every skin tone and I tried Recharge.

MAC-Prep-Prime-CC-Colour-Correcting-9Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Powder Compact – Illuminate, Neutralize, Adjust and Recharge

The warm apricot color of Recharge is designed to brighten up darker complexions, and sadly was too dark for me as an all over color. However, it does give a natural glow on paler skin like mine, and is great for faking sun-kissed cheeks. In either form, the Colour Correcting powders make the skin look luminous and smooth – almost airbrushed.

MAC-Prep-Prime-CC-Colour-Correcting-7MAC Prep + Prime Colour Correct products in Recharge

Overall, I was very pleased (and so was my skin) with the latest from MAC. With four powerful colors in three formulations, the Colour Correct collection helps your skin bloom into its most beautiful state of perfection.

we heartsters – Has MAC helped your skin get ready to greet the spring?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone


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  1. I got to test Recharge in CC cream and in powder! Unfortunately, I had a bad reaction to the CC cream—I have a sunscreen allergy and an ingredient in this triggered it.
    BUT!! This is great news for everyone else who does not have a sunscreen allergy, because that means the SPF in this is on par with other facial sunscreens! So if you want the added benefit of sun protection, this is great for you.

    I’m actually really sad I can’t wear the CC cream because I really really liked it. It goes on smooth and while the shade was a hair too dark for my NC42 skin, it created a great canvas that made my foundation coverage even more flawless. (And a big “Hell yeah!” to MAC for not ignoring the dark skinned ladies like some OTHER BB/CC creams that shall remain nameless…)

    I had more success with the Recharge powder, and I think this will look perfect this summer when I get a little more color. I adore MAC’s Prep+Prime line, and I found this to be on par with their finely milled Setting Powder. Recharge gave me a nice glow, while cutting down on shine.

    I totally agree with @turboterp, I really like this line and I think it’s definitely something that should be checked for everyone who needs a little boost to their complexion!

  2. Ooohh – love the look of this collection! I am currently on a BB/CC cream kick and am very interested in all the different tints MAC is offering here! I also love products with built in SPF (and luckily I don’t have issues with sensitivity and sunscreen) so these are at the top of my list.

    I think the best thing about these creams is that you can mix them with other products of themselves to customize. I want to get my hands on both Adjust and Neutralize and do some mixing and experimenting!

    Finally as a huge. huge fan of MAC Blotting Powder, I am also intrigued with the Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Powder Compacts. I think the Neutralize compact would be perfect for me this summer. During the warm months my pink undertone skin can get blotchy and shiny – this compact seems like it would help tame both of those issues. MAC get ready – I’ll be at your counter soon!

  3. It is great that today’s products are making a good use of science to show the beauty of our skin. I would love to try the creamy primers since my skin tends to dry when using powder form.

  4. I received the powder in Illuminate. I have not seen or heard about the collection until then and was a bit taken aback by the color! a light purple powder for me? It’s actually pretty awesome. i never feel too sallow (which is what this is supposed to help as well)…but I LOVE it for illuminating purposes. It’s great for touch ups. Illuminate is a very accurate name! It’s very cool toned so only a tiny bit is needed for my NC30ish skintone.

  5. I really used to love Lorac’s neutralizer! If MAC ever stops animal testing, I’ll buy from them again and check these out!

  6. I really want to try the loose powder in Adjust. MAC is my absolute GO TO for foundation and powder and concealer and primer and everything. Every time I do a race, and someone tells me my makeup looks like I hadn’t even been running and sweating and rained on, I’m like, “OMG YOU NEED TO GO TO A MAC COUNTER IT WILL CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE LIIIIIIFE.” They’ve got something for every skin type and skin tone.

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