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Before we all embark on a Marilyn frenzy, don’t let the collection that defines fall pass you by…

MAC Styleseeker collectionphotos: we heart this

Hello Fall! MAC welcomes the season in exotic fashion with Styleseeker, a collection of rich color inspired by the “spirit and style of a global wanderer.” This worldly range of products for face and nails features a prism of rich, deep, opulent colors. We sampled from each of five limited edition Styleseeker categories:

Nail Lacquers ($16 US/ $19 CDN)

Styleseeker, Gadabout Girl nail lacquersStyleseeker, Gadabout Girl

We got a look at two of the three new hues: Styleseeker (metallic duo chrome red orange) and Gadabout Girl (dark purple creme). These lacquers promise a no-streak, no-chip finish and their formulas contain nail conditioners as well as UV protection.

A hand with a dark purple creme nail polish holding a nail lacquer of the same shadeGadabout Girl

I tested Gadabout Girl, the kind of deep, rich, nearly-black glossy polish that makes me feel a little mysterious. In other words, it’s the perfect hue for my travels into fall. The formula is thin and slightly sheer. It took three coats for a completely opaque finish.

A hand with a orange red duochrome shimmer nail polish holding a nail lacquer of the same colorStyleseeker

The collection’s eponymous lacquer, Styleseeker is an orange red duochrome shimmer, although it flashes yellow as well so perhaps it’s a trichrome! (And it’s one of my favorite nail colors of this year ~ Stef)

Mattene Lipsticks ($15 US/$18 CDN)

dark peach beige matte and bright yet deep orange lipstick Fashion Nomad, Delectable

We received two of the five colors in this release: Delectable (dark peach beige matte) and Fashion Nomad (bright yet deep orange). With sleek, streamlined packaging these lip colors offer the pigmentation of a matte lipstick merged with a creamy formula that’s moisturizing and non drying.

Fashion Nomad, Delectable swatchesFashion Nomad, Delectable

I tested Fashion Nomad, fall’s answer to Tangerine Tango in a light yet pigment rich formula. The smaller tube offers precise application of the velvety formula that glides on smoothly and evenly, with a finish that’s almost matte except for a slight sheen. It feels silky and the color is long wearing (easily 3-4 hours).

Lipglasses ($15 US/$18 CDN)

Eclectic Edge, Ready To Roam lipglassesEclectic Edge, Ready To Roam

MAC fanatics know all about the beauty of Lipglass – these unique lip glosses offer a high gloss shine that lasts and lats. These beautifully pigmented glosses also contain jojoba oil to keep lips soft and supple.

Eclectic Edge, Ready to Roam swatchesEclectic Edge, Ready to Roam

Styleseeker offers four new hues of the coveted Lipglasses and we received two lovely shades, Eclectic Edge (medium orange with a slight shimmer) and Ready to Roam (a pure blue based red with a very subtle shimmer). I did not test one of these glosses, so make sure to check the comments to read more about these glosses from our review team members.

Powder Blushes ($20 US/$24 CDN)

Hidden Treasure powder blushHidden Treasure

There are three new shades of blushes in various formulas in the Styleseeker collection. We received Hidden Treasure, a dirty and shimmerless burgundy red. Almost overwhelmingly dark in the pan, this was another surprise. The color is translucent and builds to whatever intensity you desire. Just a touch on my cheeks gave my skin the kind of glow I get from a brisk fall walk.

Eye Shadow X2 ($27.50 US/$33 CDN)

Marché aux Puces eyeshadow x2Marché aux Puces

For eyes, Eye Shadow X2 offers four duos, and I got to test the beautiful Marché aux Puces, a combo that had something to teach me about taking chances. Indie Spirit (a medium matte red brown) and Chessa (a metallic golden orange) scared me when I first saw them.

Hidden Treasure blush, Marché aux Puces eyeshadow duo swatchesHidden Treasure blush, Marché aux Puces eyeshadow duo

Of the four shadow duos, this one was the most daunting – I mean, orange? – but I dove in and came up utterly amazed. My hazel eyes looked bright green thanks to the golden undertones of the shadows. Chessa is on the dry side but builds to a beautiful sheen. Going off the beaten path of my usual palette yielded great rewards!

This release is limited edition, so seek out Styleseeker while you still can. From your eyes to the tips of your fingers and everything in between, this collection is going places.

we heartsters and Testers – will you be seeking MAC’s latest at beauty counters this fall?

Melissa loves road trips, bargain shopping, drive-in movies, lip gloss and rock ‘n’ roll. She lives in Baltimore with her precious pup Zeus.

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  1. Lordy, these are pretty. Marche Aux Puces looks AMAZING, but only because of the swatches pictured. Had I seen it just in the pan, I’d be scared too! I’m really digging Hidden Treasure also; dirty burgundy red sounds strange, but that’s a perfect description of that swatch. I like that it’s shimmerless and deep; it looks like a perfect fall color and great for most skin tones.
    Great review, @turboterp!

  2. Autumn hues galore! Gadabout Girl looks great on you Stef! It’s so weird but I’ve been drawn towards vampy shades for the first time in my life. I think Hidden Treasure is calling my name!

  3. I love the autumn look of this collection. That eye shadow duo is beautiful! Delectable looks like a great creamy nude too.

  4. This really is a great fall collection, and Styleseeker is the prettiest thing of all. I’m on the prowl for a bottle before they’re all gone.

    Can’t wait to read what the testers have to say about the lipglasses. I’m especially intrigued by Eclectic Edge.

  5. I went to the MAC store for a Styleseeker makeover when these first came out. I was a little nervous about the Marche Aux Puces eyeshadow duo and the mattene lipstick in Camden Chich (a dark vampy shade of wine), but they looked quite nice on me. Indie Spirit is a little hard to work with, but it looks great with Chessa, which is such a unique and beautiful shade. It’s amazing that it looked good on one of the lighter skinned makeup artists, myself (medium skintone) and one of the darker skinned makeup artists. They also put on the Supercontinental blush and Local Wares Fluidline. I already owned the Dark Diversion Fluidline (it’s one of my all time favorites, and I’m so glad they’ve repromoted it… but pretty please make it permanent)! I reviewed Marche Aux Puces, Local Wares, and Dark Diversion on my blog. They’re fabulous, and definitely worth looking at before they’re gone!

  6. This collection is gorgeous and right up my alley – love those rich and bold fall colors! I think I’d gleefully buy absolutely anything in the whole collection, but am especially drawn to the Hidden Treasure blush and the two polishes, Styleseeker and Gadabout Girl – spot on perfect for fall in my book!

  7. Ready to Roam is such a gorgeous red! Blue based reds are typically much easier for me to pull off than the orange based ones. And Gadabout Girl is such a beautiful and edgy purple,what a perfect Fall polish! Yay for MAC as always! And thank goodness there is a collection besides Marilyn to focus on. I am doubting that I will ever get my hands on any of those pieces! :(

    1. The Marilyn Monroe collection is almost entirely sold out online at and was pretty much sold out at my local MAC store. :( Nordstrom, Macy’s and a few other retailers might have an item or two left over online or in stores!

  8. Marche aux Puces is absolutely screaming my name. How beautiful! What perfect fall colors! Ready to Roam is a gorgeous red, I can’t wait to hear how it wears.

  9. I just recently tried the Delectable lip stick and it went on very smothly. I like neutral colours on the lips so this was perfect. The red also looks beautiful, might try that next!

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