MAC Temperature Rising Cheeks & Body – swatches and review

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Face and body bronzers to help your summer sizzle

MAC Temperature Rising 

As if the eye and lip selections from Temperature Rising weren’t enough to stoke our feverish desires, MAC has also brought us a swoon-inducing array of bronzers to add shimmer and glow to our summer.

How many bronzers do your cheeks and body need? MAC Temperature Rising has covered any possibility with this release, and we tested every option:

MAC Temperature Rising

The packaging for this collection is standard MAC with a few twists. All of the MAC Temperature Rising compacts have the limited-edition glowing bronze finish that screams hot summer nights to me. While the liquids come in MAC’s standard pump bottles with a locking feature that’s great for preventing leaks. Packaging aside, let’s talk about the colors!

MAC Ripe for Love blushRipe for Love

Ripe For Love Powder Blush ($23) – a mid-tone apricot/peach that blends into a satin dark coral on the skin. This truly “ripe” color is the kind of glowing neutral that will work on practically any skintone. The creamy powder formula has only a hint of shimmer, which adds a subtle gleam. Talk about summer lovin’… if you’re a blush addict, track this color down!

MAC Temperature Rising bronzing powder

Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden ($25)
Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder in Sun Dipped ($30)

MAC Refined Golden Bronzing PowderRefined Golden Bronzing Powder

Refined Golden – finely spun bronze gold with soft pearl finish, with all the features I want in a bronzing powder: not too shimmery, easily buildable, believable. The color is on the darker side, but on my NC25 skin, just a light dusting gives me a natural-looking color (too much, and honestly, I’m a little dirty looking). The shimmer is almost invisible, but if I look closely, it’s there, adding a touch of magic to my “tan.”

MAC Sundipped Pro Longwear Bronzing PowderSun Dipped Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder

Sun Dipped – this light “dirty red toned” bronzer is packaged in a limited-edition soft touch bronze compact and offers a sheer touch of sun that wears for hours. Check the comments to see what our tester thought of this limited edition must-have for the summer. Our swatcher Stef said it was noticeably silkier than the regular bronzing powder.

MAC Temperature Rising swatchesRefined Golden, Sundipped, Ripe for Love

MAC Temperature Rising

Bronzing Oil in Man Rays ($22.50)
Strobe Liquid in Golden Elixir ($31)

MAC Temperature Rising bronzing oilBronzing Oil in Man Ray and Strobe Liquid in Golden Elixr

Golden Elixir – a lighter-weight version of MAC’s popular Strobe Cream, this light bronze liquid highlighter adds warm-toned shimmer and sparkle to the skin. The ultra-fluid formula is thin and absorbs quickly, leaving a wash of shimmering shine. Just a tiny bit mixed with moisturizer or foundation gave my skin a dewy, golden glow.

MAC Temperature Rising Strobe LiquidBronzing Oil in Man Ray and Strobe Liquid in Golden Elixr

Man Rays – glowing tan with multidimensional golden shimmer. This liquid bronzer packs a lot of glitter in its finish, and it’s an oil, so beware of staining. That said, it will look amazing as a sparkling tan enhancer. I’m picturing just a touch of it to add a gorgeous finish to bare shoulders or legs. We can look as if we just stepped off the beach even if we’ve been landlocked all week.

With Temperature Rising’s hot bronze packaging and even hotter colors, MAC is sending me into a sultry swoon. I can’t wait to add a little glow to my hot summer nights.

we heartsters – Do you use bronzers to fake or amplify your summer tan?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC 25/30 skintone

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  1. No bronzer here, it’s often in the same tone of my skin and makes me just look weird! But I am digging Ripe for Love; it looks really versatile and would really warm up my complexion. Plus, MAC blushes are HUGE. I have barely made a dent in the one I’ve had seen the beginning of the year…

    1. I’m not a huge bronzer user either @lyssachelle but I am so coveting Ripe for Love! MAC blushes are my latest obsession – they always have the prettiest shades, apply like a dream and as you said are huge. I’ve got a half dozen lining my vanity right now, all looking brand new (even though I use one or two every day) but I still want to go out and get this one too!

  2. Oh, I’ve used their bronzing oil before… I love how it incorporates that old-school feel of Hawaiian Tropic while depositing a ready-made golden tint and a good bit of shimmer. My arms and legs look great in it. I also like the pump dispenser so I don’t go all into Hawaiian Tropic-slather mode…a little dab’ll do ya!

    1. Love that spot on wrap up of the bronzing oil @sherrishera! While I’m not a huge bronzer fan on my face, I do love a nice golden oil on my arms and legs – especially one that washes off at night. (I’m a bad self-tanner!)

      And I totally want the Man Rays Bronzing Oil just for the name alone – Man Ray was a frequent visitor to the Sarah and Gerald Murphy’s home on the beaches of the south of France (and as many of you know I’m obsessed with the Murphy’s so I’m convinced this is a shout out to them!)

      Some Murphy reading for you all!

  3. I took my mom to MAC for the release of this collection and we got makeovers. :) My love for MAC, combined with my love for their summer collections, plus an awesome makeover = lots of things got purchased. I looooooove the ProLongwear bronzer in Sundipped. It is so perfect that I kind of want to buy backups. It adds just the right amount of tan and contour. I also bought the Strobe Liquid and the Bronzing Oil. The Strobe Liquid is amazing. I mix some with my regular foundation, and I have this really nice, natural, healthy glow, and it doesn’t break me out. I’m extremely bummed that it’s limited edition, because the golden tint is perfect for NC complexions. The Bronzing Oil was a bit of a impulse buy… I didn’t NEEEED it, and it’s spendy, but it absorbs SO quickly into your skin, and adds a cute bit of sparkle, perfect for casual summer outings or BBQ’s. Looks great on legs, arms, shoulders!

  4. Are all bronzers created equal? I used to think so, until I tested MAC’s Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden. For the last few years, I have been wearing bronzer, everyday, even in the Winter. A Benefit make-up artist taught me to apply it along my jaw line, and under my chin. This helps reduce the appearance of a double chin. Now that it is blazing hot in North Carolina, and I have been at the pool everyday…I love this MAC bronzer, because it adds the sublest golden sparkel, without going over the top. It also matches my tan, very well. So if I have worn sunglasses outside too long, and have a white raccoon mask, it works perfectly to even out my skin color. Also, I love erasing my Summer, “sheen”, with it! Hands down, awesome product, 5 stars. May need to get back-ups, as well!

  5. Oh, how I love MAC Strobe Liquids! Golden Elixir is no exception. I like to mix it with lotion and put a stripe down my shins- it makes my legs look so much longer and thinner!
    I think I can pass on the bronzers from this collection, they’re too dark for me. Even at the very end of summer I don’t think I’d be dark enough to pull it off! Ripe for Love, on the other hand… Me-ow!

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