MAC Temperature Rising Eyes & Lips – swatches and review

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It’s getting hot in here…

MAC Temperature Rising review 

First things first, I hate to create a frenzy…oh, who am I kidding? I love creating frenzy! But if you want anything from MAC Temperature Rising you MUST act quick.

This collection launched a couple of days earlier than its May 23 release date and is nearly sold out at MAC online, and going fast at other online retailers (Nordstrom, Macy’s etc.) I’m talking, “stop by your local store this weekend” kind of quick. And let’s just get this out there – if you see the Bare My Soul quad, buy it. I’d bet money that you will not be sad that you did. Consider your frenzy created.

If that intro wasn’t an indication, I love this launch. LOVE! I’m a huge fan of MAC’s summer releases. Hey Sailor!, Surf Baby! and To The Beach hit it out of the park for the last three years. And as a counterpart to the daytime beachy coral romps that those collections were, Temperature Rising is steamy, bronze and magenta nocturnal crawl. And I, for one, am hot and bothered.

MAC Temperature Rising Prince would totally love this…

MAC Temperature Rising packaging

And can I get a huzzah for special packaging? These are as sexy as what’s inside them; a slightly rubberized gradient bronze with a bright purple interior on the boxes. Very sultry.

MAC Temperature Rising packaging

Let’s get right into the Eye and Lip products (Bronzing review coming soon)

MAC Temperature Rising eye shadow paletteTemperature Rising and Bare My Soul

MAC Temperature Rising eye shdow palette

Temperature Rising is the quad that you can still easily find. Don’t dismiss it simply because it’s partner is so damn hot; this quad is a little hottie too! It’s a subtle plum affair that plays really well with bronze. Let’s call it summer plum.

MAC Temperature Rising swatchesPerformance Art, Temperature Rising, Swelter, Beauty Marked

MAC Temperature Rising swatches

Performance Art (veluxe pearl) – plummy taupe with a very slight gold sheen
Temperature Rising (lustre) – peachy tan with bronze micro glitter

MAC Temperature Rising swatches

Swelter (frost) – dirty medium greyed plum
Beauty Marked (velvet) – black with red micro glitter

Very nice pigment and consistency all around.

MAC Temperature Rising Bare My Soul palette

Ah, there you are my pretty. Bare My Soul is my favorite palette since Burmese Beauty from Fabulous Felines. It’s got buttery pigment and an interesting color pairing that just makes me happy every time I reach for it. Star of the launch, I tell you.

MAC Temperature Rising Bare My Soul swatchesRomantico, Bare My Soul, Friendly, When in Rio

MAC Temperature Rising Bare My Soul swatches

Romantico (veluxe pearl) – light taupe brown shimmer
Bare My Soul (lustre) – bronzey gold shimmer

MAC Temperature Rising Bare My Soul swatches

Friendly (veluxe pearl) – rich, dark chocolate shimmer
When in Rio (frost) – blackened teal with a metallic teal sheen, breathtakingly pretty if you’re a teal lover!

MAC Temperature powerchrone eye pencil

New to the launch is the Powerchrome Eye Pencil, chubby pencils with uber-creamy metallic and glittery color. They set quickly, making them not so easy to blend, but very long wearing.

MAC Temperature powerchrone eye pencil

MAC Temperature powerchrone eye pencil swatchesRich Glance, Polished Jet

Rich Glance is a light champagne and Polished Jet is a dark charcoal with silver shimmer. These are a “meh” for me. If I’m going pencil, I want a liner. But I know there are a lot of chubby stick fans out there.

MAC Temperature Rising swatches

The lip products fit the line perfectly; there’s bronze, there’s magenta, then there’s bronze AND magenta. And just like the nail lacquers, I love them best when they’re paired. Wait ’till you see (hold on, we’re getting there).

MAC Temperature Rising packaging

First, another peek at that sultry packaging. I wish you could stroke your screen and see how good it feels!

MAC Temperature Rising lipstick

Sheer Seduction is a dazzle finish coppery bronze glitter scattered with super fine magenta glitter. As is the case with dazzles, you’re really just laying down glitter, not much pigment. But whew, there’s a lot of glitter to lay down!

And although everything about the bright magenta purple of Feel My Pulse is normally wrong for my warm tone skin, the sheer cremesheen texture makes it work for me. Not only just work, I’m kind of crazy for it.

MAC Temperature Rising lipstick swatchesFeel My Pulse, Sheer Seduction

MAC Temperature Rising lipglass

Undressed couldn’t be considered a lipglass version of Sheer Seduction lipstick; a bronze and gold glitter base with a scattering of magenta glitter. Liquid Passion is a light to medium milky nude.

MAC Temperature Rising lipglass

A closer look at Undressed. Seriously, just bow down for that glitter!

MAC Temperature Rising lipglass swatchesUndressed, Liquid Passion

MAC Temperature Rising lipstick swatchesFeel My Pulse and Sheer Seduction lipstick, Undressed and Liquid Passion lipglass

And now for the pièce de résistance: Feel My Pulse lipstick with Undressed lipglass over it…

MAC Temperature Rising lipstick swatches

The cool lipstick makes such an interesting base for the warm glitter of the lipglass. It’s not a pairing I would have tried had MAC not put that smattering of magenta glitter in the bronze lip products. But that really is the amazing thing about the whole collection; totally unexpected summer beauty!

we heartsters, are you feeling the Temperature Rise with the latest MAC summer launch? What are your must-haves?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

Altered Beige – creamy yellow beige (lustre)
Feel My Pulse – vivid magenta violet (cremesheen)
Sheer Seduction – super dazzle bronze (dazzle)
Caliente – super dazzle violet (dazzle)
$16.50 US/$20.00 CDN

Liquid Passion – creamy nude
Soft Serenade – mid-tone neutral pink with pearl
Rhythm – vivid magenta violet with pearl
Underdressed – bronze plum with multidimensional pearls
$16.50 US/$20.00 CDN

Powerchrome Eye Pencil
Rich Glance – light gold
Copper Strip – frosty mid-tone copper
Life’s Luxury – deep bronze brown
Polished Jet – charcoal with pearl
$21.00 US/$25.00 CDN

Eye Shadow x 4
Bare My Soul
Bare My Soul – frosted gold (lustre)
When in Rio – deep green with copper pearl (frost)
Friendly – deep bronze chocolate (veluxe pearl)
Romantico – light taupe bronze (veluxe pearl)

Temperature Rising
Performance Art – frosted gold mauve (veluxe pearl)
Swelter – mid-tone grey violet (frost)
Temperature Rising – light warm tanned peach (lustre)
Beauty Marked – Charcoal black with red pearl (velvet)
SRP $44.00 US/$52.00 CDN


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  1. I am totally digging the Temperature Rising eye shadow quad. I love, love plummy taupe shades. MAC does them so well and this set looks like a winner!! And you are so right that Feel My Pulse and Undressed go perfectly together!!! Wowzers!! I am super in love!! Thank you @stef for showing us the combo of the two. I would likely not have thought to put them together. Genius!!

  2. I love that Bare My Soul palette! That teal color is to die for! Also with that amount of glitter in the bronze lipstick and lipgloss, I might be a little worried that they would get a bit gritty throughout the day. How have they worn?

  3. oooooooooooooooooh! I love this too.. Bare My Soul is amazing as is the Undressed, Liquid Passion. I can see this one on me too! Oh, MAC, you give me a heart attack!

  4. I love both the eyeshadow quads for this collection and it’s rare that I like all the eyeshadows together in one quad, let alone two. Rich Glance looks beautiful, almost pearl to me.

  5. I need that eyeshadow palette. And that lipstick with the gloss over it!!!

    I’m taking my mom with me to the Temperature Rising launch at our nearby MAC store. I’m soooo excited to get a makeover! Especially this one. I’ve been a huge fan of the past summer collections, and this one looks fabulous too. I should probably set a spending limit now….

  6. I got to try out Polished Jet–it reminds me of these eye pencil/shadow sticks that Maybelline had years ago that I loved. Sadly, this doesn’t really blend that great as a cream shadow and doesn’t stay put as an eye liner–I end up smudging it a little bit at my lower lashline and skipping top liner and top shadow–it gives the illusion of a more done up eye when you want to be lazy (i.e. at the beach or when you’re bumming it during the weekend).
    Slight warning: The sparkles are a little big in this–I’m a little old for big sparkles and I don’t really lead a big sparkle kind of lifestyle. If you’re thinking about this as a full-on shadow, keep the sparkle situation in mind.

  7. The “Bare My Soul” palette is outrageously decadent; “Friendly” and “When in Rio” are such incredible colors! And “Sheer Seduction” seduced me. @stef, I go online constantly and just stare, trying to decide what I can afford from MAC. Thanks for the intro to these hot, hot, hot shades!

  8. I love bronzes and plums for my brown eyes and the Temperature rising quad looks like perfection…familiar yet totally new. Gorgeous. I. Would. Love.

  9. Sheer Seduction is AMAZING!! The packaging is to die for, you really do need to feel it to believe it. And while there is a TON of glitter it’s very fine so it doesn’t feel gritty. And while it looks pretty strong in the tube it goes on soooooooooo beautifully. Sheer but sassy. This is the classiest damn summer neutral I own! Don’t walk, RUN to your closest MAC counter and scoop this one up before it’s gone!

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