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Stop! In the name of lip love – and get to a MAC counter

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MAC has yet another new collection for Spring 2012 and this one is for the lip product obsessed. Inspired by chic East Asian style, the Too Supreme collection features thirteen Sheen Supreme Lipsticks and eleven Sheen Supreme Lipglasses full of fresh, spring-like shades with feather-weight formulas.

You’ll need to act fast to snag one of the Limited Edition Lipglasses – they’ll only be available through April 5th – while the Lipsticks are part of MAC’s permanent collection. The wht team got a look at a few shades of each product, so let’s pucker up and get started!

Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Sheer Mandarin and Blossom Culture

The Sheen Supreme Lipsticks ($14.50) while part of the permanent line, are special in that they are packaged slightly different than MAC’s standard lipsticks. You’ll still see MAC’s signature black and white cardboard packaging, but the actual tube is a glossy metallic black with a thin, sleek design.

Inside the tube, the lipstick keeps that slick, light feeling going with a super soft, sheer formula that is practically weightless on the lips. These sweet little tubes promise to combine the “colour impact of a Lipstick with the shine sheen of a Lipglass” and they deliver!

I normally shy away from the heavy finish of lipsticks, but the Too Supreme formula feels lighter on my lips than even a gloss! They impart a soft glossy glow.

Sheer Mandarin is a beautiful color…that looks really odd on my lips. It’s a light, bright nearly opaque orange that doesn’t play very nicely with my skintone. If you can pull it off, it could easily carry you through spring, summer and fall in the ‘it’ color of the year.

Blossom Culture is a soft yellow based pink with very subtle gold pearl. This sweet pink adds a fresh bloom of color to my lips. Even better, the pearl finish means I don’t have to add a shiny gloss on top of the color – it’s already there.

For those that hate the heavy feeling of lipstick, this is the product that may change your mind. The soft, creamy consistency truly feels like a balm, but with a punch of color not typically found in a gloss.

Sheen Supreme Lipglass in Dress Kimono

Now onto those Limited Edition Lipglasses. The first thing you’ll notice is that the Too Supreme Lipglasses ($19) are packaged differently than the permanent Lipglass shades. The thin, glossy metallic tube has a twisting click-pen dispenser and a soft brush applicator.

But fear not! This is the best click-pen gloss I’ve experienced. Once you’ve twisted the tube a number of times to get the first few drops of Lipglass, it’s smooth sailing. The twisting motion is smooth and just one or two tries gets the exact amount needed to cover lips.

Sweet Bean

You’ll also discover that the formula of the Too Supremes are different than the permanent Lipglasses – the consistency is markedly smoother and less sticky. The glosses are sheer in color with a pearly glow and offer a similar sweet vanilla scent you’ve come to love.

We tested three of the Too Supreme Lipglasses:

Dress Kimono – a bright berry plum with berry micro glitter.
Sweet Bean – a medium cool pink with chunky silver and pink glitter.
Moon Beach – a shimmery caramel nude.

Moon Beach

I tested Moon Beach and worried it would be too brown for my tone, but fell for the sheer, nude, golden shimmer it gives. It’s a great gloss for when I want a hint of color and polish on my lips without having to worry about precision application. It also adds a bit of depth and lots of shine when applied over a lipstick.

If you’re a MAC-aholic or lip product obsessed, will you be making the Too Supreme collection your next beauty fix?

Sheen Supreme Lipglass
Jasmine Honey – Light cream beige (frost)
Fuji Pink – Pale peach with low level pearl (frost)
Moon Beach – Warm light beige with pearl (frost)
Cherry Fest – Rose with high level pearl (frost)
Sweet Bean – Cool beige with pearl (frost)
Almond Blossom – Pale pink with high level pearl (frost)
Mango Sheen – Bright coral with pearl (frost)
Asian Butterfly – Lilac with pearl (frost)
Imperial Red – Bright rose with pearl (frost)
Dress Kimono – Mid-tone frosted plum (frost)
Black Tea – Deep brown with pearl (frost)
$19 U.S./$22.50 CDN

Sheen Supreme Lipstick
Supremely Confident – Pale nude (creme)
Happy Hibiscus – Creamy white-pink (frost)
Fashion City – Neutral coral pink (creme)
Bare Again – Pinky neutral beige (creme)
Tea Ceremony – Neutral beige pink (creme)
Sheer Mandarin – Mid-tone yellow orange (creme)
Korean Candy – Bright orange-red (creme)
Supreme Style – Light coral pink with pearl (frost)
Royal Azalea – Bright mid-tone pink (creme)
Blossom Culture – Soft pink with pearl (frost)
Zen Rose – Bright mid-tone fuchsia (creme)
Insanely It – Watermelon pink (creme)
Asian Flower – Creamy lavender (creme)
$14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. I’d love to try some of the lipglasses like Dress Kimono, Black Tea and Cherry Fest. I love the names of this collection and some nice colors.

  2. Sweet Bean is SO pretty. I’m not a huge fan of the clicky-pen application, but I think that’s because most of the times I’ve used it in other brands, the color has been underwhelming also.
    I’m also interested in the Sheen Supreme lipsticks; I’m not a lipstick fan but I do like the L’Oreal and Revlon lip balms and butters that have been out recently. Does anyone know if the Sheen Supremes have the same consistency as those lip colors?

  3. Dress Kimono looks awesome! I need it now!! And I will take @tyna at her word that it is a decent click pen.

  4. Wow, Blossom Culture looks so pretty, that is going to the top of my “MAC to buy” list! I love that it is a lightweight cream with a punch of color…sometimes I need a bit more pigment than a gloss gives.

  5. ooh, I like the lipglass in Moon Beach and Sweet Bean, Both are very pretty! I like the pinkit has with lots of silver and pink shimmer..You know these are right on time for spring! Great post @tyna! I’m glad to hear the click-pen is a good one!

  6. The glosses and lipsticks look very nice! I’ve never tried a Too Supreme lip product but I’d love to.

  7. The light formulation of the lipsticks sounds so nice for spring, and the lipglass colors are all so pretty! Sweet Bean really appeals to me.

  8. Interesting! I’m a huge fan of MAC’s Lipglass, and I like their lipstick pretty well too… I’m really interested to see how these now products stack up.

  9. I want to try Korean Candy from this collection! Not shown in this particular post, but it’s definitely on my to buy list. Blossom Culture might have to be added, though. It’s super pretty.

  10. Sheer Mandarin is such an interesting color, but I’m positive it would look terrible on me. Such a shame! Sweet Bean and Dress Kimono however would look lovely. I’m glad to hear that MAC got the clicky pen applicator right, there’s nothing more annoying than a faulty clicker!

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