MAC Vera – review, photos & swatches

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Quick, before these beauties fly away…

MAC Vera Collectionphotos: we heart this

MAC’s back with another inspired limited edition launch – Vera. This collection is based on the work of fabric and textile designer Vera Neumann. The American artist (who died at 86 in 1993) was known for brightly colored linens and scarves which were all signed “Vera” and featured her signature ladybug. Marilyn Monroe was said to be a fan; I think I would have been too.

But I’m going to keep the pontificating to a minimum and let the pics speak for themselves, as you only have a couple of weeks to buy this collection (seriously, it’s only on sale through March 1st).

So, let the swatching begin!

Sunday Afternoon Pearlmatte Face Powder with three shades of cool pinks

There’s that signature ladybug, debossed in a Pearlmatte Face Powders. That’s Sunday Afternoon, three shades of cool pinks (and a thin silver overspray accent) that when applied are a silvery pink. Adorable design, sweet color.

Sunday Afternoon Pearlmatte Face Powder SwatchSunday Afternoon Pearlmatte Face Powder

Crushed Metallic Pigment Sets

The stunner above is Butterfly Party, one of three Crushed Metallic Pigment Sets. And this 4 piece set has my head spinning with love. I mean, look at these colors!

Moss Garden with a shade of silvery slate green crushed Metallic Pigment

Moss Garden is silvery slate green, with a chunky, glittery consistency.

Rain Drop with a bright teal shade, Crushed Metallic Pigment

Rain Drop is a bright teal with a hint of a golden sheen.

Desert Cloud with a beautiful metallic violet, Crushed Metallic Pigment

Desert Cloud is a beautiful metallic violet that has an electric sort of shimmer in the same shade. Really, it looks like it’s lit up! It’s on the glittery side too.

Butterfly Party with a red based purple, Crushed Metallic Pigment

The namesake, Butterfly Party, is a red based purple with a lavender shimmer.

Moss Garden, Rain Drop, Desert Cloud, Butterfly Party swatchMoss Garden, Rain Drop, Desert Cloud, Butterfly Party

Moss Garden, Rain Drop swatchMoss Garden, Rain Drop

Desert Cloud, Butterfly Party swatchDesert Cloud, Butterfly Party

Now, I’d be lying if I said the Crushed Pigments were a breeze to apply. But I do think they’re worth the work. They have a chunky texture (like crushed gemstones) and a slightly wet feeling to them, which makes them less messy than loose pigments.

But they need to be either pressed into the skin or broken up first to apply. A simple swipe with a brush isn’t going to cut it. I actually like to break them up on the back of my hand with a brush and apply them from there. And you know, fingers also work pretty good with these.

Crushed Metallic Pigment sets

The other pigment set we got a look at is Aloha, a coppery bunch that the warm-toned gang are going to love. This set has a noticeably finer consistency, as opposed to Butterfly Party.

Shifting sands with a metallic nude pink, Crushed Metallic Pigment

Shifting Sands is a metallic nude pink.

Aloha with brown and peachy hue, Crushed Metallic Pigment

Aloha is brown with a peachy hue to it. My notes say “buttery brown, yum!” Guess I liked it (or I was hungry).

Campfire with a copper shade, Crushed Metallic Pigment

Campfire is a copper with really beautiful dense pigment.

Lantern Light with a dark coppery orange, Crushed Metallic Pigment

Lantern Light is all kinds of fabulous. In the pot it looks dark coppery orange, but when you put it on it’s this gorgeous golden peach. I was mesmerized by it!

Shifting Sands, Aloha, Campfire, Lantern Light swatchShifting Sands, Aloha, Campfire, Lantern Light

Shifting Sands, Aloha swatchShifting Sands, Aloha

Campfire, Lantern Light swatchCampfire, Lantern Light

MAC Nail Lacquer's Play Day with a creamy apricot shade

We got to take a look at one of the two Nail Lacquers; Play Day. It’s a creamy apricot shade (MAC calls it milky coral, but this didn’t read as coral to me). It took three coats for me to get rid of most of the streaks, and they were still even there a bit.

A hand with a creamy apricot shade holding a MAC Nail Lacquer's Play Day with a creamy apricot shadePlay Day

MAC Plushglass with Fashion Fanatic, On a Holiday shadeFashion Fanatic, On a Holiday

Fashion Fanatic, On a Holiday swatchI’ve always been a Plushglass fan. I love their tingle. I dig the odd scent they have that I can’t quite place (they don’t smell like lipglass). So I’m always up for a new one. That’s On a Holiday on the left. Check out that iridescent violet micro glitter! It’s a bright-ish medium pink that applies sheer, but that glitter catches the light in really fun ways.

We also got a look at Fashion Fanatic, a light milky pink with silvery white shimmer.

Fashion Fanatic, On a Holiday swatchFashion Fanatic, On a Holiday

Collage of Pearlglide Intense Linersfrom top: Lord It Up, Undercurrent, Black Swan

And boy, do I love me some Pearlglide Intense Liners! Buttery soft, they glide on like a dream and stay on until you take them off. It’s no coincidence that I already own two in this launch (Black Line and Undercurrent). They’ve got great pigment and are loaded with a pearl finish.

Lord It Up, Undercurrent, Black Swan swatchLord It Up, Undercurrent, Black Swan

Lord It Up is a medium brown with gold pearl. It’s really similar to Teddy (which I go through like candy). Teddy has more of a bronze sheen though, and this is gold. Undercurrent is an intense teal with gold pearl. Black Swan is a deep charcoal with silvery charcoal pearl.

So, will you be pulling out the butterfly net to catch any of Vera? Let us know your favorites in the comments!

Crushed Metallic Pigment x4
$34 U.S. / $40 CDN

Latern – Light Metallic gold/bronze (Frost)
Campfire – Rich copper (Frost)
Shifting Sands – Metallic champagne
Aloha – Dirty Cocoa Brown

Strawberry Patch
Star – Crystal Pink champagne
Rose – Light Metallic yellow pink
Strawberry Patch – Light blue pink
Moon Rose – Bright dark pink

Butterfly Party
Butterfly Party – Bright lilac
Desert Cloud – Deep blue purple
Rain Drop – Metallic teal
Moss Garden – Metallic silver green

Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner
Lord It Up – Bronze with pearl
Industrial – Periwinkle grey
Designer Purple – Iridescent violet
Undercurrent – Teal with pearl
Petrol Blue – Deep navy with pearl
Black Swan – Black with pearl
Black Line – Black with gold pearl
$15 U.S. / $18 CDN

Nail Lacquer
Midsummer’s Dream – Pale pink lilac (Creme)
Play Day – Pale milky coral (Creme)
$16 U.S. / $19 CDN

Pearlmatte Face Powder
Sunday Afternoon – Clean bright pink/bright clean fuchsia/soft pale pink with white pearl
Flower Fantasy – Pale coral with slight gold pearl/slightly blue pale pink/soft pale salmon
$28 U.S. / $33.50 CDN

Fashion Fanatic – Creamy pale pink
Pretty Plush – Extra soft pink with white pearl
Confetti – Bright orange coral with soft pearl
On a Holiday – Bright pink with blue pearl
Butterfly Dream – Mid-tone violet with blue pearl
$19.50 U.S. / $22.50 CDN

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. Moss Garden is beautiful!! I would deal with how difficult it may be to apply!! The face powder is also very pretty. But their face powders are almost always a winner. I love you MAC!!!

  2. I just got my Aloha collection today, It looks super metallic on my hand…and definitely not lacking in pigment! I’ll be wearing these tonight…

  3. VERA VERA VERA! I got the signature ladybug in Sunday Afternoon! The face powder is so pretty and the pictures so speak for themselves as @stef mentions above! The three shades of pinks do blend well together- Giving a real youthful look.. If you saw me wearing this I might just be thought of as a youngster! I’m not! It really leaves my checks looking pretty radiant with this on.. I love the debossed work in the Pearlmatte Face Powders but sometimes fear to use them because it suddenly looks like it’s been used! I have always loved MAC’s face powders so you can bet I’m going to be singing some praises!

  4. I am loving those liners–Undercurrent wants to be mine. I’m also digging the Black Swan shade–it looks way more special than a standard inky black liner. I’m kind of intrigued by the Lord it Up shade–I can’t wear a bronze liner b/c bronze doesn’t work on me, but if this is more gold, then it just might work *ponders* Again, another gorgeous collection from MAC!

  5. I love Mac, every time I go to the mall I head to the Mac store. Next time I am going to look for that Campfire. It looks really pretty!

  6. Aloha and Lord It Up are SO up my alley!! WHAT a pretty mix of bronzes and coppers, I think I need these. MAC over the last year has been doing really great for me; it used to be that I’d ignore entire collections, now it’s like every collection has at least one must have for me! I love it….

  7. Those eyeliner pencils are the most gorgeous colors, but I really have just been sticking to cream and gel liners. And I really really want to love the MAC Crushed Pigments because they look so pretty in the jar… but they’re too much work to get them to really look fab.

    1. Well, the metallic elements DO foil up pretty easily, but I made a pretty spectacular eye with only Shifting Sands, Aloha and a little black eyeliner and mascara. I dusted a little translucent loose powder on top and gently tissued off the excess. It made the metallic element a little less glaring and wearable. Really beautiful (and not too, too much work:).

  8. Undercurrent, pull me away!! How pretty. I’m rather uninspired by this collection (maybe it’s because the past few collections have been ah-maz-ing) but a few of the pieces (Butterfly Garden and Undercurrent, I’m talking to you!) are calling my name. So pretty!

  9. MAC is unbeatable when it comes to how much pigment their products pack and these loose pigments are no different, they look beautiful. Moss Garden is amazing! I also love the creative art they’ve been putting in the powders…so cool! Every collection that comes out has something that I want!

  10. I read on Temptalia that these shades of pearlglide liners are now being added as permanent products – HOORAY! Check out Blackline if you’re a fan of gold greens, it’s just a perfect shade of black with dark army green golden pearl.

  11. This collection is really cute looking. I too love the MAC Plushglasses! I think the formula is nicer than lipglass in my opinion. On a Holiday looks so pretty! I’m not a *huge* fan of the Pearlmatte Face Powder design. The Pearlglide liners look amazing though!!

  12. Undercurrent is gorgeous on, the deep teal with a little glitter is great to pair with neutrals for a pop. These glide on beautifully, easier than the traditional MAC liners.

  13. I got my mitts on the Black Swan pearlglide intense eye liner pencil and the color is to die for! It is DEFINITELY more special than a basic black liner. This slides on my lids like a dream. As a girl with oily lids, I applied this as tight to my lashline as I could, hoping to preserve the color as long as possible. I do this with any black liners b/c I swear my lids have it out for black liner. Literally any shade will last longer, but my lids decimate black. In any case, the shimmer in this made my eyes sparkle and made my lashes look so inky, I almost skipped wearing mascara. Sadly, on me, the staying power on this isn’t the greatest and left a smattering of shimmer all over my face in its wake, but that’s half my stupid oily eyelids fault.

    1. Isn’t it awesome @krista? I love to add a smudge of shadow to this too, it takes on different tones. I wore it today with a navy smudge and it became this deep, shimmering black-blue. Love it! I don’t have staying power with this at all. In fact, it was still on when I got out of the shower tonight. Damn your oily lids!

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