MAC Zac Posen swatches and review

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I heart Zac Posen, I truly do. But then again, who doesn’t? He’s amazingly talented, uber adorable and has one of the best eye rolls in TV history. I was dubious that he could fill Michael Kors’ fabulous catty shoes when he joined Project Runway in season 11. But he has, beautifully.


So, is it any surprise that his first makeup line is stellar too? The MAC Zac Posen line is a cozy little collection: one each of an eye shadow palette, blush duo, transparent powder, mascara and liner; three lipsticks and two brushes (one being a big ol’ FAB square-handle buffer. Seriously, go check it out!)

Over the past 15 years I have learned a great deal from M∙A∙C about beauty. Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand and I have always wanted to create a makeup collection to complement my designs and brand. It was only natural to work with M∙A∙C to create my first ever signature collection. I wanted to keep it luxurious, a little mysterious and clean with a large dose of star wattage. — Zac Posen


The packaging is classic and modern all at the same time. Which perfectly describes his designs as well, actually. Everything has clean lines and squared edges, in a greenish-grey shade with gold lettering. My only minor complaint is that the compact shade doesn’t match the lipstick shade, perhaps because they’re made of different plastics. The lipstick is prettier.

But even fools for packaging like me can admit that’s not the most important part of a product, it’s what inside that counts. Didn’t our mothers tell us that?


The MAC Eye Z You palette ($43.50) is the obvious star of the launch in all its plummy perfection.


There are six cool shades in matte, frost, satin and veluxe pearl fusion finishes (I’m not quite sure what the “fusion” refers to.) For someone who’s not the biggest plum fan, I really love this palette. My favorites are Cozy Grey (top left); a light nude-taupe matte (why this is called a veluxe pearl fusion is a headscratcher, it’s so matte.), Palatable (top right); a dusty plum-kissed grey, and Mauve-Over (bottom right); a gorgeous deep grapey violet. Wow, do these three combined make a stunning eye!

MAC-Zac-Posen-Eye-Z-You-eye-shadow-swatches-7MAC Eye Z You eye shadow palette swatches indoors: Cozy Grey, After Dusk, Palatable, Phloof!, Performance Art, Mauve Over

MAC-Zac-Posen-Eye-Z-You-eye-shadow-swatches-8MAC Eye Z You eye shadow palette swatches in sunlight: Cozy Grey, After Dusk, Palatable, Phloof!, Performance Art, Mauve Over


The MAC Haute Contour Powder Blush Duo ($29) is really pretty, but didn’t we just see this in the Ellie Goulding collection? (Answer: pretty darn close!) But then again, we are entering bronzer season, so we’ll probably be seeing lots of bronzer duos.


Déjà vu aside, I like this warm duo a lot. The bronzer looks rather dark in the pan but goes on lightly. And the peachy-coral gold blush reminds me a lot of Stereo Rose Skinfinish when applied, one of my favorite MAC blush shades of all time. I will say it’s kind of an odd shade paring with the Eye Z You palette. I tend to go warm or cool for the whole face, but maybe that’s just me?


MAC Dangerously Red lipstick ($18) is a bright pink-based red with a comfortable matte finish (i.e. it doesn’t suck every ounce of moisture from your lips.) Stunning is the word that comes to mind. Darling Clementine is on my radar too, I love an orange lip.


MAC-Zac-Posen-dangerously-red-lipstick-swatches-13MAC Haute Contour blush duo swatches and MAC Dangerously Red lipstick swatches, indoors

MAC-Zac-Posen-haute-contour-blush-swatches-14MAC Haute Contour blush duo swatches and MAC Dangerously Red lipstick swatches, in sunlight

Finally, blot that shine with the MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder ($27), which is exactly what it says it is. I do wish it came with a puff because it’s the kind of thing I’d carry in my purse. No swatch because it’s invisible.


I’m always excited when MAC partners with a fashion designer, and usually thrilled with the results. Zac’s collection carries on that tradition.

we heartsters – any must-haves in here for you in the beautifully designed, designer collection?

PS) If you don’t follow Zac on Instagram, you should. He’s also a total foodie who regularly makes me hungry!

The MAC Zac Posen collection

Eye Z You eyeshadow palette
Cozy Grey – Soft white pearl (Veluxe Pearl Fusion)
Phloof! – Frosted off-white (Frost)
After Dusk – Deep lilac (Veluxe Pearl Fusion)
Performance Art – Soft lilac with multi-pearl (Veluxe Pearl Fusion)
Palatable – Deep frost-grey (Satin)
Mauve Over – Deep Violet (Veluxe Pearl Fusion)
$43.50 US / $52 CAD

Sheer Madness – Sheer nude (Lustre)
Darling Clementine – Bright orange (Matte)
Dangerously Red – Blue fuchsia (Matte)
$18 US / $22.50 CAD

Powder Blush Duo
Haute Contour – Matte neutral brown/pink coral with pearl
$29 US / $34 CAD

Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder/Pressed
$27 US / $32.50 CAD

Retro Black – Solid flat black
$23 US / $25.50 CAD

Zoom Lash Mascara
$18 US / $22.50 CAD

182 Buffer – $54 US / $64.50 CAD
168 Large Angle Contour – $36 US / $43.50 CAD


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  1. This is such a beautiful collection. You’re so right about the classic, modern packaging being like Zac’s fashion designs. The item I’d grab first is the Prep & Prime Finishing Powder, which I use (in its regular packaging) and love. It would be extra-nice to have a version in the limited edition compact.

  2. Kind of dying over this packaging–love it. And off to check out Darling Clementine; a comfy orange matte is right up my alley.

  3. I am not a fan of his fashion, but this is a very pretty collection!

  4. That eyeshadow palette is so luxe and glorious looking! I know what I’ll be swatching the next time I hit the mall :D

  5. Oh eye palette of plums how I love thee, I am in love with this whole collection, and they will all be going on my spring list for sure…

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