Mad Hippies invade Green Monday!

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A review of the Vitamin C Serum and Eye Repair Cream from the indie beauty label

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The hippies are coming to Green Monday, readers! Somehow over my life, a generation once thought of as noble and revolutionary, has morphed into an easy punch line. I admit, I’m guilty of making a hippie joke or two myself, but truthfully a number of Green Monday type ideals and beliefs I hold dear are directly descended from the hippie handbook. As a vegetarian of over 15 years with an interest in locally sourcing my food and making eco-conscious purchases, I realize much of my lifestyle is a result of the 60’s revolution.

Today’s Green Monday review is about a natural beauty company that takes it’s cues from the Woodstock generation, Mad Hippie’s natural skin care. This eco and socially responsible company (10% of all profits are donated to Conservation International) combines the best all natural ingredients with powerful antioxidants and potent peptides to actively fight skin damage and signs of aging.

This Portland Maine company prides itself in producing quality beauty items without added parabens, mineral oil, lanolin or synthetics. Instead these mad hippies believe the best things for our skin come from natural sources. They pack their potions with natural antioxidants, anti-carcinogens and other natural, healing actives all intended to “not only heal and protect cellular integrity, but actually work to build skin’s natural resilience and prevent future damage.”

We heart this received two items from Mad Hippie’s carefully crafted catalog for review and I can say that these natural items seem to be as luxurious and effective as any I’ve purchased from a high-end department store.

First, let’s discuss the Vitamin C Serum ($34). From it’s product description, you would think you were reading a ‘scientific’ beauty product label, not that of this all natural miracle worker serum with a “unique antioxidant blend (that is) specially formulated to heal and prevent photo aging, reduce wrinkles and tone the skin”

It’s packed with great ingredients like vitamin C and E, ferulic acid, grapefruit, chamomile and clary sage. I found the serum super light and not tacky (always a plus in my overnight treatments) with a very light, slightly sweet scent. The serum can be worn day or night and I’ve been applying this light treatment five minutes after washing my face (as directed) before bed every evening. When I wake in the morning, the serum has vanished into my skin, leaving a soft face behind. After three weeks my semi-sensitive skin looks a tad brighter – a miracle in itself for this season – my skin usually goes a little ‘off’ in the fall.

Also, with regular use I have had nary a pimple or red splotch on my face, a common side effect of intensive treatments on my skin. I can’t wait to see the full effects after three months of use (the time period needed for best results). Which, I should get from just one bottle of serum considering the small amount of serum needed (just a nickel size dab) and the generously sized glass vial.

Finally, bonus packaging points for the brown hued glass (it protects the valuables inside better) and the squeeze dropper applicator for germ free use (and the ability to get every last drop of serum).

We also received another Mad Hippie favorite, the No More Crows Peptide Repair Eye Cream ($24) for the Green Monday review. This all natural eye cream is surprisingly lush and thick and promises to deeply moisturize the eye area. The cream is also said to mimic the body’s natural production of collagen, as well as reduce puffiness and fight free radicals.

Besides those amazing results, this eye cream uses the goodness of white tea, vitamins E and K, buckwheat and Argan oil to naturally soothe and calm the delicate eye area. Make sure to check the comments for our tester’s thoughts on the No More Crows Peptide Repair Cream!

we heartsters – you’d have to be mad not to check out Mad Hippie’s naturally effective beauty!

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  1. I was the tester of the No More Crows Eye Repair Cream – first of all, love the name and the label – even this punk/rock fan appreciates a VW van and colorful graphics!

    Like Tyna mentioned, this cream is super lush and thick, which isn’t always the case with natural products. I overdid it the first time and applied to much – getting it in my eyes. It didn’t sting but as a contact lens wearer anything in the eyes is bad. So, use sparingly, and you will love this cream. It is very moisturizing and really helps with blending concealer, foundation, etc.

    I love the pump applicator – so I do not have to put my fingertips into the cream and the fact that there is a screw off top so I can get all the cream out even when the pump can’t quite reach it all.

    For the soothing and moisturizing properties, the way it helps blend makeup, the decent price and the awesome green qualities – and taking one for the slight slip/seeping quality = 4 stars.

  2. I think Hippies know something we don’t! They were way into things being natural and organic before it was hip to do so. And I have to say, some of the items I have bought at Health Food stores are right up at the top of my favorites list.

    I’m loving the sound of the Vitamin C serum. I’ve got a high end serum that has almost identical ingredients (and similar claims of results) and this is a 3rd of the price. Can’t wait to steal it form @tyna! Oh wait, that’s not very peaceful is it?

  3. This line sounds like a lot of fun AND a great product! I think the Vitamin C Serum sounds great, I especially like that you get such a generous amount and need so little for it actually to work.

  4. I like the packaging. Really adorable. @tyna you basically sold me on the vitamin C serum! I am always on the hunt for a new great face product that leaves my skin nice + pretty in the morning :)

  5. Jen Winslow says:

    Wow! Great reviews! I will have to give the Mad Hippie’s a shot! The ingredients sound amazing!!!

  6. Thanks to wht, I have a new addiction to serums, and the Vitamin C Serum sounds like a winner! And the price is quite reasonable as far as serums go. I must try it!

  7. I have a thing with Portland, Maine so I not only love the packaging and name of this line but I love where it is produced! I can’t wait to try the serum.

  8. Eva Keegan says:

    I loved reading the review of this really fun company! Thanks for all the fantastic reviews!!!

  9. Donna Martin says:

    I am also a big fan of Maine and the whole natural skin care movement. Mad Hippie sounds just up my alley – thanks for the review :)

  10. Vanessa Anderson says:

    The Mad Hippie vitamin C serum sounds like just what I’ve been looking for! I have been using some super expensive products that feature the same ingredients and really liked them, but with the economy, finding a more affordable option is a must. Great review! Have you done a review of their face cream as well?

  11. Kat Goodyear says:

    I haven’t tried the vitamin C serum yet, but I have been a user of the Mad Hippie eye cream for around a year and LOVE it.

    Thanks for the thourough review on the vitamin C serum, I am getting excited to give it a try!

  12. Lucky Franklin says:

    I love the name Mad Hippie :)

    After reading the reviews I think I might have to jump on the Mad Hippie bandwagon (or should I say bus?)

  13. Anita Bell says:

    I love Mad Hippie skin care! The vitamin C serum is amazing as well as the face and eye cream. I noticed they are about to come out with a cream cleanser, I would love to see reviews on this as well :)

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