Make Up For Ever – Lab Shine lip gloss shines like the stars!

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we review the Star Collection from MUFE…

photo: we heart this

Make Up For Ever! Question: a beauty addict’s battle cry or one of the best high end lines on the planet? Answer: Both! As we know very well here at wht, the French sure can deliver some swoon worthy beauty products. Make Up For Ever is no exception. In fact, it might just be the best example.

MUFE was founded in 1984 by Dany Sanz to deliver professional products to those in show business; from cabarets to ballet to Hollywood. Being an artist herself, Sanz knew that she’d need to deliver products in every texture and color imaginable, so that makeup artists could create whatever look their “heart could desire”.

Now I’m not in show business (though my life can be pretty dramatic!) but I can absolutely appreciate the range that MUFE offers. It truly is everything my heart desires. Just look at a few lip products alone; the so-creamy-they’re-dreamy, full coverage lipsticks (Rouge Artist Intense, wildly celebrated as one of the most pigmented lipsticks on the market), the impossibly shiny, gel based lip glosses (Glossy Full Couleur) and the newest addition to the lip family that we are looking at today; Lab Shine, specifically, The Star Collection.

Lab Shine is a lip gloss lovers dream; three collections, 35 shades, all formulated with pearl pigment to deliver light reflecting, shimmering shine like nothing else. Why three collections? Isn’t shimmer, shimmer you might ask? Au contraire, mon frère! Any self respecting lip gloss connoisseur knows that all shimmer is NOT created equal. Especially when the shimmer comes from namesake coordinating MUFE pigments.

The Diamond Collection (made with Diamond Powder) provides sheer pigmentation, and dazzling, glittery shine. The Metal Collection (with Metal Powder) delivers a mirror-like chrome finish. And the beautiful Star Collection (did you guess it has Star Powder?) creates an other-wordly mother of pearl finish.

(top: S22, bottom: S24)

We got to try the two shades shown above, S22; a cool cotton candy pink with silver shimmer and S24; a coral tinged pink with gold shimmer.

(this is the truest representation of the shades, S22 top, and S24 bottom)

• Very faintly fruit scented, and it dissipates quickly.
• A plush, thick formula that feels very smooth and not at all sticky.
• The shimmer is micro fine, light catching and absolutely gorgeous.
• They come in a range of 14 beautiful, wearable shades

• As beautiful as the shimmer is, I would have loved a bit more pigment.
• I personally don’t like when shades are named with letters and numbers (it seems a lot of European companies do this). I find them impossible to remember, and just not as fun.
• Brush applicator; again it’s a personal thing – but I prefer a doe foot. And both brushes had a few wayward bristles from moment one.

Despite my desire for more color deposit, The Star Collection Lab Shine glosses are a worthy addition to the brand. Make Up For Ever indeed!

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  1. These glosses are right up my alley! I am gaga for coral and I love a subtle shimmer. I am with you though, @Stef…I like a gloss pigment you can see and I always prefer a spongy doe foot applicator to a brush. I still may have to try S24!

  2. @stef – although I do love highly-pigmented glosses, sheer gloss has a place in my heart, too, especially when the colors are as pretty as these! And 35 shades to choose from? I’m heading to Sephora to check them out in person!

  3. I tried S22–and yes, @Stef, I get you with the name-thing. Not good for remembering but somenow sounds more pro-oriented if that’s what they’re trying to convey.
    I absolutely love Make Up For Ever. If ever there is a shade that your dying for for eyes, cheeks or lips, you will find it here. Not in Glamour this season? No matter; there is always something for everyone here. I’m a big fan of their High Definition cream blush, super-smooth and highly pigmented ipsticks and Aqua Cream colors for the face. But I digress.
    The S22 is a nice gloss. Unlike @Stef, I actually prefer bristle brushes to the foam feet, and this is no exception. The bristles are super-short so they don’t splay and application is precise. The color in the tuble looks more exciting that the sheerness that’s deposited on my lips. MUFE, to me, is all about pigments–the range and saturation–none of which are here. I do like the shimmer and I do buy sheer shimmer glosses. I just don’t buy them from MUFE. This is one place where I skimp and go drugstore. I didn’t find this more special than most drugstore brands. As always, though, MUFE is basically scent-free and I do prefer that to a fake fruity scent that usually accompanies the drug store brands. A little natural vanilla or mint might be a good idea in a high-end sheer gloss, however.
    All in all, I don’t think I’d buy this particualr MUFE product though it is a perfectly good gloss. I’ll save my pennies for the products I mentioned above–they’re more worthy of the expense. 2 stars.

  4. From what I have seen already from this company I bet I could put money on that I’d absolutely love this lab shine lipgloss- We have a huge Make Up For Ever store inside of Sephora at SCP. It’s so big they have thier own entrance! I am super inpressed with the oodles of colors/shades to choose from and nearly fell over myself to check out everything they have..I can tell you I love thier foundations! LOL! @stef, you must have lost your mind..

  5. I was given the opportunity to test S24. And I hate to be a copy cat! But I am afraid that I must agree with @stef on several points regarding this lip gloss. First, of all I hate the numbering system. It is just a little weird and hard to remember. Second, I too prefer the doe foot applicator to the brush. The bristles on this are already wonky after only a month of use. And I must agree that this is not a highly pigmented color.

    But that being said it is a lovely, sheer coral shimmer that looks very pretty over a myriad of darker lipsticks and liners. And I was very pleased with how smooth the formula is. Virtually sticky free!!

    I’ll go with 3 stars for this fairly solid lip gloss! I could go a little higher if the price were more reasonable.

  6. I got to try S22. I really like this light pink gloss and find it to be very all purpose. This versatile gloss looks pretty alone or dressed up over lipstick and wears well. What I appreciated most about this formulation was the fact that it did not dry out my lips. I am a gal who does suffers from dry lips so I gave MUFE a difficult test. I was on a business trip in Anchorage and it was way below freezing. My whole face and body suffered due to the dry cold. Shockingly, my lips did not dry out or chap. The rest of me was not so lucky.

    4 stars for me.

  7. These look soooo pretty in the tube, but I like a little more pigmentation than these appear to have in the swatches, and I’m with @stef–having names for shades is WAYYYY more fun than numbers (NARS Orgasm, anyone?)

  8. I loved the this lipgloss! I had S24 and found the color to be really ideal – just enough pigment for me. The formula is not sticky but it has staying power. I usually don’t go in for the high end lip glosses but now I see why it is worth it to invest. My lips have been so chapped that nothing works to moisturize them. I put Kiehls lip balm on every night, I’ve used Jojoba oil…nothing. But MUFE lab shine does the trick. It is actually quite amazing. My lips are 100% smooth right now and I only applied it once earlier this evening. I love the brush (cause I’m a brush lover!). The only thing I don’t love about this lip gloss is the name – S24 doesn’t inspire me although moisturized, beautifully colored lips really do. I also am not in love with the smell. It is very subtle but I don’t love it. But I love everything else so, so much.

    4 stars!

  9. Like @turboterp – these glosses have found a place in my heart (and on my vanity!) Yes, I do prefer more pigment usually. But these give an easy sheer wash of color with a beautiful burst of dimensional shimmer. Plus, they work beautifully as a dab in the center of your lower lip OVER lipstick, to create even more depth. And as many have mentioned, they really are quite moisturizing.

    Now about that numbering system. I understand why it’s used on professional products. To a makeup artist I’m sure it’s preferred as it’s organized in a way that makes total sense. S = Star Collection, and maybe the numbers make sense in some way that I can’t tell (lightness or darkness? Color family?) I just personally prefer a name. But, will it make me not like a product? No. Especially from a co as fab as MUFE.

    But I really don’t like the brush applicator. As mentioned, both of my glosses had wonky wayward bristles from moment one (which is the reason I don’t like brushes!)

    On to shades, S24 is so up my coral alley. I’ve been layering it over creme coral lipsticks for more pigment and the combo is really stunning. S22 is equally pretty, but a bit cool for me personally. But wow, does it look pretty paired with a charcoal smoky eye!

    All in all, these are quality glosses. I give them 4 stars.

  10. I love MUFE and I would surely try these glosses out. I, too, like pigment in my glosses that I pay a bit more money for BUUUT if they are great quality and will still give me an effortless sheen + lasting application then I will try it :)

  11. Ack, reviews like this are really testing my reserves! I keep saying I cannot buy another lipgloss until I use up a few of the ones I already own, but S22 is calling my name for summer. Then again, I’m with you @Stef – I prefer a doe foot applicator. Brushes can be great, but those stray bristles always ruin a good thing!

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