MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation - review, photos and swatches

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation – review, photos and swatches

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Proof that sometimes a change will do you good!


It could be a good thing or it could be bad — very, very bad — asking a tried and true user of a particular foundation to try (and hopefully tout) another. But that’s exactly what we heart this asked me to do with MAKE UP FOR EVER’S Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundationicon($36). And you know what? It turned out good!

MUFE’s newest powder foundation can be used wet or dry depending on the coverage you want. Dry is fuller, matte coverage; wet is sheerer, satin coverage. Personally, I like a combination of the two.

The sponge (included in the compact), wetted and used to pick up the powder, helps it go on like a liquid, yet dry quickly like a powder. The matte powder blends seamlessly into a wet, semi-matte finish. The finish is natural and semi-sheer.

I was matched at “Neutral Ivory 120” and it dissolved into my skin effortlessly and undetectably – even in bright sunlight! Twenty-five shades make it likely that there is a perfect match for you as well.

A kabuki style brush can also be used with the powder (wet or dry) to cover spots that are unevenly pigmented or red, or simply need more coverage. The stippling effect that a kabuki brush provides lends itself well to fuller coverage.

Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation in Neutral Ivory 120 applied wet

For those needing more coverage all over, the matte application alone is most likely the best option. For most of us, a combination of the two is good. For summery beach days, outdoor activities or for those out there with plain down lovely skin, the sheer, wet application is perfection.

A closer look at Neutral Ivory 120 applied wet

Both applications keep oil at bay relatively well. The formula is enriched with hydrating ingredients that correct and even the complexion without drying out the skin. There are no parabens, fragrances or mineral oil. The pigments are coated with bio-mimetic engineered vegetal lecithin for a smooth feel on the skin.

For those, including myself, who sometimes find powder or mineral foundations itchy, I can report that there was no discomfort or adverse reaction.

Yes, ladies, all in all the Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundationicon stands in line with the best products as all time impresarios in the realms of coverage, naturalness and versatility, beating out loads of other liquids, creams and powders. And with its wet and dry versitility it may end up replacing all three in your daily beauty routine.

we heartsters – Are you a fan of powder, liquid or cream foundations? Or all three?

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25 thoughts on “MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation – review, photos and swatches”

  1. I am not usually much of a foundation fan at all. But I have to admit this looks really lovely in the photo. And your review is an excellent endorsement. I often wonder if a powder foundation such as this would work better than liquid foundation for my oily skin. Maybe I should give MUFE a try.

    1. For me and my super oily skin, I haven’t used liquid foundation in years (other than the occasional summertime tinted moisturizer). This works well and doesn’t slip or degrade when the oil does start to show.

  2. I’ve never used this kind of wet/dry powder formula in a foundation, but your post makes me want to give it a try, @sherrishera ! Honestly, I’ve loved every MUFE item I’ve ever used, so I’m excited to check out the range of colors for this product and see which one is for me.

  3. My favorite powder foundation has been discontinued, so I’ve been looking for a good replacement. I like that this can be used wet or dry! With 25 shades I’m sure to find one that matches. I know what I’m trying next! Thanks @sherrishera !

  4. @sherrishera, nice job! I love Lancome’s “Dual Finish Versatile Powder Foundation,” and it can be used wet or dry. One thing that strikes me about this “Neutral Ivory” is the yellow undertone. Most women–with few exceptions–have a yellow undertone to their skin, because that is the color of Melanin. That might be one of the reasons why this gorgeous foundation melded into your skin so seamlessly!

  5. I’m not usually a fan of foundation myself, I tend to stick with bb creams or tinted moisturizers. But Make-up Forever has some quality items and the fact that you can dial the coverage up or down depending on the method of application is a big plus!

  6. As a collector of various formulations of foundation, I have a little bit of everything. I even have a sample of this powder foundation and it is THE BALLS. I use it dry–I dot on concealer and use this next all over to set everything–the coverage is intense and wonderful. I will be investing in the full-size version as soon as my sample pan runs out. I have yet to try this wet, though, but the sample pan is so small I’m afraid wetting it would wreck it :(

    1. Oh, I promise you that you won’t ruin the pan! The powder dries quickly in the pan as well as on your face. I do use it dry first, then wet. The next time you go to use it, it will be exactly as it was before (without the shiny, compacted spots that tend to happen when you wet a regular powder compact).

  7. I normally use a tinted moisturizer plus a light application of a powder foundation (Laura Geller at the present time). But I am wondering if my aging skin would do better with a liquid – or with this multi-use powder from MUFE. I am pretty sure I could look better than I do! You’ve tempted me to give this a try. Excellent review!

  8. oooh, looks like something I’d be interested in! I’m a big fan of Vincent Longo’s Water Canvas. So MUFE now has my full attention. Nothing like coverage that really covers! I will check this out next visit to Sephora! Excellent review@sherrishera.

  9. Great review! I just bought this too. I’m fair/cool and #113 is perfect for me. I love it! The only thing that did not work for me is the included sponge. I use other sponges I have and a small brush for spot coverage. I recently tried MAC and Mally which did not work for me.

    1. Lucky you @lilybiscuit7 – this looks and sounds pretty fabulous – and I love when I find the perfect color of foundation/powder. Too bad about the sponge, but like you I often use a brush, so it wouldn’t be a deal breaker.

  10. This sounds awesome and I love that it comes in so many shades! I personally like liquid foundation, with a decently pigmented powder on top. I have a lot of issues with acne, so I need more coverage than powders typically provide (even if it’s possible to get enough coverage from a powder, it usually takes too much time/effort).

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  16. I sooooo wanted to love this. I wear the liquid HD foundation and it is by far the best I ever used. Wanted to use this in the summer. Alas, I could not find a shade that didn’t look chalky. It always looked lie I had powder on my face. Sigh. I know a lot of people really like it. Definitely go to Sephora and try it out first.

    1. Oh, that’s a shame Kelley. I’ve actually never tried their HD foundation, but have always wanted to (and I don’t even like foundation usually!)

      Thanks for your comment.

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