MAKE UP FOR EVER: The Ultimate Eye Liner Collection - review, swatches and swooning

MAKE UP FOR EVER: The Ultimate Eye Liner Collection – review, swatches and swooning

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Deck the Halls with 14 liners…

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Are you looking for a luxury gift for a beauty lover on your list? Something that you buy and just maybe…happen to fall in love with and wind up keeping for yourself? (Admit it, it’s happened.) Well look no further than the MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultimate Eye Liner Collection. A splurge at $160, but a steal at a $277 value.

From within the slim flip top box slides out the epitome of luxury….

…14 full-size eyeliners in three formulas and a double pencil sharpener. Luxurious in formula, color choice and when’s the last time you had 14 brand new, fresh tipped liners to play with all at the same time? That’s the definition of luxury to me! Let the swooning begin.

Aqua Eyes in 23L, 11L, 3L, 12L, 5L, 2L and 0L

There are seven Aqua Eyes included in the collection, from the namesake collection that was originally created for the Parisian water ballet. Available in 25 shades, it’s one of the best longwear formulas on the market (if not THE best). It’s smudge-free, waterproof and fabulously pigmented. It also slips onto your lids with the consistency of soft butter. Simply said, a liner lovers dream!

Aqua Pencils from left:
23L – peachy champagne metallic shimmer
11L – bright grape creme
3L – iridescent cobalt
12L – bright turquoise shimmer
5L – golden khaki
2L – milk chocolate shimmer
0L – rich black matte creme

Khol Pencil in 1K, 4K, 9K

The collection also has three Khol Pencils. Remember khol? Before all these newfangled formulas, khol was the go-to liner. And with good reason, nothing gives you instant drama like a khol liner, blended to a smoky frenzy. These intensely pigmented pencils are also perfect on your waterline because they’re smooth and gentle.

Khol Pencils from left:
1K – inky black creme
4K – shimmering dark teal
9K – dark chocolate matte creme

Aqua Liner in 4, 7, 15, 13

Finally, there are four Aqua Liners. If you haven’t checked these out in person, and you love liquid liners, meet your new favorite! They come in a great range of 15 vibrant shades of matte, iridescent and diamond finishes. And they’ve got a formula that does NOT budge. Once it dries, it’s not going anywhere! Seriously, you better have an oil-based remover to get it off. I love the applicator too, a firm pointy tip with a tiny bit of give.

Aqua Liners from left:
4 – mermaid green with flecks of blue and gold sparkle, diamond finish
7 – blackened base with a bright purple shimmer, diamond finish
15 – dark charcoal with silver shimmer, iridescent finish
13 – inky black, matte finish

The whole shebang – seven Aqua Pencils, three Khols, four Aqua Liners

Last but not least, the collection includes a Double Pencil Sharpener. It has a side for regular sized pencils and one for thicker ones. It’s also pretty much the best sharpener I’ve ever used. Talk about precision blades! Your pencils get sharp with minimal loss. And I love that it has a snap out “pokey” for cleaning the blades.

If you REALLY love someone, you’ll get them the MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultimate Eye Liner Collection. Even if that person is you. It’s a very worthy splurge!

How about it readers, how much do you love MUFE’s liners?

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15 thoughts on “MAKE UP FOR EVER: The Ultimate Eye Liner Collection – review, swatches and swooning”

  1. Can you say MOTHER LOAD!!! Whoa Nelly.. that’s some set of various liners! I’m digging the liquid liners too. I’ve seen them in person at Sephora and fell in love with them.. the colors are sooo amazing on! I want that Double Pencil Sharpener!
    Jingle all the way is right!

  2. Holy *#$&! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful! The box looks like my beloved Prismacolor pencils, which makes me want it even more. I’ve been sooo good, resisting holiday splurges so far, but this is truly a dream set. Wow.

    1. Great call @turboterp – this incredible set looked so familiar to me, but I couldn’t place it. And then I read your comment and was all “That’s what this reminds me of – Prismacolor Pencils!” I worked for an interior designer for years and he was insane for those pencils, and I soon learned to love them too.

  3. Wow! These liners look great!!! They look like they go on so smooth! Definitely a splurge considering I could see myself only using a few of the colors on the reg. I am definitely going to look for their individual liners next time I go makeup shopping!

  4. We’ve seen a number of fabulous holiday sets these last few weeks, but this one was the first one to have me gasping out loud. For eye liner lovers, you couldn’t find a better gift! It’s a bit of a splurge for sure, but it is the season of giving, amiright? Love each and every color – and though I normally wear browns and blacks, I would totally use those greens and blues as well. Throw in a quality sharpener (I go through one or two crappy ones per year) and I’m sold. Santa, are you listening? I NEED this.

  5. This set is totally a splurge item for sure at $160… but I’ve been hearing about the amazing quality of MUFE liners for so long, and liner is something I use every day. That darkened teal kohl pencil (4K) is just gorgeous. Putting this on my wishlist!

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