Makeup Master: Lisa Eldridge on YouTube

Makeup Master: Lisa Eldridge on YouTube

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I have been doing makeup on myself and others for longer than I care to remember. One of the things I miss most about doing makeup, are the great and unusual tips you get from other artists and clients. One of my favorite clients used to use an opened safety pin to separate her clumped up lashes (Not rercommeneded, nor for the faint of heart! I could barely even watch her do it.)

Now that I no longer have makeup as my full time job, I get a tip here or there from the occasional magazine, but I am out of the loop when it comes to the real good tips and how to’s. One lonely Saturday night at home, (I am single and it’s bleak out there!) I began searching YouTube for makeup videos and specifically how to master a liquid liner. I stumbled upon a British makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, and fell in love! Eldridge has her own YouTube channel full of makeup and skincare information.

I clicked on the first video I saw, “15 minute face” to see the transformation from a bare face to a refreshed day time face. Now, I have seen my fair share of videos and the 16 year old model starts out with ‘bare’ skin, where bare skin means concealer and foundation at least. Lisa uses herself as a model in the videos which I appreciate because although she may have access to the best tips and products, she is not a 16 year old model – she is a regular woman.

When the video started, I was shocked (and thrilled) to see how rough Lisa looked. I mean that in the best way – she looked like an average woman with not a stitch of makeup on. I was over the moon. She had uncovered blemishes, dark circles and splotchy skin. Yay! Finally a real woman’s bare face that looks like mine. With her simple to follow steps and detailed product explanations, she transformed her wake up look to an even toned, springy look.

Since initially watching Eldridge, I have been devouring her videos which detail how to properly cleanse the skin, her favorite products to use and how to do a smoky eye. Her calm demeanor is pleasant and she explains processes and products quite well. I have already purchased two of her favorite products, the Clinique Airbrush Concealer which she raves about in a few of the vids and Dermalogica’s Gentle Cream Exfoliant.

I pray that you aren’t stuck at home on a Saturday night too often like I am, but in case you are, the Lisa Eldridge videos on YouTube will not disappoint!

we heartsters – Who are your fave YouTube beauty gurus?

10 thoughts on “Makeup Master: Lisa Eldridge on YouTube”

  1. Thanks for this–I have heard of Eldridge but never watched any of her tutorials, and you’re right, this one is pretty amazing! I like Pixiwoo and *embarrassed confession* Kandee Johnson. Normally, I can’t deal with too much sunshiny sparkleness (I’m more of an Eeyore than a Pooh) but something about Kandee is just so fun, and she can do things with contour that are crazy good.

  2. Thanks for sharing! She is very charming and I really enjoyed watching her video (LOVE LOVE LOVE her accent). My kinda gal–out late having a good time, and in need of some serious concealing in the AM!

  3. @glamazon56 – Thank you for introducing Lisa Etheridge to me. I love that she is down to earth and easy to follow. Plus, she uses a mix of high end and drugstore products. I am going to check out more when I get time.

  4. haha. That’s how I was taught to put on mascara ages and ages ago. Great Lash all over and then sit there with a safety pin and pick out all the clumps.. lol. Scarier to watch than do, I suppose.

  5. I’m going to echo everyone and say thank you for the introduction! I don’t really care for beauty YouTube videos, but for exactly what you mentioned in your post. It’s refreshing to find a more down-to-earth vlogger!

  6. After rereading my post, I feel like I need to add a few things. Although Lisa is makeup free (which I just adore!!!) at the start of the videos, she transforms herself into a drop dead gorgeous, fresh face. She knows how to make up her own face like no other. I love her attention to detail while describing the products she uses and each and every brush.
    Enjoy the videos and keep your notepads handy!

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