ManiMe Review: The Best Stick On Gel Nails

ManiMe Review: The Best Stick On Gel Nails

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A few months ago I was on Youtube and a fellow blogger was talking about these adorable sticker gel nails you could do at home (Her own ManiMe review).

She was a raving fan and I’ll admit I was intrigued.

I love having fun nails, but as a mom, I don’t have hours to get a manicure and pedicure and my hands aren’t steady enough to do cute nail designs myself. Quite the dilemma 😉

It must have been fate because a couple of weeks later an email from ManiMe popped up in my inbox asking me to try their product and review ManiMe. To say I was excited was an understatement.

I chose a few styles from the ManimM picnic collection and in a few days, my ManiMe nails were at my door. I could hardly wait to open my package and try them out. I’ve been testing them and have my full ManiMe review ready for you, plus some helpful tips and a ManiMe promo code!

This post is sponsored by ManiMe, but all opinions are honest and my own.

What is ManiMe?

If you haven’t heard of ManiMe, you may be curious to what I am even talking about.

ManiMe is a high-tech manicure. Yep, you heard me right.

They offer custom fit gel nails sized perfectly for your nail beds.

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical, but they really fit perfectly.

ManiMe partners with nail artists to come up with fun designs that make it look like you’ve spent hours at the nail salon when really it only took a few minutes at home.

Talk about a win!

Manime review gel nail stickers featuring garden party collection

Where is ManiMe based?

ManiMe is located in Santa Monica California. Your custom fit nails will be created and shipped from their corporate location.

I am all about supporting American brands!

They are also a woman-owned company which makes me love them even more!

ManiMe Review: Create Your Account

Alright, now that we have a basis for what ManiMe is, let’s dig into the fun part.

Overall, I was really impressed with the whole process.

You will start by creating an account on their website here.

Using your phone they will have you take pictures of your fingernails (or toenails if you want to order a ManiMe pedicure) from a few different angles. It literally takes two minutes.

The first step is to grab a standard-sized card like a credit card, library card, etc. I had an old hotel key in my wallet so that is what I used.

This standard size is a reference so they customize the ManiMe gel nail stickers for your specific nail shape.

They will have you take pictures of your four fingers and then your thumb on each hand.

Then you will repeat a similar process for your toes for your ManiMe pedicure.

Manime review set up account
Manime review set up account
Manime review set up account

ManiMe Manicure & Pedicure Styles

At the time of writing this ManiMe review they currently have 148 different manicure options available.

There is a mix of fun prints and solids. Some glittery, some sheer, punk, glam, cute, you name it they have it.

Click here to browse.

Manime Review Manicure Styles

ManiMe Pricing

ManiMe gel nail stickers range from $15-25.

Solid colors are $15 while pattern nails are $25.

That is a fraction of the price you would pay at the nail salon especially when you factor in the up charges for nail art!

ManiMe Promo Code

ManiMe was kind enough to offer a ManiMe coupon code for our readers.

Use the ManiMe promo code: weheartthis at check out for 20% off!

How Long Does It Take ManiMe To Ship?

From the time I ordered from ManiMe to the time it was at my door was exactly a week.

They will send you a text confirming your order with your order number.

When your order ships they will text you your tracking number.

I ordered in the late afternoon on a Monday and it shipped the following day.

How Do You Apply ManiMe Gel Nail Stickers?

Yay!! Your ManiMe nails have arrived!

The application process is super simple.

1. Clean your nails

Included in your package is an alcohol wipe. Make sure your nails are clean and dry before applying!

2. Apply stickers.

If you aren’t familiar with applying nail stickers start by applying to your non-dominant hand first (ex. If you are right-handed apply the left hand ManiMe nails first).

It is better to use your dominant hand first while you are getting the hang of things. There is a tiny bit of a learning curve but after a few nails, it was easy peasy.

3. Press down firmly

Smooth out your gel nail sticker and then press down firmly to activate the adhesive.

4. Remove the excess.

TIP: The instructions say to use the included file to file off the excess by rubbing the file down the tip of the nail. I tried this, but I had quite a bit of the nail sticker excess and I felt like it wasn’t working super well with the file.

After the first nail I ended up using nail clippers to cut down most of the excess and then doing the filing as recommended and that worked better for me.

The file they provide has a file side and a buffing side. I found the buffing style was best for this step and left a smoother nail tip.

ManiMe Application Video

If you are more of a visual learner here is a great video that shows the step by step ManiMe application process.

How Long Do ManiMe Nails Last?

ManiMe nails last approximately 14 days.

Similar to your typical gel manicure.

To increase the longevity of your ManiMe manicure they recommend waiting an hour after application before exposing them to water. So make sure to wait to shower, go swimming, do dishes ect.

My Personal ManiMe Review

I personally wore my first set for eight days.

In normal circumstances, I could have stretched this a lot longer, but we helped my parents work in their yard for six hours on day seven into my manicure. Overall, I was super impressed with how well they held up.

There was some very slight chipping on the tip of my thumbnail and the gel nail sticker on my pointer finger started to peel up slightly.

(ManiMe review – Lemon Delight: Day 7 after 6 hours of yard work)

But after six hours of digging, weeding, and really using my hands I thought they would be way worse.

I could have left these on a little longer, but honestly, I was really excited to try my next set!

Tips To Increase ManiMe Gel Sticker Longevity

1. Apply a clear top coat – This can extend your wear for up to 3 weeks!
2. Be extra careful about not applying on to you cuticle or skin. The gel nails will lift there are your nail grows.
3. Be gentle when filing down the excess. If you are too rough it can cause them to pull and lift faster.
4. Extend the amount of time before getting them wet. Try applying before bed to give them more time to adhere well.

How To Remove ManiMe Nails

When you are ready to remove your nails it is as easy as peeling them off.

Start at the bottom edge (near your cuticle) and peel upwards.

Optional ManiMe Removal Tips:

  • For easier removal first, soak your nails in warm water for one minute.
  • Apply lotion on the nail bed and massage the nail working upwards from the cuticle.
  • If there is any adhesive left after removing the nail apply lotion and rub off. It should come off easily.

The ManiMe removal process is another reason I love ManiMe. I enjoy getting gel manicures, but I don’t love the damage it does to my nails when I have to remove them.

ManiMe is much gentler on your nails than dip nails, gel nails, or acrylics.

Mine peeled off really easily and left little residue behind. I removed the rest with nail polish remover and it was super easy. I applied my next set the following day.

ManiMe Gel Sticker Removal Video

Bonus Benefits Of ManiMe

  • ManiMe is a 10 free nail polish. That means that they are free of ten of the most toxic chemicals often included in nail polish like Formaldehyde, DPB, parabens and more. This is the purest grade of nail polish.
  • ManiMe gel nail stickers are cruelty-free.
  • ManiMe gel nail stickers are vegan.
  • ManiMe gel nail stickers are latex-free.
  • ManiMe offers a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30-days.

ManiMe Review: Conclusion

I was excited to try ManiMe, but did they meet my expectations?


The designs are gorgeous, the application was simple, and the wear time is great.

If you like having fun nails, but don’t have time for the salon, money for expensive manis or care about the chemicals in your nail products I would 100% recommend giving ManiMe a try.

I know I will be ordering again ASAP!

To save 20% off your order make sure to use the ManiMe promo code weheartthis at checkout.

Manime review of gel nail stickers showing off nail design
Manime review of gel nail stickers showing off nail design
Manime review of gel nail stickers showing off nail design

ManiMe Review: Feat. Throwing A Garden Party Nails

What is your review of ManiMe?

What do you think of their stick on gel nails?

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  1. Thank you for posting this review. I have been seeing similar products on IG and have been interested in trying one. I like that these are “sized” for each nail.

    1. I really liked these! I’ve tried other stick on nails and they started peeling or chipping way faster even when I put a top coat on. I hope you love them!

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