Marco Pelusi Hair Studio and Hair Care Products – Photos and Review

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If you care about hair and hair care products, you’ve probably heard of Marco Pelusi. The West Hollywood based celebrity hair stylist is renowned for his color work and he has a cult following for his collagen-based hair care products. After reading about Marco in the fashion magazines and hearing the buzz from my beauty blogging friends, I was thrilled to place myself in his chair and let the magic begin!


I admit I was a bit intimidated when walking in the door. Located in the heart of West Hollywood on the famous Robertson Boulevard, it’s hard to imagine a more high-end location. Add in Marco’s amazing accolades – he was recently announced as winner of the John Chase Art & Design Award, has been listed as a “Top 40 US Haircolorist” in BE! BeautyEntertainment Magazine, and was named “Best Haircolor in Los Angeles” by Fox 11’s ‘MyFoxLA Hot List’ Competition – and my insecurities were about to kick in.


I had nothing to worry about, however! The Marco Pelusi Hair Studio is a warm and cozy space staffed with a team of friendly, helpful and happy hair care pros. I was greeted profusely, offered a cool drink and whisked off to see the man himself within seconds.

Marco-Pelusi-vanityThe view from Marco’s chair – fab products and testimonies!

The super sweet and charming Marco greeted me with a hug and a huge smile and we soon got to down to business. I took a seat in his chair and we took stock of my current hair situation. To put it simply, I was in desperate need of a cut and color. My fine hair had grown way too long, lacking any shape or volume, and my sprinkle of gray hairs was popping out all over.

Marco-Pelusi-PortraitWe decided to chop a good 8 inches off of the length and add in a few long layers to add volume, shape and movement. As for color, Marco took my dark brown, sort-of boring shade, and turned it into a deep rich brown with a dark auburn sheen. In just about an hour, my hair went from blah to wow!

I walked out of the Marco Pelusi Hair Studio feeling like a million bucks. But now comes the hard part, keeping that rich red hue. Luckily, Marco sent me off with a few of his carefully crafted products from his Collagen Color Guard Hair Care System to help keep my hair in shape and full of color.


This collagen-based system is packed with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients (like plant-based collagen, keratin and wheat proteins) as well as organic coconut-based cleansing agents, sunscreens (to protect color) and essential oils. The cruelty-free line was specifically developed for color and chemically treated hair and I have to say – I am impressed. It’s been three weeks since my cut and color and my hair is full of high shine and the red has not faded, and not a single gray hair has reared its head as of yet.


The Marco Color Health Shampoo with Collagen Color Guard ($27.25) has rocketed to the top of my must-have list. For starters, it smells fabulous, with a unique mix of rosemary, peppermint and clove that makes me smile every time I open the bottle. It’s semi-sweet, semi-minty and completely divine.

This moisturizing shampoo cleans my hair thoroughly without drying my strands or stripping its color. It’s also infused with natural proteins that “protect hair from premature color fade and promotes maximum vibrancy, shine and optimum pH balance.”

Coupled with the Marco Color Hydrate Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard ($27.25), my hair has never been in such great shape! This lightweight but rich conditioner is “uniquely formulated to replenish the hair with vital moisture while increasing volume, manageability and shine.” The conditioner also smells heavenly with a sweet lavender scent.


Before blow-drying I’ve been reaching for Marco’s most-beloved product of all, the Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard ($35.25). THIS is the product that is the secret of many a Hollywood stylist. The anti-frizz formula was crafted to repair, restore and rebuild hair while fighting dryness and protecting color. Best of all, it is suitable for all hair types!

Bottled with a convenient pump dispenser, I need just a teeny drop of this coconut scented Leave-In Conditioner to de-tangle my strands. It gives my hair fabulous shine and keeps the fly-aways at bay without weighing down my fine hair. And it makes it so soft! I keep running my hands though my hair because it just feels so good!

Southern California ladies, I strongly encourage you to take your own trip to the Marco Pelusi Hair Studio for a cut and color and a visit with Marco. And if you are not in the area, don’t despair! You can visit his online boutique and pick up products from the Marco Collagen Color Guard Hair Care System.

we heartsters – When was the last time you got a fabulous new cut and color?

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  1. Of course I’ve read about Marco Pelusi—- how cool that you got to visit him in person! Your hair looks gorgeous, @tyna , and the products sound fabulous. It’s heartbreaking to spend a fortune on salon color just to see it wash down the drain after using the wrong haircare products. I speak from experience! The Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard is the most tempting product for me. Coconut-scented, yum!

    1. It really is the worst to watch that color fade every time you step into the shower! So far so good with my Marco Pelusis Shampoo and Conditioner – of course I have lost some of the most vibrant redness of the hair dye – but after a full month now there is still lots of gorgeous auburn hues in my hair.

      And for those ladies that love a good leave-in conditioner, I give my highest marks to Marco!

  2. Girl, you look FANCY! That color is to die for–auburn kissed espresso looks gorgeous on you. And the Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner? Yep, gonna need to get my hands on that.

    1. Thank you @amity! I was feeling pretty fancy too!

      And I am going to steal your description whenever someone asks me about the color of my hair – auburn kissed espresso – love it!

  3. Looking lovely @tyna! I love Marco Pelusi hair products too! Good stuff! I remember how I fell really hard for the Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner several years ago and it really smells great- koo koo for coconut! If you want to tame frizz, this is dynamite!

    1. Thanks so much @irene! And I can see why you loved the Leave-In Treatment too – I bet it worked wonders on that wonderful head of thick loose waves you have!

  4. Tyna, you look so fabulous! LOVE IT :) I just got my hair cut about two weeks ago, and added some subtle highlights myself. I think I’ll try and add some bolder highlights this weekend.

    1. Aww, thanks @lipglossandspandex! And yes – go bold with those highlights! – I bet that would look amazing on you! Are you thinking of blond highlights or reddish ones?

  5. Marco Pelusi hair products are insanely good!! I wish that they were more accessible here in Ohio. His leave in conditioner is perfect for my normally frizzy curls. I love how light and natural feeling it is. So good!!

    1. We should proclaim this the “Year of Marco” and get the word out on his amazing products. They totally belong on the shelves of your local Sephora and/or Ulta. For now, you can visit his online store to get your fix:

    1. Thank you Jen! And also big thanks for introducing me to the uber fabness of Marco Pelusi!

      PS For those that don’t know, Jen is the founder of my favorite cruelty-free beauty blog, – check it out!

  6. @tyna – I love your hair! That color makes your eyes pop! Love, love, love!

    I think the last time I really loved my hair cut (when someone else does it) would be over 10 years ago. It was courtesy of a stylist named Crystal at a Philip Pelusi’s salon at a mall outside of Pittsburgh, PA. My hair cut was so good that every woman I worked with at the time went and tried to copy me. Sadly, while I was willing to drive 3-4 hours to get a hair cut, when I moved 11 hours away I was on my own. Wah waaaaaah *sad trombone*

  7. O.M.G. – what a small world! The Philip Pelusis Salon is Marco’s family business!! How funny that you mentioned them is this review! Darling Marco is from the Pittsburgh area and came up in the hair industry, learning cut, color and more before moving to the West Coast and opening his own salon. If is definitely in the genes in the Pelusi family!!

  8. Tiffany Gonzales says:

    Can someone tell me what the ingredients are for the Leave In Conditioner?

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