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Welcome to another Green Monday at we heart this! Today, we have a look at one of the greenest and most compassionate companies around, McBride Beauty. Long time readers may remember this line from their generosity during our first annual Raffle for the Rescue. Beyond their eco-conscious practices, this company also actively supports like-minded charities and causes. Our McBride Beauty review this Green Monday centers on two items from McBride’s Remedies line, the Instant Repair Balm and the Multi-Purpose Repair Stick.

I don’t know about you all, but I take the butter part of “body butter” seriously. I don’t want my body butters gelatinous or squishy or mousse-y; I want my butters to crack beneath the weight of my pressing fingers as if they were a tub of margarine. I want my butters to soften between my hands, to spread thickly, evenly, and to moisturize thoroughly. Often I feel the body butter name has been maligned by butter-wannabes: light soufflés masquerading in a butter tub. Today, I report, I have found the real deal in McBride’s Instant Rescue Balm.

Whoops, did I say “balm?” Okay, so it’s a balm, not a butter. When I think “balm” I think medicated and menthol with some greasiness thrown in for good measure. But this balm’s got butter: potent moisturizers mango and shea butters, to be exact. This rich remedy is meant to heal, calm and moisturize troubled skin. The other ingredients include soothing organic aloe and lavender, moisturizing jojoba, and healing witch hazel, neem and rosemary.

Lovers of all things natural will be happy to know that McBride’s Rescue Balm ($25) is made of 100% natural plant extracts and essential oils with no sulfates, parabens, harsh chemicals, nor synthetic colors or fragrance—and of course there is no animal testing. This product is even gentle enough to use on children who suffer from extremely dry skin.

I routinely used the Instant Rescue Balm on my dry elbows, ashy limbs and dimpled thighs (ugh, I know). Now my elbows are seriously soft, my legs have luster and my thighs…are still dimpled. Oh well, Instant Rescue Balm never claimed to be a cellulite zapper. I can say, however, that the super moisturizing benefits of the balm do make that cottage cheese a little less obvious and offending.

So let’s go back to that “butter” thing. Though McBride’s Instant Rescue Balm is indeed healing and well deserving of the “balm” label, I really want to proclaim this healing balm a butter. Its soft, natural lavender scent, its thick, rich cream that practically melts with the warmth of my hands, and its superior moisturizing capabilities—these say “butter” to me. Oh well, a rose by any other name still smells as sweet. Be it butter or be it balm, McBride’s Instant Rescue delivers.

If you like the sound of this healing balm, but need a little portability, our review team also had the chance to test the McBride Multi-Purpose Repair Stick ($15). This large tube (think of a gigantic lip balm) is full of the same calming, moisturizing, natural ingredients and is geared for the whole family, including “baby soft skin”. Use this to soothe and cure daily irritations, like dry lips, skin abrasions, insect bites, dry patches and windburn. The list is endless – it also works well to smooth rough nails and cuticles and even helps out with brittle split ends.

You can shop all of this carefully edited collection at their online store, McBride Beauty. But, if you are a fellow Angeleno, we must steer you to Beauty Collection – a delightful Los Angeles based beauty boutique. With locations in Malibu, Calabassas and West Hollywood, the Beauty Collection boasts “a prestigious collection comprised of hand-selected products from around the world” including McBride Beauty. If you want to check out this line in person, head on over to one of their luxe boutiques.

Testers, what did you all think of Instant Rescue Balm? Did you love its butter-licious moisturizing? Or did you prefer its balm-tastic healing powers? And please share all that the daily irritations you have been able to slay with the Multi-Purpose Repair Stick!

Sherri is co-author of What Would You Do With This Room? My 10 Foolproof Commandments to Great Interior Design, and of course, a wht writer!

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. I’m sure if you listen to the wind right now you’ll hear me singing the praises of McBride! I have yet to meet up with a product I wasn’t crackers about. I received McBride’s Remedies in the Multi-Purpose Repair Stick and to look at it, it does looks like a gigantic lip balm. I’m going to throw out two words. This stick is “creamy and dreamy”. Kind of goofy sounding but it’s true! I love how it instantly soothes the worst skin irritations. I use this on my eyebrow area after tweezing- fantastic! If you’re like me, and like instant relief you appreciate the portability of the stick. I love this company because it actually delivers everything it claims and then some. It is perfect for lips when they are chapped and dry. I also apply this to my dry hands and elbows and my cuticles to soften them after a shower. It goes on without hurting on all of my skin irritations, which are many! Thank you McBride, I absolutely love this stick! You can bet I’m blasting out five stars on this little big gem!

  2. I’m with you @sherrishera, bring on the butters. I’m from the line of thinking that if I’m going to take the time to use a body moisturizer, I want it REALLY moisturizing. Hence, a love of butters.

    The Instant Rescue balm really is a balm in butter’s clothing. The balm qualities are great; it feels very healing, providing instant relief for whatever is ailing you. Amazing on the tops of hands and dry feet. And the herb-y scent also lends itself to a balm in my eyes. I’m usually not a fan of lavender, but in this instance, I don’t mind it. It’s very fresh.

    But it’s the butter qualities that speak loudest to me; it’s thick, creamy and blends like a dream. Your skin just seems to drink it in, leaving behind only a slight greasy feeling (I don’t see that as a bad thing, by the way.)

    I’m only going to dock a half star for price. $25 feels a bit steep for me. And a half star for the scent (I prefer a less “organic” scent). But the moisturizing and healing properties gives it a solid 4 stars from me!

  3. Okay, girls, you’ve convinced me! I’m going to try Instant Rescue balm the first chance I get. Great review, @sherrishera!

  4. @Stef, did you try out this stick yet? FYI, I think the $15.00 price tag for the stick is very reasonable for all that it does.. I bet this would be great all year round too.

  5. Great review @sherrishera! These sound like something I would love. I love body butters and this one sounds amazingly good. I bet the repair stick is just as nice.

  6. I’ve had a Multi-Purpose Repair Stick for almost a year now and still love it. It has all the qualities of a healing soothing balm – I mean butter – and comes in a handy tube form. It’s great for throwing in your toiletry bag when going on vacation or keeping in your purse for everyday emergencies.

    I keep mine next to by bed for last minute moisturizing before bed and I don’t have to fall asleep with greasy hands (that will touch my face in my sleep) or (heaven forbid) have to get out of bad and wash my hands!

    This tube of soothing balm is great for elbows and hands and feet – I haven’t used it on my lips however – once it touches feet and hands it doesn’t go on the face! I need to get a second tube just for lips.

  7. Sounds like a great product…and I love shea butter, so I may have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!
    XO Piper

  8. I really liked that this product had true medicinal qualities yet still felt so girly. And, even though I’m not generally big on lavender (I don’t like it to mix with other scents that I may choose to wear during the day), I do like it in my bedroom for its relaxing properties; therefore, it makes perfect sense te to slather this healing cream on before I hit the light switch.
    I really can’t praise this product enough. At $25, it is a little pricey for everyday, but when I have it, it’s sure to be a treat!

  9. I got to test out the Instant Rescue Balm and it’s a really rich and thick balm of a cream that goes on thick (like I prefer) and you can actually feel it moisturizing after it’s been applied because it stays with you (but in a non-greasy way). I hate body butters/creams that you apply and then they dry out and your skin doesn’t feel like you moisturized at all. Not so with this beauty. My legs feel so much softer the day after applying it that I don’t even need to use this everyday, which makes this lazy girl very happy. The only complaints are $25 for price—that’s a little rich for my blood–and the scent is a little too herbal–it smells more medicinal than luxurious to me. The hubby agreed. He said I smelled “different” which = not good. When I smell good he tells me I smell “good”. “Different” is not something I aspire to smell like. Anyhoo, 4 stars from me. It’d be 5 if not for the smell.

  10. I just got the biggest chuckle reading the last post @krista… “Anyhoo”. -just got my funny bone big-time! I don’t smell what you are saying in the stick at all. Is is only noticeable in the balm? Just curious since two of you made the comment..

  11. I love how you described the feeling of your perfect butter! Haha. It made me laugh.

  12. I didn’t review any McBride products this time around, but I’m still floored by their aole cucumber lotion from a few months back. I’m not surprised by the positive reviews of their Instant Rescue Balm. It sounds like something I need to invest in when the temperature takes a dip and my hands start to dry out. Although the price tag is a little more than I would normally spend, it would totally be worth it.

  13. Delayed review!! I was out of the country :) but I tell you what the Multi-Purpose Repair Stick is the non-greasy, easy go to version or what I wanted Rosebud Lip Salve to be. It’s perfect to keep with you and smooth over any discomfort, like @sherrishera said..bug bites, dry patches, chap lips, cuticles…the list is endless. It’s totally fair for the price, and the quality is what you hear above..totally amazing.. McBride makes outstanding healthy products. Everything I’ve tried of theirs has been 5 stars..and this is too :)

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