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We jumped at the chance to review McBride Beauty for so many reasons. Clean, simple and classic packaging that made our resident designer Stef very happy. An ingredients list that was more about what it didn’t have than what it did, made our Green Guru Tyna smile. And the fact that McBride supply the amenities for Robert DeNiro’s Greenwich Hotel made all of us curious to know a little bit more about this Bronx born, American line.

Of course, generously donating their amazing products to our Raffle for Rescues animal charity event only confirmed what we already suspected would happen; they’ve become a favorite with us! We thought former New Yorker Winnie would be perfect to author this review. And, of course, the testing team will drop by in the comments to tell you about a whole slew of other products; including their Anti-aging day cream, Cucumber and Aloe Body Lotion and Rescue Balm. But for now, Winnie will tell you how McBride have succeeded in making her a “big girl” traveler…

You would think that with all the trips I’ve taken over the years I would have my act together concerning travel size (and TSA approved) bathroom essentials. It’s not that I haven’t owned travel sets. It just that every time I buy one, it’s always a trade off. Either the bag is totally cute but the product inside are bad (or include no product at all). Or, the product is good but the bag is useless and/or ugly. Without fail, when I’m going away for a short trip I end up bringing full size everything; shampoos, conditioners, body lotion. By the end of my packing, my products take up more room then my clothes (they’re certainly heavier). And considering you pay for luggage these days, every ounce counts!

So, I was thrilled when I was asked to review the McBride Beauty Travel kit. Finally, I felt like a real adult traveler. The shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion all fit neatly into this cute little eco-friendly tote. And let me just start with that tote. Besides being green, its machine washable. I think that’s genius! When you travel things always open up, spill or leak. Now at the end of your trip you can just throw it in the wash and its as good as new.

The McBride Travel Kit includes four deluxe travel size items. Not tiny bottles that you finish before the end of your trip. But a generous 3 ounces each. All of the products are flip top, making them easy to use anywhere. Best of all? McBride products are all 100% natural, sulfate and Paraben free, contain no harsh chemicals, colors or fragrance and are not tested on animals.

Each kit includes a Moisture Lotion, Body Wash, Daily Conditioner and Shampoo, in the light and clean Grapefruit and Sage scent. Even using all of them at once, you won’t have to worry about smelling like a giant grapefruit! The shampoo left my hair feeling really clean, soft and full. The conditioner absorbed into my hair quickly and rinsed out easily. Not too heavy, just enough to make my hair super manageable. I really wish they had these in full size for my home. The Body Wash gives a great thick lather. And the Body Lotion is the perfect end; absorbing into my skin so quick that I was able to get dressed right away and leaving my skin super smooth.

I have finally found the perfect match; a great travel tote with excellent product inside! The price is perfect, only $38. Making it a great holiday gift for all of your traveling friends and family.

Review team, did your product from McBride Beauty leave you flying high? Let us know your thoughts!


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    Stef is a plethora of things. Amongst them: co-founder of we heart this, photographer, condiment connoisseur, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie. She also has a touch of wanderlust and, arguably, the cutest dog in the whole world... skin tone: NC 25/30 skin type: oily with a fear of rosacea favorite beauty product: high end skincare and lip products


  1. I had the opportunity to try McBride’s Aloe & Cucumber body lotion, and I simply loved it. (I tried it at a time when I was also trying a new Aloe & Cucumber scented baby wipe.) Cucumber and Aloe is now my favorite scent combination to wear on my body. I simply can’t get enough of it. It just makes me smell clean, fresh, and spring like.

    To top it off, McBride’s body lotion was really gentle and moisturizing. Since the weather is changing, my skin gets drier and I have to move on to a thicker lotion. Although it felt light, it moisturized like a heavier lotion.

    I also felt comfortable using it on my 4-year-old daughter, who loves to be just like Mommy. One day she came in to my bedroom after I had put on the lotion and declared “Mommy, you smell beautiful!” With that, I gave her a dollop and she rubbed it into her arms and face. She twirled and said “Now I smell beautiful too.” It is a big hit in my home.

    (P.S.: My husband didn’t mind the smell either and he is usually very sensitive to the smells in lotions. I didn’t receive any complaints.)

    Although it is $24 a bottle, I’m going to re-up once I get my Christmas money. :-)

  2. I would love to meet Wini to give her a hug and kiss for this amazing facial cream! But since I most likely wont’ get to personally do so, hopefully the message will get through. Wini If you read this, just KNOW that I was thrilled to receive McBride Beauty, Rosewater and neem anti-aging day cream. If a facial cream is worth its salt, I’m the one to test it. Here I am, shouting it from the rooftops, Wow, this stuff is great and its 100% natural and irritant free. It also has black willowbark extract. My skin loves it and quick to absorb this! I also heart to pieces the light hint of rosewater. You may wonder what neem oil is, as I did. This ingredient is restorative to healing your tired aging skin and has been around for many years. Most important is how my dry sensitive skin loves this. I just read that the owner “Wini” takes great care and pride in the formulation of her skincare line. This is from the website. “Growing up, I watched my mom formulate her own remedies with nettle leaf and buttermilk for skin irritations and raw potato for sores and bruises. For my first collection, I turned to raw ingredients such as wheat germ, avocado, grapefruit, aloe, coconut and soy to ensure that the line would be as pure and natural as possible.”
    What’s not to love about her motivations! I wear this alone and feel perfectly comfortable without anything over it. I also like the way this feels on my neck. Oh, you only need a few dabs of this too. I also like it under my makeup. My skin feels amazingly smooth and radiant. I’ve noticed my skin looks less dull and younger- is that possible? I swear it does! I give this product a ten! I know we only give five stars but this should have an exception to the rule!

  3. Ha, we picked our Winnie to write this review not even realizing that Wini is also the owner! Ironic and meant to be.

    I chose the Instant Rescue Balm, as I am a big ol’ sucker for anything in a body butter shaped tub that promise extra care. And I am oh-so happy that I trusted my instinct, because this stuff is fabulous.

    It says it repairs serious dryness head to heal. Truth in advertising, that’s exactly what it does. And just what I’ve been using it for. Dry hands, elbows, legs, heels. It’s really rich, but absorbs quickly so you don’t feel greasy. The balm consistency is great. I liken it to actual butter, not like a whipped body butter, but an actual dense stick of butter. Love the scent too, lavender (which usually doesn’t work for me. But here, I can’t get enough.) It also has the magical Neem oil Pam describes above and Mango Butter.

    Very impressed with McBride Beauty! It’s a 5 star for me.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Minimizing collection =-.

  4. First of all, this packaging is to die for! I love how clean it is and no fuss, so it could easily be used by women and men alike with the men feeling no shame. I’m always on the lookout for a great travel kit, especially for my hubby, who always says he has everything he needs for a trip and always ends up forgetting something basic like shampoo or soap. He really likes citrus scents, too, so the grapefruit and sage would be right up his alley. I personally would love to try out the anti-aging day cream. I’m hunting for “the one” :)

  5. I got the Wheat germ and avocado replenishing night cream to try. I am pretty picky with the creams I put on my face. They have to be super moisturizing and fast absorbing. This cream did both. It’s really great. My face still feels moisturized when I wake up in the morning and it absorbs into my skin quickly.

    I also like that it is made from all natural product. I have become much more aware on ways that I can be more green, and it’s made me want to treat my body with the same care.

    For me the price is a little steep. But the jar is a good size and lasts a long time. So in the long run I wold probably spend the same amount on a cheaper product.

  6. This Travel kit is amazing!! Such great product! And all flight friendly! They are the perfect travel companion. Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Lotion! & all in the same lovely citrus scent! Very clean smelling. The sizes are better than your average flight friendly product, and the consistency of all four is really nice. Good shampoo, and hydrating conditioner. A nice lather on the body wash, and the lotion, which has Shea Butter! Absorbs like lightening. Not greasy at all.
    I really want to try the anti-aging day cream too, especially now that I’ve tried four of their products and happily give all 4 Five Stars!
    I totally agree about the travel kit being the perfect Christmas Gift for your traveling pals. & The packaging, so lovely clean and elegant.
    McBride Rocks! :)

  7. I received the Grapefruit and Sage body wash to try out. I’m typically not a citrus kinda gal. I really enjoyed another Grapefruit product I had the change to test so I thought why not give this a fair shake. I am not wild about the scent but I really enjoy the product. It lathers amazingly well. I often find that body washes don’t give a good lather, but this one gives a great one even with a small amount of product. It’s also very creamy and gentle. I used this to shave with too. A body wash that I can shave with and not have to use conditioner or shaving cream is top notch. No dry skin on my legs or arms after use and no film on my skin that many scented washes can leave you with. Like Krista said the packaging is great, it fits in any bathroom and is unisex. That travel kit with the washable bag is downright genious!

  8. I also had the Grapefruit and Sage body wash. I love citrus, especially grapefruit. The scent didn’t necessarily strike me as purely natural though I know it is. Maybe it was that sage. Anyway, I did enjoy it in my morning shower. There’s something about citrus that says “good morning.” I did find it a wee bit drying, but nothing that a good after-shower moisturizer couldn’t fix. Over all though, it is a breath of fresh grapefruit…

  9. Besides the awesome travel set i also received the Grapefruit & Sage Toner. I think its more of a refresher kind of thing. The other toner i normally use is for blemishes and you can smell and feel the higher alcohol level, the McBride toner is very light with a citrus scent. I felt it tingling but more of a wake up kind of toner. During the warm months it was great becuase whenever i was feeling sweaty or dirty from walking around in all the smog i live in, this made my face feel clean and refreshed right away. I would totally recommend this product along with everything else by McBride.

  10. I just read about McBride Beauty today in the December issue of Allure Mafazine and promptly placed my first order. I’m glad your reviews are positive. I look forward to trying her products!

  11. I just read about them in Allure too! It was nice to be ahead of the curve.

    I think you’ll love them. I’m falling hard for the Grapefruit and Sage shampoo and conditioner. I really wish they made it in a full size.
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Julie Hewett Organic Rose & Ruby Camellia Balm =-.

  12. What did Allure refer to in their article? Just wondering! I love McBrides’ Rosewater and neem anti-aging day cream. LOVE IT!!!!!

  13. Over this weekend, it got to use some of McBride Beauty’s. “Rescue Balm” while visiting with Stef.. I really-really liked it.. It is worth having.. I am super dry and my body just drank up the whipped body butter.. I also loved the lovely lavendar smell.. Check this out, you will love it like me!

  14. Oh, I also got the travel size (but far from small at all) McBride Beauty’s Grapefruit & Sage bodywash.. Wow, or rather Whoa! It’s like smelling the peel of the grapefruit when you are cuting it open! I liked the addditon of Sage to it as well.. Very fresh and woke up my senses like a cup of joe! This also has lavender and wheat protein with aloe vera.. so your skin is left feeling soft! I’ll be using this again in the morning!

  15. Barbara Spinuzzi says:

    Whatever happened to “Repair in a Jar”? I just finished my last jar, and now can’t find any more! I NEED it!!!

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