Meet the new tool for your cleaning arsenal: Bump It Off

Meet the new tool for your cleaning arsenal: Bump It Off

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I’m a neat freak, a cleaning fanatic. Probably bordering on obsessive. And I love anything that will make my job easier. Enter Bump It Off. This nifty silicone sleeve fits over your fingers and has one side with tiny, flexible bristles (for delicate jobs) and the other side has large sturdy bumps (for heavy duty work). No matter what you need to clean, this little beauty has got you covered!

The silicone powerhouse is sold for $9.99 and available in orange, purple, blue and green. Which is a good thing because you’ll find yourself wanting one for every room in your house. Like potato chips, one is never going to be enough, y’all. It’s also dishwasher safe (top rack), so you can sanitize it after every use.

The company suggests several uses for Bump It Off…

Laundry: They recommend you use a little detergent or stain remover to loosen and lift stains. I tested this out with the bristle side on a cute tunic top I spilled chocolate ice cream on. It took a little bit of work to really scrub the detergent into the stain, but that’s because the bristles on this are incredibly gentle. Usually when I rub cleaners into a stain, the fabric ends up pilling or looking worn. My shirt looked brand new when all was said and done. Success!

Kitchen: This is said to safely scrub dishes, pots and pans without scratching. Since I’m the proud owner of some brand new Le Creuset cast iron cookware, I tried Bump It Off to scrub out one of my new pots (which I probably love as much as some of you love your firstborn children). This job requires the heavy-duty side with bumps. While this worked great on standard food residue, it wasn’t a great match for caked on/burned food. I had to soak the pot twice as long for this to shift the more tenacious messes. That being said, it was super gentle on my beloved new cookware, so that’s still a plus in my book.

Pet: You can use the Bump It Off to not only groom your pet, but to brush their fur off of furniture (and clothing). I tested this out on my puggle–she’s the worst offender for shedding in my house. She has coarse fur and a dense coat, so I used the bumpy side for “grooming” her—mostly it gathered loose fur so I could throw it out all at once, instead of watching it collect on every surface in my home and valiantly trying to combat it with my vacuum cleaner. She also seemed to like it. I say this because she let me touch her for longer than 2 minutes, which is all I’ve wanted from that ungrateful, emotionally distant dog for five, long years. But I digress.

The bumpy side was also best for removing her stray hairs from furniture—it held the most fur and took the least amount of time. The brush side is the winner for removing pet hair from your clothing–one pass and it all comes off and it’s gentle enough to not damage the most delicate of fabrics!

Body: This cleans, massages and exfoliates in the shower or bath, according to the packaging. Can I just say this thing is amazing when you use the bumpy side in the shower? When I used it to apply my shower gel, it was like getting a relaxing massage at the same time. Yes, please! The delicate bristle side also felt great when applying my face wash–it felt like it was really getting into my pores and providing a deep clean. Loving it.

Bonus Use–Makeup brushes: If you’re like me, you hate cleaning your makeup brushes. And I mean HATE it. The Bump It Off makes cleaning your brushes so much easier and less time consuming. There is nothing worse than trying to clean a brush and seeing how much product is still deep inside the bristles when you go to rinse. This almost completely eliminated that pet peeve. I wet down my brushes and and the pad (I used the nubby side for large brushes and the smaller bristled side for tiny cosmetic brushes), then added my baby shampoo (my preferred brush cleaner) to the silicone scrubbing surface. After a few passes, I was getting deeper into the brush bristles than I could ever get manually. I didn’t have to go back and re-clean a single brush using this bad boy. BOOM! *drops the mic*

A few of us on the we heart this testing team go to try the Bump It Off, so I’m looking forward to their thoughts. Any other household applications for this that I forgot/didn’t think of? I’m looking for ideas! Let’s hear about it in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “Meet the new tool for your cleaning arsenal: Bump It Off”

  1. @krista — As someone who love gadgets — this is something I would love to try! Maybe it would even make cleaning my makeup brushes fun?

  2. I got to try the Bump It Off, and you aren’t kidding, @krista — there are so many uses for this neat little gadget! It’s decent for dishes, and I loved it for exfoliating in the shower– but it’s even better for pets. My pitbull mix Bellarina has barely any coat at all… like a little piglet… but she sheds like crazy. The Bump It Off is the best groomer I’ve ever used, and Bella just stands there smiling, like she’s getting a massage, while I brush her with the bristly side. I guess I’m going to have to get another Bump It Off for household chores, because this one now belongs to my pup!

  3. Wow, I’ve never heard of this product, but I’m counting up the places I need it RIGHT NOW and I think I need to grab a set. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I don’t think anything can help with eliminating pug fur. I’ve accepted my fate of vacuuming daily and STILL being covered in fawn fur.

    HOWEVER, I love the idea of using these for makeup brushes. So handy!

  5. It’s INCREDIBLE for cleaning makeup brushes. I was skeptical at first but it seriously made it so easy to really deep clean my makeup brushes, and QUICKLY. I constantly tell my friends they NEED this. I haven’t tried it for anything else yet.

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