Meet your new favorite cocktail - Stella Artois Cidre

Meet your new favorite cocktail – Stella Artois Cidre

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Open up my refrigerator at any time and there is a good chance you’ll find a few bottles of Stella Artois. The Belgium brewed pale lager is one of my very favorite beers and I love to have some on hand to celebrate a Friday evening or rewind after a long work day. So I was thrilled to attend the Summer in the Orchard event celebrating their latest addition Stella Artois Cidre!

New Stella Artois Cidre is a crisp and refreshing European-style cider made from hand-picked apples. The taste of red apple and peachy, apricot accents complement the subtle flavor of orange, giving it a refreshing taste with a pleasing wood finish.

Last Thursday evening, my drinking partner in crime, Jen of My Beauty Bunny, and I headed to The Redbury to get a taste of Stella’s latest and enjoy a warm summer’s night in Hollywood.

Atop the rooftop of this vintage-inspired glam hotel (curated by photographer Matthew Rolston), we discovered an apple orchard complete with apple trees, a jazz band, yummy appetizers and chilled glasses of Stella Artois Cidre.

I have to say, it was love at first sight as well as love at first sip. Stella Artois Cidre is crisp and fresh and filled with apple-y goodness. I heard more than one attendee exclaim “it’s like apple juice for grown ups!”

To add the the fun, there was also an artificial turf where guests could enjoy a round or two of boules. Here in the States, we know the game by its Italian name “bocce” – but no matter the name, it’s a fun way to mingle with new people while getting a little competitive.

Jen was brave enough to venture into the game, while I spent some time enjoying the Cidre, chatting with fellow new-found Stella Artois Cidre fans, and snapping some pictures of the guests and band. The scent of apples seemed to permeate the warm evening and the lively band only served to enhance the festive mood.

Of course, as a beauty blogger I could not help but be captivated by the fashion, makeup and hair styles of the other attendees and I just had to share this image with our readers. Check out this tousled, twisty bun as seen on the lead singer of the band – how cute is that? And I love her nod to Stella Artois Cidre with the festive, apple-red ribbon.

Inspired by the event and want to create you own Cidre inspired Happy Hour? To liven up your next get together, pick up some Stella Artois Cidre and accessorize your room with bowls of fresh red apples. Create a playlist of classic jazz songs and keep it a mid level volume so that guests can easily chat. Make sure to serve the Cidre in chilled, white wine glasses for the best experience. If you are serving a few nibbles, it’s recommended that you pair the Stella Artois Cidre with a semi-hard cheese like manchego, a Waldorf salad or fresh Belgian endives. Cheers!

we heartsters – have you tasted Stella Artois Cidre yet? What did you think?

Made with Hand-Picked Apples

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12 thoughts on “Meet your new favorite cocktail – Stella Artois Cidre”

  1. That looks like such a fun party! The apples trees, the live band, cool, crisp cidre served in a white wine glass! Oh my! The Shay house may need to recreate/steal this idea for a Parents Back To School block party!

    1. A Parents Back To School block party!? That is such a fabulous idea!

      Piles and piles of red apples would be so perfect – and accessible and affordable – plus you can send all the guests home with some apples. And I think all parents, men and women, would like the Stella Cidre – you could always have some lager on hand too! If you do nick this idea, please share the photos with us!

  2. I want to play Bocce ball, being a 1/4 Italian that’s sounds so fun to me right now! I also love good cider and look forward to checking out this from Stella! What a cool venue too, I love a rooftop party! You guys must have had a “bocce” ball! :) Thanks for sharing your adventure, @tyna!

    1. It doesn’t feel truly like summer until I’ve been to an outdoor rooftop event @irene – Love them! The Redbury has some really amazing view too, right at the Capitol Building.

  3. This sounds lovely, I’m a Stella fan and their take on cider must be delicious. Do you know if it’s a limited time thing or permanent? I’m forbidden from good beer until after March :(

  4. I saw that WHT posted about the Stella Artois Cidre on facebook and was pretty excited to see it in my local grocery store the other day! I bought it, and even shared with friends ;) It was pretty tasty.

  5. You know, I went to the store yesterday and just didn’t see any of my favorite beers there so I didn’t get any. It must be kismet because I NEED some Cidre in my life. I love cider, my favorites are the more dry ones that have the crisp taste, almost like apple champagne! This sounds like it’s right up my alley; guess I’m stopping at the store again on the way home from work!

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