Michael Todd KNU Anti-Aging Face Lift – Review

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An ancient skin savior, snail serum, brings new life to the face

Michael Todd KNU Anti-Aging Face Lift photos: we heart this

I’ve always been a little bit of a nature nerd, which is how I know that snails are amazing creatures. Not only do they carry their houses on their backs, they also possess a mechanism that keeps their skin soft and moisturized no matter how dry their climate becomes. If only our skin could be so adaptable…

Maybe wht favorite Michael Todd True Organics had the same thought as they set out to achieve a skincare miracle: harnessing the moisturizing and healing properties of snail serum to create a unique skincare product for people. Say hello to the anti-aging face lift KNU (pronounced “new you”), that has the perfect name for a product that really can bring new life to our complexions.

Closer look of Michael Todd KNU Anti-Aging Face Lift

The topical use of snail serum is nothing new. Way back in Ancient Greece, Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine, used snails to treat inflammations of the skin. The snail serum in KNU ($150), however, is something entirely modern; combined with organic sugar cane and maple, alpha hydroxy acids and a blend of organic fruit stem cells, the serum exfoliates dead skin cells for optimal cell turnover.

In other words, KNU works hard to make skin appear younger. Michael Todd True Organics calls KNU a “miracle serum, Botox in a jar,” explaining that snail serum is a South American beauty secret long prized for its lifting and tightening effects. KNU is packed full of this humanely harvested, bio-active snail serum (Helix Aspersa Müller), a substance rich in protein, lipids, trace minerals, enzymes, copper, peptides, amino acids and more.

Closer look of Michael Todd KNU Anti-Aging Face Lift description text

The KNU jar was my first clue that this cream means business. Chunky and solid, its lid twisted off to reveal a pure white, heavy duty cream that can be used as a day or night cream, or even as a moisturizing treatment mask.

I quickly figured out it only takes a tiny dab of product to cover the entire the face and neck. At first, I used too much and the lifting sensation was amplified. Just a little bit of cream, and my skin looked immediately revived and felt great.

I’ll admit I initially rolled my eyes a tiny bit when I saw this KNU billed as having an “anti-aging facelift formulation.” Then I tried it and felt the immediate lifting sensation and saw the visible tightening of my skin from the very first use.

Closer look of Michael Todd KNU Anti-Aging Face Lift ingredients text packaging

Contains a unique blend of snail serum, stem cells, peptides and proprietary ingredients
No snails are harmed by the humane serum harvesting process
Appearance of lifting and tightening of the skin is immediate
Long-lasting improvements to the complexion are evident with longer use (in my case, it took about two weeks to start seeing a general improvement in skintone and texture)
Can multitask as a day cream, night cream or treatment mask
Only takes a tiny dab per use

Pricey – $150 for a three-month supply, which is still cheaper than Botox!

Although the lifting effect is temporary, the long term benefits of KNU are also becoming clear as I continue to use it: bright, radiant skin. I’m absolutely a KNU believer!

we heartsters – if your complexion is in need of new life, you just may find it in a jar of Michael Todd’s KNU Anti-Aging Face Lift!

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  1. Wow turboterp, this looks interesting! I am going to look at those many snails in my backyard in a different light.. I love a good facial cream and will be interested to hear what others say about this. I like the looks of the jar of Michael Todd’s KNU Anti-Aging Face Lift! A bit pricey though.. Yikes!

  2. Wow, fascinating stuff! And I love Michael Todd with a passion, so I’d be all for this if I had the extra money. I understand they have to charge good money for all those fab organic ingredients not to mention the snail serum and stem cells, it’s just too pricey for my budget, very unfortunately. But if you’re only using a tiny dab it may just last longer than 3 months…that’d be nice!

  3. I love Michael Todd, and I’m sure this stuff is great… but I really can’t get pas the LIVING SNAILS part. *shudders* After looking at them up close while working at a middle school, I just can’t imagine that being on my skin.

    1. Ha, I felt the same way at first, @lipglossandspandex . Then I read about the process Michael Todd uses to create KNU (extracting the serum humanely and combining it in the lab with many other ingredients) and felt better about trying it. As soon as I used it, my fears were totally banished. It really is great stuff!

  4. oh man, the snails part is really weird and interesting! I see how this would be a great product though. Thanks @turboterp! :)

  5. Snail serum! I can’t help but giggle and think of a witch’s brew complete with toad saliva and frog feet! he he he
    This sounds quite effective and an endorsement from @Turboterp is good enough for me!
    Great review!

  6. Fernanda Sandoval says:

    I Spent my entire life looking for a miracle product and i have always been disappointed. Finally I decided I was not going to waste any more money on product promises. This is the best stuff I have ever used! It actually works! Worth every penny. Just Love it!!

  7. Carmela W. says:

    Best facial product I‘ve ever own. This product has a very unique ingredient (snail secretion). And I know it’s very popular in Venezuela and other Latin countries where women look very young and wrinkle free. I have never seen a product with this ingredient here in in the US, but I am glad I found the knu-new you. I am planning on using this product for a long time.

  8. Living Social has this for $25 right now, great deal!!!

  9. Christina says:

    I wanted to post this somewhere… So I’ll comment here…

    I purchased this on a Groupon or Living Social Deal… Thought, “Why not?” It had some good reviews.. Few bad ones…

    This stuff is amazing… It really is. It might not be botox, but it definitely smooths, softens and makes the face look less tired. I bought it for $25, but you better believe I’ll be buying more at the normal $150. It’s great stuff….

  10. Just got this product from Living Social for $25. I love how it feels on my skin!

  11. Sabrina Chan says:

    I am such a non believe when it comes to anti aging cream of any kind, I’ve tried so many and I don’t see results but just keep throwing my money away so when I saw this on living social, I thought why not? It’s only $25 if it doesn’t work so I tried it and I can’t believe it’s so true, after 1 application my skin was super tight!! I’ve now been using it for almost 3 weeks and I can’t believe the difference, my face is so much brighter, tighter, wrinkles around my eyes and my mouth is almost all gone!! I have been told by so many people I look so fresh these days so I bought 2 more jars.
    Would I spend $150 on this? Definately because it works, it is expensive but I wouldn’t spend that much money if it didn’t work but this stuff is so amazing it is indeed botox in a cream, love it and I will never stop using it.

  12. The snail secretions are way way down on the list of ingredients (28+) so there really isn’t much of it in it. I just recently purchased this on Groupon. It is really gritty and doesn’t absorb well so I will be using it at night and also days I am just around the house sans makeup.

    How long is it good for after opening? I ask because its a known fact (multiple studies) that antioxidants and other good for your skin ingredients lose effectiveness when exposed to air & light. Skincare should be in an airtight (and opaque) containers to be most effective. The jar packaging should really be changed to be airtight.

  13. Ooohhhh!!! I have never heard of the Skincare line before your review,but, WOW!!! I sure have been missing out!! Sounds like it does amazing things to your skin & A girl can never have too much of that in her lifetime!!!

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