Michael Todd True Organics INTENSIVE Cream Eye Treatment – Review

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Dodgy mince pies – it’s a term that once I heard, I never forgot (and it has nothing to do with a spoiled Christmas treat). It’s Cockney rhyming slang for “wrinkly old eyes”. I heard a British male friend use it to describe a woman who visibly hadn’t taken very good care of her skin. And while I was horrified for her, I made a secret vow to take care of my own pies. And so, my eye cream obsession was born.

But when searching for the perfect eye cream, we know that wrinkles aren’t the only offenders. There’s puffiness, dark circles, and just general aging to contend with (crepiness, sagginess, and all sorts of bad-ness). What’s a girl to do? Try INTENSIVE Organic Cream Eye Treatment, the latest from Michael Todd True Organics, that’s what!

Michael Todd True Organics INTENSIVE Cream Eye Treatment in a light-colored background

True to its name, INTENSIVE ($38) intently targets just about everything that can go wrong with your eyes. (Well, the skin around your eyes at least – it won’t make you see better!) Fine lines and wrinkles are put on notice with Copper Peptide and antioxidants, which work to repair sun damage and encourage elastin and collagen production (the lack of which are culprits for sagginess).

It also contains an herb called Rhodiola Rosea, a plant that manages to flower despite residing in some of the coldest regions of the world. It can also be taken in a supplement form and is described as “nature’s antidepressant” (though Michael Todd doesn’t promise you’ll feel better for any reason other than your eyes looking great).

For dark circles, INTENSIVE has Haloxyl, which works by “absorbing and eliminating colored blood pigments in the skin”. Ok, that excites me.

Michael Todd True Organics INTENSIVE Cream Eye Treatment in a light colored background

Puffiness has Eyeliss to deal with, a cocktail of three protein peptides that “increase lymphatic drainage, reduce inflammation and swelling in the under eye area”. Eyeliss is paired with a unique tip applicator, which can be used to massage the cream in and further its effects. And the combo is magical, my puffiness disappeared in front of my eyes.

A hand holding Michael Todd True Organics INTENSIVE Cream Eye Treatment

Also true to its name, INTENSIVE uses organic olive and jojoba oils in a base of 100% certified organic Aloe Vera juice (the base for all of their products). It even has one my favorite ingredients; organic calendula extract, my nomination for best soothing herb ever.

Want to know how I know all the organic ingredients that are in INTENSIVE? They list them on their website in plain view. I LOVE a company that lists its ingredients on their site. I once asked a “green” company for ingredients to include in a post and they told me they didn’t share them online because the properties were so special. Um, ok…

Michael Todd True Organics INTENSIVE Cream Eye Treatment swatch

INTENSIVE feels and looks more like a serum to me than a cream, and I’m ok with that. It’s light and absorbs quickly, leaving behind no greasiness.

• Reasonably priced at $38
• 90% organic, certified vegan and cruelty free
• Air tight bottle to protect the formula from light, bacteria and fingers
• Good for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive
• Tall container stands out in a sea of jars
• Its effects on puffiness are instant

• Applicator can spurt a bit, so dispense carefully
• An opaque bottle won’t let you see usage

High end, drugstore, organic, DIY, creams, serums, patches; I’ve tried them all. And I am really glad to add INTENSIVE Organic Cream Eye Treatment into my Dodgy Mince Pies arsenal.

we heartsters, what’s your #1 eye woe?

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  1. Works instantly on puffiness? This product has just rocketed to #1 on my Must Have List! I am already such a fan of Michael Todd True Organics. Thanks for another reason to love this line, @stef !

    1. I actually thought of you when I watched my puffiness go poof!

    2. After getting to try this miracle serum (thanks @stef and @tyna !), I have one question: why on earth is it so inexpensive? This is one of the best eye products I’ve ever used, and even at twice the price– no, three times!– it would be a bargain. It really does diminish puffiness immediately, and I love that it’s made from organic, cruelty-free ingredients, too. This might be my holy grail eye product! Amazing stuff!

  2. bignbeautiful says:

    I am a long time Michael Todd lover (don’t tell Mrs Todd, lol) I have always used pure Aloe for a lot of beauty and medical fixes so this eye cream is already #1 on my list. I have always had problems with bags under my eyes and this cream is the best at relieving them. It’s cool and refreshing and I am hooked!!! I also love their cleansers and toners, they are the best on the market. I highly recommend this stuff, it works!

  3. Sounds wonderful! I like Michael Todd’s line as well! What’s not to like? Check out the great organic and magical ingredients!

  4. I am so very intrigued by that dispenser! And by everything this eye cream offers – I do not normally have puffy eyes, but dark circles, dryness and fine lines? Check, check and check. So I am obsessed with finding the perfect eye cream – one that’s deep and rich but not greasy because my eye makeup runs soo easily. This Michael Todd sounds like a great contender for me.

    I’ve been pretty impressed with the beauty products coming out from this brand – great quality, cruelty-free formulas and visible results. Looks like I’ve found the next cream on my To Try list – and for under $40 bucks I won’t feel guilty about snatching this promising cream up before I’ve finished my current jar.

  5. I know what eye cream I’m buying when mine runs out! Wow, I am so intrigued. Dark circles & puffiness under eyes are my main facial dilemmas. Dodgy minced pies totally had me cracking up, and I am adding that expression to my repetoire!

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