Microblading for Blondes: Secrets to Get the Right Shade 

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There is a common misconception that blondes have more fun. But have you thought about how blondes feel when they need to improve their brows?  

A specialist with blue gloves is doing  microblading procedure on a short-haired blonde woman

Most of the time, talking about microblading for blondes includes all the challenges that come with it. People born with this hair color need help picking the right color.

Continue reading to know more about this eyebrow enhancement procedure instead of settling for the usual blonde eyebrow tattoo solution.  

What Is Microblading? 

Medical News Today defines microblading as the semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that fills in sparse eyebrow areas to achieve a fuller look. 

Compared to traditional eyebrow tattoo that permanently sticks to the skin, the pigment used in this procedure lasts for at least three years. 

Should Blondes Consider Microblading? 

Since blondes often face the challenges of finding the right makeup to match their hair strands, investing in microblading procedures can be their best decision. 

Microblading for blonde eyebrows help you achieve the following benefits. 

Freedom From Makeup 

Most women with blonde hair face the challenge of deciding whether to get a brow procedure done or just stick to eyebrow makeup. 

This is completely understandable as it can be a bit complicated to get the right shade for the brows when you have blonde hair.

By microblading powder brows on blondes, you no longer need to buy brow makeup products regularly. 

If you decide to have your microbladed eyebrows blonde to match your hair color, you will always wake up with a set of brows with well-defined pigments that enhance your face. 

Option To Experiment With Different Shades

If you want natural blonde microblading in different shades, ask your brow specialist to help you pick the best shades for your needs. 

Your brow shade will look fantastic if the hair color does not differ drastically from your natural shade. 

Worry-Free Natural Brows All the Time 

Beauty technology today has allowed us to achieve the most natural-looking brows and shoo away dull brows with procedures like microblading, microshading, and getting eyebrow tattoos for blondes.

But with microbladed brows, you need not worry about how your brows look throughout the day. Usually, the right shade is one shade darker than your hair so that it looks natural without you even lifting a finger. 

And as long as you follow the right aftercare steps, like not exposing your brows to the sun right away, those blonde microbladed brows will stay a long time!

What Are the Available Shades for Blonde Microblading?

Color matching is crucial to the blonde microblading procedure. 

Some of the most common shades for microblading tattoo eyebrows for blondes include: 

  • Dirty blonde — Ideal for those who want a touch of depth to their natural color without making it look too dark. 
  • Barely blonde — This lighter shade of blonde is perfect for people expecting natural results.
  • Golden blonde — A honey-like hue is ideal for those who are after a sun-kissed look. It is also perfect for those who have blue eyes. 
  • Diamond pearl — Ideal for those with lighter hair that are not as blonde or gray as the others. 
  • Red Riding Hood blonde — If your blonde hair has a touch of ginger shade on it, this warm color can compliment your natural hair. 
  • Strawberry blonde — The rose gold tint will add more definition to your natural hair. 
  • Chocolate-tone pigment — If you have darker eyes, this warm, dark tone could be your best option. 
  • Gray of graphite shades — People with ash-blonde hair will look great with these slightly darker tones. 

All pigments may look different when injected into the skin. If you have a skilled brow artist, they can determine how it will look on your skin. 

The artist may also predict which shade will blend perfectly into your natural hair strands. So talk to the experts to explain what you want to achieve and get their opinion about it. 

What Happens During Blonde Microblading Procedures 

Blonde eyebrows will also go through the usual processes, like all microblading procedures. 

  1. First, you need to schedule an appointment with your brow artist for an initial consultation. It will be the time when you can discuss your expectations with the expert. They will explain what happens to blonde eyebrows before and after the procedure.  
  2. During your scheduled procedure, the microblading expert will begin measuring and outlining your brows and show you a pre-drawn version of what your brows will look like after the treatment. 
  3. If you approve the microblading expert’s brow design, they will apply a numbing cream on the brow area. 
  4. As soon as it kicks in, the expert will begin drawing the strokes by slowly moving the microblading tool to the skin’s surface, also known as the epidermis. This process will deposit the pigment in the deepest layer of epidermis, just before the dermis. 

The entire procedure often takes two to three hours. Once done, the eyebrow expert will give instructions on caring for your brows until the microblading blonde brows heal entirely. 

What Is the Best Shape for Microblading Blonde People?

Brow experts look at the shape of the face before deciding on the brow shape for microblading. It is also their basis when choosing the best brow waxing shape

A blonde woman with brown eyes and beautiful lashes having her microblading treatment, Closeup and cropped

In general, the experts will create a long eyebrow tail to help balance the face shape and hair color. 

In addition, brow professionals suggest thinner brows for people with slimmer faces, while full brows are ideal if you have a broad face.  

It is also crucial to avoid overly arched brows with sharp corners since they will change the frame of your face. 

What To Expect During the Blonde Microblading Healing Process 

Once you are done with your microblading appointment, you will go through the healing process before you can fully enjoy the beauty of your new brows. 

Since the microblading tool scratches the skin surface and leaves an open wound, it will go through several healing stages for several weeks. 

You can expect to experience the following stages as your brows heal. 

Dark Stage 

The brows will look darker than your intended shade after the treatment, especially on the second day. So do not worry if your blonde ombre brows look several shades darker during this time. 

Scabbing Stage 

When you reach the third to fifth day, you may expect to see scabs form on the surface of the treated area. 

It is crucial to avoid picking scabs when this happens to prevent any infection. You may also put yourself at risk of long-term scarring if you pick the scabs. Allow the scabs to naturally fall off.

Ghosting Stage 

Once the scabs are no longer present in the treatment area, you will notice that the eyebrows look lighter than your intended shade. 

You can expect this stage to happen since the pigment is still adjusting on your skin. 

Final Stage 

After four to six weeks, you may expect to see the pigment back in your eyebrow area. You will also notice the final shape appears at this time. 

Since the healed brows may look patchy during this stage, the brow expert will expect you to come back for a touch-up. 

Around four to eight weeks after your first treatment, the artist will add more pigment to your brow area to give more depth to its color. 

However, you must ensure that your brows are healed entirely before the touch-up session to get the best results. 

What Are the Aftercare Tips After Blonde Microblading? 

All brow aftercare procedures are the same. 

A woman getting her eyebrows microbladed at the salon

Your eyebrow specialist will provide specific instructions to help you clean the area after the treatment. They will also prescribe aftercare products to help speed up the healing process

Some of the instructions you can expect from your eyebrow specialist include the following tips: 

  • Wash the face gently, especially around the brow area. Pat it dry with a clean cloth without rubbing the eyebrows.
  • Use the products recommended by your brow artist. You may have to skip your usual skincare products since they may contain active ingredients like acids and exfoliants that may affect the appearance of the pigment. 
  • Allow the scabs to fall off naturally. If you pick the scabs, you may add more wounds to the skin that would lead to ugly scars. 
  • Avoid sleeping on your face or in a sideward position. 
  • Avoid wearing makeup for at least ten days. The components of these cosmetic products may affect the tender treated area and interfere with the fast healing process. 
  • Delay any schedule for certain activities that expose you to sweat, water, and UV rays, like workouts, swimming, outdoor events, and tanning. 
  • Avoid exposure to excess moisture, like long showers, saunas, etc. 
  • Avoid outdoor activities that expose you to the sun’s heat for long periods a day before and after the procedure.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will Blonde Microblading Last? 

Like all microblading procedures, blonde microblading can make your brows look fuller for up to two years. It will depend on how your skin will handle the pigment and how you take care of your brows after the procedure. 

You must have it retouched once the pigment fades to maintain the brows’ well-defined look. The brow stylist will expect you to return to have the faded brows fixed to make them look fresh. 

How Many Times Can You Get a Blonde Microblading Treatment? 

Since the effects of blonde microblading procedures remain for up to two years, you should invest in touch-ups once you notice the signs of fading. 

There is no limit to the number of touch-ups. But you must ensure that the brows are completely healed before taking them to the brow specialist. 

Who Is Qualified for a Blonde Microblading Procedure? 

Any blonde person can get this treatment, except for those that have the following conditions: 

  • Skin complications 
    If you are prone to various skin issues like eczema, keratosis pilaris, psoriasis, or dermatitis, you may have to think twice about getting this procedure. Constant flare-ups may alter the effect of the pigment on the skin. 
  • Chronic conditions 
    Illnesses like rosacea and chronic acne can also hinder the full effects of pigments on the skin. Excess sebum may also interfere with the results of microblading. 
  • Medical conditions
    If you have autoimmune diseases or bleeding disorders, then microblading is not for you. Pregnant and nursing women should also avoid this procedure in the meantime. 

Can You Put Brow Makeup After Microblading? 

It would be best to wait at least two weeks before applying makeup to the treated area. Once your brows are healed, you can apply brow gel, pomade, or powder to add more definition to your brows. 

On the other hand, you need to avoid using brow pencils because the sharp tip may hurt the tender area. 

How Much Is a Blonde Microblading Procedure? 

The average cost of microblading can be anywhere within the $400 to $1,400 range. It varies depending on your location and the expertise of the brow specialist. 

While there are some highly affordable options, you should be wary about choosing the salon, especially if inexperienced technicians handle the treatment. 

Maybe Blondes Do Really Have More Fun!

Being blonde is not an excuse to avoid the microblading trend. As long as you know the right shade that will match your naturally light hair color, you can expect to see a fuller, more voluptuous set of brows after investing in this procedure. 

Looking for a trustworthy brow expert to handle your microblading treatment to achieve your desired results is essential. You may ask for recommendations from your family and friends who also experienced the same procedure. 

A specialist doing a microblading to a blonde woman

Most importantly, it would be best if your chosen brow technician has a lot of experience doing microblading treatments for blondes, so they already know what to do for you. 

Blonde microblading will complete your looks without needing constant brow makeup application all day.

It will help you save time, effort, and money since you do not have to fix your brows every morning or buy eyebrow makeup now and then. 

Best of all, you will effortlessly look great and confident all day without worrying about retouching your makeup. 

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