Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine and Eyeliner Swatches and Review

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Shadows and Liners Worth Singing About

Oh, the love songs I could sing for Milani! Luxe quality cosmetics at drugstore prices are something many claim, but rarely achieve with any consistency. Milani can make this claim. And you can add the Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine and Fierce Foil Eyeliner to the existing long list of high performers.


Seriously, I put my money where my mouth is when it comes to my professing such hard-core love for this brand. An anniversary trip to Vegas a while back got a bit sour when I realized that I hadn’t brought a stitch of makeup. Really? My anniversary? VEGAS?!


To repurchase all my high-end brands for the weekend would have cramped my gambling budget immensely. In fact, it would have annihilated it. Milani Cosmetics saved the day. I only wish these Fierce Foils had been available then because these scream “Vegas,” baby.


The Fierce Foil Eyeshine ($9.99) is available in four quad-palettes, each named for the Italian city that inspired them. Of these palettes, I road tested two, Milan and Rome, and found them creamy in consistency and equipped with high-beam sparkle and shimmer.

Let’s get a closer look at the colors:


01 Milan: gold, light pink nude, light cocoa and copper


01 Milan: gold, light pink nude, light cocoa and copper


03 Florence: bronzed copper, medium chocolate, yellow gold and copper penny


03 Florence: bronzed copper, medium chocolate, yellow gold and copper penny


02 Rome: lilac, plum, silvery pink and grape


02 Rome: lilac, plum, silvery pink and grape


04 Venice: silver, cobalt, gun metal grey and bright ocean blue


04 Venice: silver, cobalt, gun metal grey and bright ocean blue

These Eyeshines can hold their own as shadows, and they wear amazingly well. While buildable, the staying power is much better with a single sweep of color. One sweep of these colors will provide good saturation, unlike most eye glosses. With a primer, these creamy shadows/shiners lasted all day without creasing. Without primer, creasing happened pretty quickly for me.


Tip: if you would like to build these for maximum saturated color, pat on an invisible eye primer between the layers—it works like a charm. Also, you don’t need the tiny sponge tip applicator that comes with each quad, it’s not nearly as useful as your pinky finger.


While the Fierce Foil Eyeshine has some pretty intense color with good saturation, none is so good as to take the place of a liner. For that we have the Milani Fierce Foil Eyeliners ($6.99 each).


With a creamy consistency not unlike the Eyeshines, these pots of liner boast dark metallics and ultra-smooth, long-lasting performance. There are four colors to choose from:


02 Purple Foil – Eggplant splashed with lavender
04 Navy Foil – Inky, moonlit-ocean blue


03 Brown Foil – Gilded cocoa
01 Black Gold Foil – Khaki-kissed black


Upping the value, each Milani Fierce Foil liner comes with a high quality brush. Seriously, this is included? Yes it is!

I can honestly say that I like these eyeliners better than any other cream/gel potted eyeliner I’ve used in recent times (presently I have two high-end pots in my makeup case). Consistency alone makes this one a winner, while staying power raises the bar for all.

Milani-Fierce-Foil-eyeliner-swatches-7Milani Fierce Foil Eyeliners – Purple Foil, Navy Foil, Brown Foil and Black Gold Foil

I tested the Black Gold Foil, a velvety black, subtly shot-through with golden khaki micro glitter and the Purple Foil, a blackened purple with abundant purple shimmer.

One more tip: These liners can also be used all-over the lid as a shadow for an intense, smoky look. And no matter how you use them, a little eye primer keeps them from creasing for hours.

I’m going to ignore a little Shakespearean advice on love where he writes, “Speak low if you speak love.” No, I’m singing Milani’s praises because I’m convinced this brand will NEVER steer you wrong.

we heartsters – does Milani leave you with a song in your heart?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone


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  1. I’ve been really curious about these, and you’ve convinced me to pick them up–I’m thinking the Florence eyeshines and the Brown Cocoa eyeliner need to come home with me. I like Milani a lot, particularly the lip products, and the eyebrow kit is so handy (comes w/two shades of powder, a highlighter, a tiny slanted brush, AND baby tweezers) that I use it all the time.

  2. I should note that Milani suggests the foil eyeliners can be used on their own as a smoky shadow. However, even with really good primer, when I tried these in this way, they creased after only a couple of hours. As a liner though, they didn’t budge. I have used Black Gold Foil every day since receiving it!

  3. Wow,! I’m really loving those foil eyeliners! That cocoa looks like a perfect replacement of my fave that was discontinued. I’ve been looking and looking, I think you found it. I just love Milani. Such a fantastic quality with the best- most vibrant colors! Anytime I find them, I’m a happy shopper!

  4. Hard to believe you can get something like this at the drugstore

  5. I was really amazed that these two products are from the drugstore! The products are really unique. I received the Fierce Foil Eyeshine quad in 04 Venice, and the Fierce Foil Eyeliner in 04 Navy Foil.

    With the Eyeshine quads, a little goes a long, long, long way. The little silicone applicator is really cute and effective, in my opinion. I love how it looks when it’s first appied–shiny and metallic and wet looking, slightly reminiscent of fish scales. Once it dries/sets/wears for awhile, then it just starts to look like glitter. It does crease on me so eye prier is an absolute must.

    The eyeliner is my latest drugstore gem! The little brush it comes with is perfect, whether you want a thick or thin line. The color is a beautiful, pigmented, slightly metallic, navy/black. It lasts all day too.

    1. Your “fish scales” point is spot on. Super glittery fish scales! I agree the silicone applicator is pretty great. I prefer to apply these with my fingers, but that applicator is almost identical to one that I have from MAKE UP FOR EVER (which is amazing at applying loose glitter.)

  6. I’ve been looking for a replacement for a discontinued navy eyeliner (seriously, I’m down to a tiny stub and still trying to use it). The Fierce Foil Eyeliner in 04 Navy Foil is now on my “must have” list. I can’t believe the perfect little brush is included. Milani impresses me more with every release!

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