Milani Illuminating Face Powder, I guess you’re just what I needed

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Milani Spring 2012 Review

Milani Illuminating Face Powder photos: we heart this

Did you ever have a product come out that was so perfectly “you” that you swore someone read your mind (or at very least, your journal)? Milani Illuminating Face Powder is just such product for me.

Milani Illuminating Face Powder - Amber NectarAmber Nectar

The graphic designer in me LOVES the embossing. A delicate rose design that’s no shrinking violet, meaning it shows no sign of disappearing after multiple uses – hooray!

And those roses? My girly side squeed with delight at first glance.

Milani Illuminating Face Powder - Hermosa RoseHermosa Rose

But perhaps the biggest draw speaks to my most dominating side, the makeup lover. True to their name, the Illuminating Face Powders absolutely glow on the skin. Each has a range of shades in the compact that swirl together to make a beautiful, multidimensional pearly hue.

Milani Illuminating Face Powder collection swatchesBeauty’s Touch, Hermosa Rose, Amber Nectar

Beauty’s Touch is a cool, light pink. Hermosa Rose is a peachy bronze. And Amber Nectar is a golden peach. Just how pleased was this makeup lover with these? Check this out…

• Beautifully pigmented
• Flattering shades
• soft and buttery consistency
• gorgeous design detail (not typically seen in drugstores)
• a bargain at just under 9 bucks

• Too awesome? Seriously, I can’t think of one.

Milani Illuminating Face Powder - Beauty's touchBeauty’s Touch

Review Team and we heartsters, has the Milani Illuminating Face Powder spoke to you as well?

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  1. I tested the beautiful Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Hermosa Rose, and you’re right, @Stef , it IS just what I needed! Everything about it makes me happy– the peachy bronze perfection of the powder, and the shockingly well-constructed compact. Its clear lid and metallic base are so sturdy yet lightweight, too. The powder gives even my pale winter skin the perfect glow, so I can imagine how much I’ll love it this summer.

    And I have one con: there’s nothing that will stop me from buying the other two colors! 5 stars.

  2. I tested Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Beauty’s Touch. Let me tell you, It is plain GORGEOUS! When I reached inside my box from WHT and saw this, I thought, Is there anything more pretty in a compact anywhere? I agree with @stef that the prettiness of this stands up for many uses..

    Its loveliness makes me smile every time I look at it and use it. It’s the perfect mix of pinks that make my skin look super healthy and lasts all day long! I would love to get this in the other two-Hermosa Rose with it’s peachy bronze and Amber Nectar in it’s golden peach!! LOVE.. Five stars. Under NINE bucks each, yes they are singing my name! *****

  3. In case I didn’t make it perfectly clear, these are PERFECT. They’re one of those products that’s so pretty you don’t want to use it. But 2 reasons why you should: those roses are going to be around quite awhile (it’s a deep emboss) and when they are gone, it’s only 9 bucks to replace!

    All three were gorgeous, I had a hard time picking just one. But Amber Nectar is the type of shade that melts me: golden peachy warmness. You can use it as a highlighter, but these easily layer for more color too.

    5 stars – LOVE ’em!

  4. I tried this out in Amber Nectar. Honestly, I’ve never really gotten that excited about highlighters before. They usually just bring out the worst things about my skin–like my huge pores–or make my oily skin look even worse. But I was actually really impressed by Milani’s highlighter! It gives a gorgeous glow and just a hint of color without adding too much shimmer or glitter. Amber Nectar doesn’t add much color to my NC35 skintone–it’s really more of a highlighter than a blush or bronzer. It has just the right amount of pigmentation, so that it’s hard to go overboard, but easy enough to add a little more glow. I really like using mine over different blushes to mix things up! I also love that the embossing and mosaic color continue to look great even after a few weeks of nearly daily use. And the price is really reasonable, especially for how awesome this product is! And the packaging is sturdy, the clear lid makes it easy to see what’s inside, and the flat top and bottom make it easy to stack. Five stars!

  5. This little beauty is great! I got Hermosa Rose to try and my only complaint is that it is SO close to my skin tone that, like @lipglossandspandex, I didn’t get much color pay-off. I’m an NC40 who has so much trouble matching her skintone that I NEVER thought I’d consider a close match a con! :-)

    However, I have been using this regular, just for a subtle even glow. It’s like my skin, but better, so using it as a highlighter, even when I don’t have foundation on, gives me a nice subtle glow. (I can’t describe it any other way, the shimmer reflects the light so subtly that it’s a nice highlight and not a “HEY! LOOK AT MY FOREHEAD AND CHEEKS!”) Also fun? In a pinch, I’ve used this as a wash on my eyelids, just for a bit of color when I don’t want to actually bother with makeup.

    The package design is super cute and THANK GOODNESS, the product is flush to the edges of the pan. I think convex products look adorable, but they are just a pain to keep in a makeup bag as mine always seem to shatter. This keeps it simple without any fuss and I appreciate that! Add to the fact that this is super affordable (AND Milani always seems to have good sales, either online or in stores) and this is a five-star’er for me!

  6. I tested Hermosa Rose too and I’m with everyone, it is awesome! The compact is a great size for $9, (I couldn’t believe it was a drugstore brand)! As soon as I saw that beautiful rose pattern I assumed this powder was going to be pretty pricy, so I’m excited I’ll be able to buy the other ones. It has such a pretty pearlized glow, I started using it as my bronzer and it looks amazing. Stef is right, the roses aren’t going anywhere! I was impressed and completely won over. Five stars for this wonderful product!

  7. My favorite thing about Milani products is how HUGE they are. For under $10 you get an amazing amount of product and the quality is really great. I’ve yet to try the Illuminating Face Power, but any other facial products (blush, pressed powder, etc) from Milani have had great staying power without getting all oxidized and funny looking on my combination skin. I’m a fan!

  8. I got to test the Amber Nectar shade–on my beyond pale self, this is firmly in the “blush” category for me. The pinky/peach flowers in the little rose garden of powder help keep this from being too muddy on me (bronzer hates me and I hate bronzer)–the color is more like when I’ve been in the sun a little bit. The shimmer in this is so finely milled, that it really manages to look very natural while still giving my complexion a boost. This is one of the first items I’ve tried from Milani and I’m fairly impressed. As someone who tends to favor a pinkier blush, I’m going to have to add Beauty’s Touch to my arsenal.
    I did have one small complaint–this smells a little bit off to me…I can’t place what the smell is, but it’s not awesome. I’m giving this 5 stars anyways because I’m weirdly picky about smells and fully acknowledge that most people won’t notice or care.

  9. Oh, I totally need to get Beauty’s Touch.

    One thing I can never get over is how much they look like millefiori glassware. It just makes me want to go out and buy some millefiori which is NOT good for my wallet!

  10. I’m fairly new to the highlighter cosmetics scene – I always thought “I have blush, what do I need this for?” But after testing the Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Beauty’s touch, I’m now a convert. I’m pretty darn pale, so this product is a multi-tasker for me. On low key days I use it as a blush for a slight flush of color and highlighting. It’s sweet, soft pink that gives me just enough color and a hint of contouring. When I’m going for a more full on makeup look, I love to sweep this over my darker blushes for a soft glow.

    Totally sold on highlighters now! And as everyone has mentioned, this powder is packaged so well. I love the clear cover so I know what I’m reaching for without having to open the lid. And the embossed roses are just so pretty. I’ve been using my powder for a good month and they are still there, looking cute. A great buy for less then 10 bucks! 5 stars from me

  11. So pretty! I Don’t think i’ve seen these in stores yet. I frequent drugstores for new and exciting budget beauty buys so I will be on the lookout!

  12. I’ve heard of these, I still can’t decide which one I want to get . This post reminded me that I need to add them to my list!! They look gorgeous; Milani never seems to disappoint.

  13. I’ve been using Hermosa Rose every day for about a month now, and I echo everyone else’s glowing comments – these are a must have for the quality of how it’s packaged (it’s so pretty it makes me excited to use it every time I pick it up!), how it looks on my face (from a quick wash of subtle glow on an easy day, to more intense glow over foundation for going out) – it’s perfect. I’m an NW30 so I thought it may be too peachy and unnatural on me, but nope, it’s just subtle and pretty. I’m also thrilled with the size and sturdiness of the packaging. A very definite 5 stars – if you havn’t tried it yet, you’ve got to pick it up next time you’re at the drugstore!

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