Milani Madness Rages On for Nail Polish Junkies

Milani Madness Rages On for Nail Polish Junkies

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New Shades for Spring 2012 – Milani Nail Lacquers and High Speed Fast Dry review

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Our case of Milani Madness is still strong! Yesterday, we wowed you with a look at some of their super sparkly, glittering polishes and today we’re taking a look at a few brand new lacquer shades for Spring 2012. And make sure to check back on Wednesday for our Milani Spring 2012 Giveaway – it’s your chance to win 48 pieces introduced this season! Now on to the review…

We’ve often discussed the virtues of nail polish here at wht, from the ease of exploring trends and bold colors to how the right nail color can complete an outfit, and I freely admit to having a love affair with perfectly painted nails.

During a recent visit with my sister I decided it was a good time to redo my manicure. I pulled out my stash and my sister gasped. “How much nail polish do you have?!” A quick tally later (my husband insisted) revealed 108 bottles. Okay, I know, that seems like a huge number, but here’s the thing- no two bottles are alike and seeing all those beautiful colors lined up fills me with joy.

So imagine my utter bliss when I received 17 of the new lacquer shades from the folks at Milani Cosmetics! With new colors in both the traditional Nail Lacquer and the High Speed Fast Dry line, there is something to please everyone.

Don’t believe me? Let’s go to video! Check out this little film highlighting 25 shades (from four collections) of the new spring 2012 Milani Nail Lacquers. Just hit play to feast your eyes on the polish eye candy (while enjoying the music of Derwood Andrews, Stef’s Hub!):

As your eyes can see, Milani Cosmetics is a company that prides itself in having fantastic, high quality color cosmetics – and they do it without the high-end price tag. While using a base and top coat I easily get 4 days of wear with no chips, and I’m rough on my nails! I should also mention that all Milani nail lacquers are DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde free. At the average price of $5 a bottle, what’s not to love?

Jiffy Orange High Speed Fast Dry

First up is the High Speed Fast Dry ($4.99) line. These claim to dry in 60 seconds, with the help of a new flat brush made for the line.

Mandabear reports this: Did they dry in a minute? Two minutes perhaps. They do dry fast though, that’s for sure. I felt that in order to achieve that one good solid coat, you need to brush on more than just your standard layer of nail polish…and that may add on drying time. It’s worth it though!

Here’s the color low down on the High Speed Fast Dry Shades (all of which are a cream finish, except for Hot Pink Frenzy, which is shimmer):

Fast Fuchsia – Hot pink mama! What a wonderful summer color. Opaque in one coat (two for perfection) and dries super fast, so work quickly.

Black Swift – A true vinyl black. Needs two coats to be completely opaque. Dries with a high shine and without dulling the color.

White on the Spot – A bright, true white. One coat is okay, but two is perfect. Would look great with a tan! It’s a little goopy, so be careful with your application.

Rapid Cherry – A true cherry red, just like it says. Very smooth formula and easy to apply. Dries slightly cooler than what is seen in the bottle.

Yellow Whiz – A whitened banana yellow, not quite pastel but not super bright. Definitely needs two coats!

Hot Pink Frenzy – Finally, a warmer hot pink! This has shimmer, but it’s very hard to see unless viewed in the direct sunlight. Needs two coats to be totally opaque.

Violet Dash – A slightly greyed out purple. This shade is totally opaque in one coat but can bubble if you’re not careful.

Jiffy Orange – A coral orange- Color of the year anyone? The formula is almost opaque with one coat, but needs two just in case.

Black Swift High Speed Fast Dry

Next up, we got a look at nine of the 22 new for spring Nail Lacquer ($4.49) shades, all with a super glossy finish and a long lasting, chip resistant formula:

Teddy Brown – A neutral, creamy camel brown. This polish is on the thin side, requiring two coats to be opaque.

Signature Gold – A bright dark metallic finish gold, with just a tinge of orange.

Juno – A delicate, ballerina milky pink. Nearly opaque in one coat, two for good measure.

Dark Coffee – Beautiful! Looks like perfectly roasted coffee beans. Opaque in one coat.

Beach Front – A soft baby blue with silver shimmer. Two coats to be opaque, and with no streakiness. Can be hard to blend as it dries, so work quickly!

Orchidia – A pink based purple shimmer. This has a thin formula that will need at least three coats to cover.

Deep Thoughts – A deep and majestic blackened purple shimmer.

Silver Stilettos – A great neutral sliver metallic. Needs two coats to be fully opaque, but has zero streaks.

Sail Away – A “gunmetal Navy” according to my husband, with silver shimmer. Nearly opaque in one coat but needs two for perfection.

Teddy Brown Nail Lacquer

Deep Thoughts Nail Lacquer

Orchidia Nail Lacquer

Silver Stilettos Nail Lacquer

Don’t forget to check tomorrow for your chance to win all 25 shades seen in the video – plus 23 additional Milani goodies!

So confess- how big is your polish collection? And which shades of Milani Lacquers need to be added to it immediately?

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.

29 thoughts on “Milani Madness Rages On for Nail Polish Junkies”

  1. I tested two High Speed Fast Dry colors: Fast Fuchsia and Yellow Whiz. I could probably have gotten away with just one coat, but two coats dried way quicker than regular polish and the finish was flawless.

    Fast Fuchsia is the perfect summer pink, but for some weird reason it was the quirky Yellow Whiz that really caught my eye. It’s sunny and bright, somewhere between pastel and neon.

    I also got to try Signature Gold Nail Lacquer and was so impressed with the smooth, glossy formula and the long wear. I’m hard on my nails but I got four days of wear from Signature Gold– rare in a metallic!

    17 shades of (in my opinion) 5 star Milani polish… @mandaleem , you are one lucky lady!

    1. It was like Christmas when that box arrived! My husband just muttered something about enablers and went to the garage, hahah.
      You’re right about Yellow Whiz, it really is a unique color. I think it’s a good introductory yellow for those who love the color but are unsure about a full yellow mani, which can be hard to pull off. Milani really hit the nail on the head with that one.

  2. I also seem to end up with tons of bottles of nail polish because I’m always looking for the “perfect” colors! In addition to the One Coat Glitter polish in Twinkle that I commented about yesterday, I also received White on the Spot, Silver Stilettos, and Deep Thoughts. I wouldn’t say that White on the Spot and Silver Stilettos are 1 coat polishes, but silver and white shades rarely are. These needed two coats, which meant it also took a little longer to dry than a minute, but it was still really quick. White on the Spot is a touch goopy compared to the other shades, but it still applies really well and is probably the best white polish I’ve tried. Deep Thoughts, a nearly black purple with a slight sheen to it, is nearly opaque in one coat as well, although it’s not marketed as a one coat polish. And I LOVE that they have so many shades!The length of wear on all of them was above average for me, and the price is really reasonable. There are cheaper polishes out there, but I find that they’re frequently hit or miss in terms of coverage and chipping and such, but all of the Milani shades that I tried were winners. I’m giving these polishes 5 stars :)

    1. @lipglossandapandex – WOW! Five stars is a very high rating because I know how high your standards are. Plus, I know you have tried nearly all of the major brands on the market.

      This stuff must be perfection!

    2. I’m totally that weird lady who brings shoes or a piece of an outfit with me to the store when I’m buying nail polish. It has to be just right! The hubs never complains about the end product (and I think he secretly enjoys going through my stash when I ask him to pick out a color, hahah) so it’s all good.
      White on the Spot was a little goopy, but compared to a LOT of white polishes who aim for the one-coat white it was a dream to work with. So many end up like putting white-out on your nails, but Milani has a fantastic formula. I can’t wait to break out the self-tanner and this polish!

  3. I tried Yellow Whiz and Orchidia. They are so on trend for spring and I love how accessible they are. I personally own and purchased Sail Away which I have not tried yet but it’s a gorgeous blue. Milani really went above and beyond with their Spring collection! I love (what feels like) Milani Week here at wht!

  4. I tested out the one-coat in Jiffy Orange–definitely on trend for this year–the color is so in tune with spring and summer, that I can’t wait for sandal weather because this color on my toes peeking out from some cute shoes is something I look forward to seeing. The polish goes on more evenly than most one-coat formulas and the brush gives great control–I managed to get pretty good coverage with one coat, but 2 coats would probably be best if you’re not in that big of a hurry. One coat took about 4 minutes for me to feel they were completely solid, but that’s better than the standard 15 minutes with one coat for most other formulas. I’m the kind of person that sometimes I wish I had time to paint my nails before going somewhere, but it’s too last minute–this stuff is perfect for my impromptu nail painting. Love this! 5 stars!

  5. I tested out Dark Coffee and Juno, in addition to Lavender Fizz, which I commented on yesterday. I did one coat, when I tested each of these, and was so impressed with how opaque they are right off the bat. Dark Coffee is just that and looked rich and sophisticated. Juno was a pale, pretty pink and again, normally this light of a color doesn’t show up that well in one coat, but Milani’s did and I couldn’t be happier about it. 5 days later and no chipping made these polishes another 5 stars for me!

    1. Wow, 5 days and no chipping?! That would be a miracle for me!
      Juno brings out the wanna-be-ballerina in me, and making it a one-coat formula (though I prefer 2 just to be on this side of perfect) makes it super easy to indulge in my girly side. And what a great spring color!

  6. Around here we’re in Milani heaven this week!
    With this new round up of colors Milani has really made a dream line up for the nail polish obsessed. All the colors are so beautiful I simply cannot pick a favorite! I get fantastic wear time, having even reached 3 days with zero chips while not wearing a base or top coat (and that’s while doing some major house renovations like stripping wallpaper). In fact I find my mind wandering to a new, different color BEFORE my nails start to get terribly ragged. They’re all just too good!
    You really can’t go wrong with any of these colors. From a beautiful basic Black Swift to the uniquely gorgeous blue of Sail Away you’ve got options galore. And at less than $5 a pop you can go crazy without blowing your budget!
    Milani gets 5 stars from me, no questions asked. Now go have fun with color!

  7. I had the pleasure of testing Jiffy Orange and Fast Fuchsia. These colors are A-H-MAZING!!! I am so set for spring and summer with these vibrant and bold colors. They are so on trend and pretty!! I do feel that these were fairly fast drying. I did apply more than one coat which surely doubled my drying time. But I still found it to be faster than some other polishes. These polishes are fairly long lasting as well. I went almost a week without any chipping. Great job Milani!! A huge 5 stars from me!! I will be buying more of this polish in the very near future.

    1. Jiffy Orange is so on trend for this spring/summer, and I bet it would look AMAZING with a Fast Fuchsia as an accent finger, or a half-moon mani! I think I need to do that this weekend…

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  9. I have fallen for so many of these great colors!
    I only had to apply two coats of the Orchidia Nail Lacquer by Malani But will try three to see how that looks..I’m liking the colorful nails.. I usually wear super nutural shades.. I’m so wanting the Silver Stilettos Nail Lacquer to.. and five others! Wow, this company is so on to something big! Great prices, five stars!

  10. I got to try Violet Dash and Black Swift. I love the Violet Dash color, it’s a nice purple that’s spring-y but still a bit muted. It’s awesome that it’s one-coat and quick drying. Black Swift is the perfect black to layer with the Teal Jewel Fx and some of my other larger glitter polishes. Definitely one of the best inexpensive nail polishes I’ve tried! 5 Stars!

    1. Black Swift really is a great base for the Jewel FX line of polishes from Milani. Being that it takes just one coat to get a good finish it won’t get too thick (making it more apt to peel in my experience). That’s the only thing that keeps me from layering glitter and “regular” polishes, the thickness. Thank you Milani for solving that problem!!

  11. Oooh I love the Orchidia color! And that Teddy Brown is nice too. I always like the idea of brown nail polish but I haven’t tried it yet. I think it might look weird against my skin tone…but this sounds like it would be worth trying out!

    1. Teddy Brown is pretty neutral, so I can see it working well for both cool and warm tones. I think it’s a good intro to brown nail polishes, and at $5 it’s not too much of a financial risk to take! Bonus- Milani is available at CVS where ALL cosmetics are returnable (even after use) if you don’t like the end result. But I’m sure you will!

  12. I tested White on the Spot fast-drying polish and fast it is! As soon as I finished one set of tosies, the first was dry and ready for a second coat. The bright white is a great base for some of their glitter polishes. I also tried Orchidia and it, too is a solid performer–creamy and pretty on its own (fab on my particular skintone, I must say) and gorg with the glitters, too. Like the glitter polishes, these are practically perfect. 5 stars.

    1. Ooh, I can picture myself now- White on the Spot on my toes, sticking out of the sand and visible over the fruity drink in my hand. Paradise!

  13. Like our review team, I was also impressed with these oh so affordable polishes! I tested two of the classic Nail Lacquer shades and was happy with their coverage (one coat is fine and two coats is perfection) and the durability of the polish.

    I tested out Juno – a lovely soft, but not too sheer light pink that is giving my old standby (Ballet Slippers) a run for its money. I also tested Deep Thoughts – a deep purple with a bit of shine that is a perfect toe color.

    I got 4 or 5 days without a chip, smooth even coverage and fab colors – all for under bucks a bottle. What more could I ask for? Another 5 star vote!

  14. I got to grace my fingers with all 25 lacquers we received in order to make the video. And I was super impressed with both the regular formula and the High Speed Fast Dry.

    With the High Speed, there def. were shades that were tougher to use than others (White on the Spot and Yellow Whiz, I’m looking at you!) but when these worked, they worked so well. And it’s true, they’re dry in a minute, 2 tops. There were 3 that I had to keep for my own: Rapid Cherry (because how else can you get cherry red nails in 2 minutes?), Fast Fuchsia and Violet Dash (which is such a unique color, kind of pastel, kind of grey, just beautiful!)

    Out of all 4 collections (the glitter polishes included) I kept the most of the Nail Lacquers: Teddy Brown (a beautiful taupe) Dark Coffee (omg, LOVE! So rich and deep, all the impact of black but less harsh) Orchidia (greatly named, it’s like a sparkling exotic flower) and Deep Thoughts (deep, rich sparkling purple). So yeah, 2 browns, 2 purples. I loved the formula on these, not too thick, not too thin. Really easy to use, on trend shades.

    5 stars on the whole lot – for under 5 bucks each these can’t be beat.

    1. I’m not sure I’ve EVER used a “60 second dry” polish that was truly dry in a minute, so the drying time taking 2 minutes tops is pretty darn awesome in my book. (I have so many fast drying polishes from other companies that still take at least 5 minutes to set. Not good when you’re in a time crunch!) Milani has produced some of the quickest Fast Dry polishes I’ve ever used!

  15. Milani has never let me down in terms of nail color. I already own about six bottles, so when I got Signature Gold and Beach Front, I was more excited to test out the colors than the formula. :-) Both applied really easily and I got a nice opaque color in two coats. I did use three with Signature Gold, but only because I could see a hint of a visible nail line and I wanted to see if I could make it go away. (A little VNL never hurt nobody!) I am brutal on my nails and I got four (almost five) days of wear with Signature Gold and three with Beach Front. (To be fair, I scrubbed tile without gloves with Beach Front and I think the chipping came from waterlogged nails rather than a formula issue.)
    My drying time was very fast with both, which makes me think that if this is the regular dry time, the fast-dry formula (which I haven’t tried yet) must be AMAZING.

    The colors are just as @mandaleem described; Signature Gold is gold, but with oomph. It’s a really fun metallic that doesn’t read automatically as such, if that makes sense. And Beach Front is a pretty pretty blue with the tiniest of silver sparkle to make it interesting. I’m not a huge light blue fan, but the silver shimmer made it much more interesting.

    Five stars from me. I mean, great color and coverage and under 5 dollars?

  16. I tried Teddy Brown (taupe), Beach Front(sparkly light blue) and Hot Pink Frenzy(bright pink). While they are all great colors, Teddy Brown has won my heart. It’s a gorgeous brown taupe that goes on evenly the first coat. I love the coverage and the gorgeous colors of all the polishes I received. Super fast drying time on all of these. This was my first time trying the Milani polishes and definitely not the last. 5 stars!

    1. @tiffany – I’ve flipped for Teddy Brown too! It’s odd, I though “euw!” when I first looked at it. It’s kinda yuck in the bottle, honestly. But on, forget it! It looks so elegant. I feel super fancy with it on!

    2. I had this on at lunch today and my nieces were all complimenting the color. I’ve been really drawn to brown nail polishes lately, but this one is hands down my favorite. Super pretty on…but I agree kinda yuck in the bottle.

    3. I TOTALLY would have skipped over Teddy Brown if I saw it in the store (and not on someone), but I’m so, SO glad I didn’t! I look at it this way- Teddy Brown is to a french manicure as chocolate pearls are to the more traditional white strands. Classy without looking like everyone else!

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