What is The Mitty? And Why Will You Love It?

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The Mitty is a reusable and washable makeup removerpress sample

Anyone who knows me can tell you that there is little I hate more than cluttering up the environment with a bunch of junk. Yes, disposable items are convenient and easy to use, but laziness is no excuse for turning the world into one big, ugly landfill. I don’t even use a whole cotton ball most of the time. Instead, I tear one ball up into a lot of little pieces.

Which is all a lengthy way of saying that the Mitty and I were made for each other!

“What is this Mitty?” you might be asking. “And why does Melissa love it so much?”

Here’s why: Take My Face Off’s Mitty line of cleansing tools replaces disposable items such as cotton balls and wipes. No more waste and no more guilt thanks to these high-quality, green alternatives for makeup removal. The Mitty is ultra-comfy, super-effective, and—best of all—long lasting. Made in the USA of Korean polyester, the Mitty is cloud-soft yet durable enough to whisk your makeup away.

The Mitty reusable and washable makeup removers

Take My Face Off is a Los Angeles-based company founded by Amanda McIntosh, a cosmetics-loving gal who hates waste even more than I do. It was McIntosh’s love of makeup and subsequent lack of effective-yet-green removal tools that inspired her to develop her own clever products. Take My Face Off debuted at Cosmoprof North America in 2016 and was immediately picked up by Sephora for a “Take My Face Off for Sephora Collection” release in 2017.

The Mitty fills such a void in my beauty routine. Before, if I didn’t want to use wasteful cotton balls, cotton pads or tissues, I was left with washcloths, an imperfect solution the Mitty improves upon in so many ways:

  • Washcloths are bulky. The Mitty is thin enough to get to small areas, especially with its pointy “genius detailer.”
  • Washcloths are rough. The Mitty is velvety smooth against even the most sensitive skin.
  • Washcloths are always damp. The Mitty dries extra-fast.
  • Washcloths are unsightly. The Mitty is so much more adorable than a wet washcloth.

The Mitty comes in different sizes and varieties, and I tested two.

The Makeup Mitty in blue

The Makeup Mitty ($38.50 for 3) is designed for use all over the face. It can be used with any cleanser, and the little pointy Detailer tool is great for removing eye makeup. However, I leave that task for the Mitty that’s made just for this purpose.

The Mitty Blackout for eye makeup removing

The Mitty Blackout ($42.50 for 5) is a smaller size just for the eyes. The round end takes makeup off of the eyelid and brow, while the pointy end is great for getting every last speck of makeup off of the lash line. And it’s black, so no worries about all your makeup leaving stains.

Both Mittys can be used dry or damp, with cleanser or without. The Mitty can be machine washed and tumbled dry (just avoid fabric softener). But I hand wash mine and hang them in the bathroom where they make me smile.

Thanks for helping me save the planet, Take My Face Off… and thanks for making The Mitty so darned cute.

The whole we heart this team got Mittys to test: read their thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. These are FABULOUS for travel! You’d be surprised how many people do not have washcloths. Cotton balls can also be hard to find at friends’ houses – these tick both boxes. I love the preciseness of the point tip and that the Mitty Blackout is black (no one wants to see mascara smudges.) A smart product I didn’t even know I needed, but now that I have it I can’t imagine NOT having it!

  2. I got to try the Mitty Blackout and let me tell you–that little buddy managed to erase my eye makeup like a champ! I did have to use a smidge of cleanser, but the little point really helped take away all of the makeup near my lash line, something super important for me as I wear contact lenses. I think the best part is how easy these are to hand wash and air dry. I can was the Mitty and set it to dry and it’s ready to go to remove my makeup the very next night. I usually use wash cloths to remove makeup and they are such a pain because I have to take the time to run a load of laundry to make sure I always have clean ones ready to go. I totally skip that step with the Mitty. Love!

  3. I am really liking mine so far! It’s a great alternative to the wash cloth and I like how soft they are and also the precision from the shape, which is especially nice around the eyes. I was a little worried how it would hold up in wash, so I just make sure to throw it in on a delicate cycle and hang dry. I, too, am now wondering why I didn’t try one of these sooner!

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