Mod Lacquer Pop Art Collection – swatches and review

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Though now mostly known through ubiquitous posters sold at college bookstores, Pop Art was a huge movement in the 50’s and 60’s. Even if you aren’t familiar with the art influenced by advertising, comic book and other popular culture (hence the “pop” art) you’ve definitely seen it somewhere – Roy Lichtenstein’s comics influenced work, Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup series, or most recently in Stef’s awesome Halloween costume. (Seriously, she nailed it.)


Mod Lacquer takes the Pop Art influence and translates it into a collection that captures the unique look of the movement into nail polish. Recently, we heart this got the chance to test out a few of these unique, found on Etsy, nail lacquers.



Far from typical and, surprisingly, my favorite of the bunch, Far-Out ($9.50) is a bright yellow jelly with seriously blue glitter. The blue hexes really pop and you can really tell the collection’s inspiration with this polish. Lichtenstein would be proud!


Radical ($9.50) is a bright blue jelly with pink glitter. Because of the squishy jelly base, Radical’s glitter seems to shift; from pink to purple. The blue is bright, but not neon; I found it extremely wearable for such a bright color.



Satire ($9.50) is a “bright sheer pink/coral jelly base with bright yellow glitter.” The salmon colored base is pretty on its own but the yellow hexes really make this polish, elevating it from fun to fabulous!


Green is pretty polarizing color, but if you like it as a polish, you’ll love Juxtapose ($9.50). It’s harder to see the violet glitter in this polish, but the pretty spring green jelly base stands on its own. This slightly mossy color is the most modest of the Pop Art collection, but just as pretty as the rest.



Subliminal ($9.50) is a “sheer orchid jelly base with small light pink glitter.” This polish also has that squishy jelly base, so the pink glitter varies in color, shifting from dark pink to nearly white, depending on where it is in the polish layer. This is a more subtle color than the others in the collection, very girly and sweet.


We heart this also received a mini of Technicolor Noise ($4) as an add-on for review. Not part of the Pop Art collection, but fitting right in, Technicolor Noise is a neon glitter in a clear base.



While some polishes can be described as a “party in a bottle,” Technicolor Noise is like Carnivale in a bottle; the squares, hexes and teeny little circles just explode off your fingers!

Even if you find Warhol a bore, I think you’ll love Mod Lacquer’s collection. The formula for the whole collection applied like a dream – two coats gave me a nice solid base (shown on all swatches) but three made it opaque. Technicolor Noise performed just as well; I didn’t have a whole lot of issues with glitter placement and a regular top coat smoothed out any bumps.


I’m very glad I found Mod Lacquer; if the Pop Art collection is any indication, her polish is absolutely stellar. I’ve already added a few more items from her Etsy store on my want list, (and I feel like our resident horror fan Krista would love her recent Cryptids collection!)

How about you, readers? Do any of the Pop Art polishes make your heart skip a beat?

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Alyssa is kinda geeky, kinda girly and all the way in love with her cowboy husband who can say words like, “ornery” with a straight face. She live in Texas and is working on her Masters, being a good cook and the art of looking cute in the morning AND being on time for work. Visit her blog Kind of a Mess.


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    Alyssa is kinda geeky, kinda girly and all the way in love with her cowboy husband who can say words like, “ornery” with a straight face. She live in Texas and is working on her Masters, being a good cook and the art of looking cute in the morning AND being on time for work. skin tone: NC42 skin type: oily to normal favorite beauty product: nail polish and mascara


  1. Satire. I need it!

    Looks like I’m off to go drool over some more polishes… Thanks!

    1. It’s really pretty, isn’t it? Thanks for your comment!

    2. You do need Satire! It’s a gorgeous and fun color; come back and let us know how you like it! :-)

  2. @lyssachelle , these colors are all so beautiful! I got to try the gorgeous seaweed green Juxtapose and I was so impressed with everything about it: the cool jelly texture of the base, the slightly iridescent sparkle of the violet glitter, the quick dry time. If a green polish can be subtle, this is it. Two coats with base and top coats lasted three days before starting to chip. Now that I’ve seen your take on the other colors, I have to get Satire next. Mod Lacquer is so much fun!

  3. Oohhh – love all of these! I’m generally not a huge glitter fan – but these are fab! Not too sparkly and so unique. Thanks for find us all another new indie line to check out!

  4. So, as the swatcher I got to try all these. And I have to agree with @lyssachelle – Far Out was a stand out. I mean, how could a glittery egg yolk not be? But my favorite of all was Technicolor Noise, not part of Pop Art but it should be. It transformed all these into a birthday party in nail form! I’ve got this dream of using it over white…I’ll try to share that soon.

  5. @lyssachelle – I just checked out the Cryptid polishes and they are divine! After looking through her etsy shop, I think my favorite polish would be Sasquatch. I’m in search of a glorious, shimmery brown this year and this looks like it fits the bill.

    I got to try Radical. I liked the texture of the polish, but blue polish isn’t me (I’m very pale and blue makes me look like a corpse unless it’s a dark navy). This jelly blue base took 3 coats for full coverage. I had some issues getting enough of the pink glitter dogs to stay on my nail–I feel like this maybe needed more dots in the polish to get adequate dottage? In any case, while this shade wasn’t really my cup of tea, I’m kind of digging Far-out. I bet that would be sassy for the spring and summer—I love the cheerful yellow with blue dots :)

    Nice review!

  6. OMG what fun colors! I seriously want them ALLLL. If I could only pick one, I’d pick Technicolor Noise… but they’re all gorgeous.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Where do I find & get these amazing colors polishes

  8. These are so cute, especially the yellow base with both polishes on it. They remind me so much of pop art with the bright, primary colors.

  9. LADIES!! I just found out this collection is being discontinued and are now on sale at Mod Lacquer’s shop!! Get ’em now, before they are gone!!!

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