Modelones Gel Polish: The Secret to an Awesome Mani 

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Rocking gorgeous nails is an exciting and fashionable way of elevating your look! 

You can use your mani to complement or contrast your outfit. Plus, you can choose a nail design to suit any occasion.

A woman's hand with a dark colored gel nail polish with uv beside it and flowers scattered on a table.

And the best way to get your perfect mani? The perfect nail polishes. A good brand to try is Modelones gel polish!

In this piece, we look at the wide range of nail polishes you will want to be part of your own Modelones gel polish kit.

From nudes to mattes to metallics and several colors in between, we’re covering all the brand’s best bets just for you!

Color Changing Gel Nail Polish Set
Editor's Choice
  • With Triple Nail Art Effect - six colors that can become lighter or darker depending on the temperature
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Beautiful package for gifting
Gel Matte Top Coat
Budget Pick
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Suitable to many types of nail polish
  • Toxin-Free
Gel Nail Polish Kit With UV Light (Red)
Premium Pick
  • 48W LED Light included in the kit
  • Comes with a top coat, base coat, and nail decorations
  • Toxin-free and mild smell

What Is Modelones?

Modelones is a world-renowned gel nail polish brand started in 2015.

The brand has a professional team of designers constantly exploring the world of color and bringing polishes to life through their affordable line of nail products, such as dipping powders, acrylic powders, poly gels, and even nail tools and other essentials. 

Using these products allows all nail techs and mani lovers to craft nail designs or express themselves vividly through nail art.  

What Should You Consider When Choosing Modelones Gel Polishes?

With so many colors and texture options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many gel nail polishes that Modelones offers. 

We’re here to help you narrow your search!

When choosing quality gel polishes, we suggest that you consider the following:

  • Color. Get a color that appeals to you and one you’ll want to wear often.
  • Durability. Top-quality gel polish won’t chip, scratch, or fade on your nails and should last weeks.
  • Ease of application. This is essential if you’re a beginner! Great gel polishes shouldn’t smudge or run when applied.
  • Ingredients. Some gel polishes may contain harmful chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP that may negatively impact your health. Always look for non-toxic and cruelty-free gel polishes. 

Fortunately, Modelones gel polishes fit the bill and more!

So, is Modelones gel polish good? Absolutely! Check out our faves.

Modelones Gel Polish: 9 Amazing Products To Try

Most of these products come in sets with various colors that will bedazzle you!

Gel Nail Polish Kit With UV Light (Red)

Our Premium Pick contains everything you’ll need to achieve pretty nails - and then some!

Key Benefits: Comes with seven gel polishes and several nail tools; long-lasting colors; easy to apply with a super-friendly beginner brush


  • 48W LED Light included in the kit
  • Comes with a top coat, base coat, and nail decorations
  • Toxin-free and mild smell

For several salon-quality yet healthy manicure sessions in the comfort of your own home, go with Modelones Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light.

Nail art beginners and enthusiasts alike can’t go wrong with Modelones Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light.

It comes with a powerful 48W UV LED Nail Lamp that can cure your gel polish twice as fast as other nail lamps. 

This set also comes with seven shades of gel polish, from dark red to pink to glittery purple, and all the tools you’ll need to apply them to your nails. 

You’re sure to create a mani that suits all your preferences thanks to this non-toxic Modelones gel polish!

Reflective Glitter Gel Nail Polish Set

Nails painted with this set of reflective glitter gel nail polishes are truly spectacular to behold!

Key Benefits: Comes in six rich shades; gives your nails a stunning shimmer; colors last for up to 21 days


  • Made from natural resin and eco-friendly
  • Features no harsh ingredients of adhesives
  • Cruelty-Free

If you're searching for shining, shimmering, splendid nails, this glitter Modelones gel polish set has what you need!

Glittery nails give your outfit an undeniable sparkle! So, if you’re the type who likes to dazzle, try Modelones Reflective Glitter Gel Nail Polish Set.

This set contains six glittering shades of silver, yellow, pink, blue-green, navy blue, and red, sure to make you sparkle like diamonds. 

These polishes can last up to 21 days using a base and top coat.

They are eco-friendly and skin-safe, containing no toxins or harsh chemicals that could damage your nails. 

Want pretty cruelty-free Modelones gel polish? This set is just one of many we adore.

Color Changing Gel Nail Polish Set

Our Editor’s Choice is a fantastic set of nail polishes that can change color depending on your level of hotness (literally)!

Key Benefits: Colors change based on the temperature; vibrant pigmentation; shiny, high-gloss finish


  • With Triple Nail Art Effect and six colors that can become lighter or darker depending on the temperature
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Beautiful package for gifting

You’ll get more colors for your buck with Modelones Color Changing Gel Polish!

Want nails that can shift from pretty pink to raging red without any effort? You’ll get that and more with the Modelones Color Changing Gel Nail Polish Set!

With its Triple Nail Art Effect in place, your nails will automatically switch colors depending on how hot or cold it is. 

They may start lighter in the morning when it’s hotter, but they can become darker as the environment and your nails get colder throughout the day.  

You may even see a mix of two colors on your nail as it actively changes shades throughout the day! How’s that for a fantastic nail art?

Nude Gel Nail Polish Set

A fantastic set of nude nail polish that will surely satisfy the minimalist in you. 

Key Benefits: Full, natural-looking nails; applies in minutes; lasts for up to 28 days


  • Hypo-allergenic
  • No irritating odor
  • Paraben-free

This nude Modelones gel polish set is made to match your skin tone for elegant and minimalist manis!

Sometimes, you want nails that look natural and understated on your hands.

That’s why this set with six iconic and classic colors – white, ivory, neutral tan, nude beige, coffee, and bronze – is an ideal purchase! 

Each easy-to-apply color is made of high-quality materials that leave you with fabulous, natural-looking nails.

Plus, with its chip-resistant and bubble-free formulation, you’ll enjoy rocking nude nails for up to 28 days!  

Pink Gel Nail Polish Set

A gorgeous set of gel nail polish in hot pink tones sure to speak to your inner Barbie!

Key Benefits: Vibrant pink shades with a glossy finish; full nail coverage; no peel-off and bubble-free


  • Professional formula for quick and easy application on nails
  • Contains no irritating ingredients
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

Pretty pink nails are as pretty as possible with pink Modelones gel polish.

Pink nails are among the most popular looks for a fab mani because of their versatility and feminine vibes.

And they’re even easier to achieve if you use Modelones Pink Gel Nail Polish Set!

This set comes in six gorgeous shades of pink – nude, cherry blossom, plain, rosa, hot, and neon pink. Choose any of these vibrant, glossy colors to fit the occasion or even showcase your mood! 

These Modelones polishes only take three minutes to apply, making DIY salon-quality and beautiful nails easy to achieve!   

Blue Gel Nail Polish Set

This gel nail polish set will give you beautiful blue nails every time.  

Key Benefits: Set comes with six brilliant blue shades; durable and long-lasting; dries quickly


  • Salon-quality, nail-friendly formula
  • Made of natural resin that will not turn your nails yellow
  • Toxic-Free, Cruelty-Free Formula

If you love blue nails, this blue Modelones gel polish set is a step above the rest!

You might think pulling off blue nails is difficult – but with Modelones Blue Gel Nail Set, you’ll quickly change your mind.

From the light hues of baby blue to the darker tones of navy, you’ll find your perfect blue shade with an unrivaled shiny finish that perfectly complements any outfit or occasion. 

With the proper technique and application, you can show off these brilliant shades for up to 28 days – without needlessly damaging or turning your nails yellow! 

Gel Matte Top Coat

Our Budget Pick may not be a complete color set, but it's essential to deftly transform any glossy polish into a certified matte Modelones gel polish with just a few swipes!

Key Benefits: Prevents chips and smudges; makes your gel nails last for up to 28 days; fast-drying formula


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Suitable for many types of nail polish
  • Toxin-Free

Create gorgeous matte manis with Modelones' matte top coat!

If matte nails are more to your liking, getting Modelones Gel Top Coat can give you the effect without buying another product!

With this matte top coat, you’ll enjoy your favorite gel color while keeping your nails protected and chip-free for up to 28 days. 

It’s made from natural ingredients, so you’ll also keep your nails free from damage!

Another good thing about this top coat is that it works with any nail color you use, including gel, dip, acrylic, chrome, or polygel. 

Cream Gel Polish Set

This unique gel polish set comes in a fun palette, not a set of bottles.

Key Benefits: Nine high-pigment colors in a single palette; long-lasting formula; easy to apply


  • Compact palette
  • No irritating odor
  • Convenient to carry

For a tiny all-in-one partner for your nails, try Modelones cream gel polish.

Want to try something new on your nails? Give the Modelones Cream Gel Polish Set a try!

This compact palette stores nine diverse and highly pigmented nail shades and has a handy brush for precise color application. 

It’s built with convenience in mind as, instead of nine separate bottles of nail polish, you can bring this palette anywhere with you anywhere you go!

Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

A gel nail polish set that will give your mani a fantastic and unique holographic effect!

Key Benefits: 9D gel polish with cat eye effect; appears in different colors or shapes depending on light and angle; comes with a high-gloss finish


  • Comes with top coats, a base coat, and two galaxy cat eye nail polishes 
  • Includes a double-head 3D Magnetic stick for creating nail art 
  • Mild smell

Love the universe? Try wearing the galaxy on your nails with Modelones Cat Eye Gel Polish!

Try this holographic Modelones gel polish for something unique and sophisticated for your nails. 

With this holographic polish, your nails will look like they’re changing in color depending on the angle and the light.

Plus, with just a few strokes, you can achieve a fantastic cat-eye look with a stunning intergalactic feel.

And with the mixed polish appearing randomly, you’ll get a unique and personalized mani every time.

Closeup manicurist applies nail gel polish on middle finger of the client while holding hand on the client on Uv lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can You Buy Modelones Nail Polish?

Modelones has an online shop that you can visit to see all their products. 

You can sort them by price, name, or date, or you can go straight to their best-selling page to see which ones are sold in bundles or are on sale.

You can also find Modelones products in other online retailers like Walmart

They are also on Amazon! Visiting the Amazon page is great, especially if you’re pressed for time, as all products are already categorized, making looking for your preferred type of nail product a breeze.  

Do You Have To Cure Modelones Gel Polish?

Most Modelones gel polish requires curing under an LED Lamp for anywhere from 30-60 seconds, depending on your polish and lamp.

If you’re unsure, you can always check out the product information of your nail polish either on their website or on Amazon.   

Our Modelones Gel Polish Review: A Definite Must-Try!

Elevating the look of your outfits is easy if you’re also rocking an A+ nail game!

That’s why we love Modelones gel polish. They’re affordable, come in a ton of colors and designs, and are toxic-free!

Hopefully, this article has helped you decide which Modelones gel polish sets and accessories can help you achieve the mani of your dreams. 

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