Momofuku Milk Bar – cookie review

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The world’s most coveted cookies delivered straight to your door!

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I’m a compulsive mail checker. My boyfriend is a little tired of me constantly asking him if he’s checked the mail yet. I always hope that there’s SOMETHING in the mail for me, even if I haven’t ordered anything. Surprises are nice, even if it’s just a magazine that I got with frequent flyer miles. One of the best perks about being a wht reviewer is that I get some really good stuff in the mail, like makeup and beauty products. It’s unbelievably awesome.

And when I thought being a beauty blogger couldn’t get any better… it did. Stef and Tyna sent me some makeup AND some cookies. Gourmet cookies. And not just ANY gourmet cookies, but gourmet Momofuku cookies -the ones with a cult following.

The Momofuku brand is an eclectic combination of people and ingredients, with several restaurants and sweet shops around the world. Happily, their renowned Momofuku cookies ($12 for a tin of 6 cookies) can now be purchased online. Each cookie creation contains a curious mix of ingredients, but all of them contain milk powder, like many of the other treats produced by Momofuku Milk Bar.

According to the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook, another ‘secret’ of making Momofuku cookies lies in creaming the butter and sugar together for about ten minutes. This allows the sugars to fully dissolve and adds an extra creaminess to the mixture.

Cornflake cookie

Combining all of these these factors together results in cookies that people obsess over. The cookies were featured in Esquire’s list “101 Valentine’s Gifts for Every Woman Imaginable” (which I know because my boyfriend is kind of addicted to Esquire). Momofuku’s pastry chef, Christina Tosi, actually baked a batch with Martha Stewart. And Williams-Sonoma carries their prepackaged cookie mix! I’m no chef, not of any kind, not even of the microwave-using variety, but if it’s endorsed by Esquire, Martha, and Williams-Sonoma, it’s probably a good thing, right?

I decided to put these cookies to the test: I made my boyfriend do a “cookie tasting” with me. Their cookie flavors are definitely unusual and creative, so we were pretty excited. I laid out the cookies on a plate, grabbed glasses of milk and soymilk, and got to work.

Compost cookie

We sampled three Momofuku cookies including the Cornflake cookie with cornflakes, chocolate chips and marshmallows, the Chocolate Chocolate cookie with cocoa powder and chocolate crumbs, and the most famous cookie of all from Momofuku, the Compost cookie which includes pretzels, chocolate chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, and potato chips.

The texture was pretty nice for all of them. Chewy and fairly soft. And the chocolate one was super chocolate-y. However, I found the Compost and Cornflake cookies to be a little underwhelming and a little stale in terms of flavor.

Oooh – a cookie controversy! Tyna here – I’ve never done this before but I’m breaking in to pipe up in defense of cookies – heh. I sampled the Compost cookie (two of them actually) and found them to be full of flavors – a little salty, a little sweet, with just a touch of chocolate goodness. Stef, sampled the Cornflake and was in heaven. We ate the cookies a good week or two before Marilyn our tester received her package. I suspect these cookies, shipped FedEx straight from the bakery, need to be consumed within a few days. But back to Marilyn…

I’d like to try a fresh cookie, straight from the bakery, or maybe bake a batch myself – the Momofuku cookbook contains the recipes. I’m anxious to hear what the other tasters thought of their cookies!

Chocolate Chocolate cookie

we heartsters and Testers – What do YOU think of the cult favorite Momofuku cookies?

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  1. Wow, look at that texture. They look mouthwatering! I wonder how many other secrets they conceal besides the creaming together of the butter and sugar? Thanks!

  2. Wow! Even as a resident New Yorker, I am super jelly that you guys got Momofuku cookies to try. I am a huge fan of their cookies (if you are ever in town or buy online again, also try the blueberry and cream cookie and cake truffles!) I have a friend that made the Compost Cookies from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook that recently came out. They were delish! Sorry to hear that your cookies were a bit off, it’s probably because of transit times and whatnot. At least there’s a good reason to come to NYC :)

  3. I’ve been absolutely fascinated by Momofuku every since I’ve heard about the restaurants. Then, the milk bar comes out and I become obsessed with cereal milk! So, I was super excited to give these a try and see if a new obsession would be born. And what fun to sit down with a plate of cookies and a note pad!

    As @tyna said, we both really liked these cookies. I LOVED the Chocolate Chocolate. One of the darkest chocolate tasting cookies ever. So dark it almost tastes like coffee. And it was really dense and chewy. So, so good.

    I also really enjoyed the Cornflake, Chocolate Chip and Marshmallow. This one really had a lot going on; it was sweet, crunchy on the edges, chewy in the middle. Absolutely delicious.

    The only one I didn’t really care for was the Compost cookie. I found it kind of dry. And see, this was @tyna‘s favorite, where as @lipglossandspandex really only liked the Chocolate.

    I do think these would obviously better straight from the oven, but overall I was impressed. I guess cookies are a very subjective thing! Even more so then makeup maybe. 4 stars from me, I’d def. buy these. With some cereal milk to wash them down!

  4. I’m really having a tough time deciding on a rating for these cookies. It’s possible, and very likely, that these cookies taste much better when they’re fresh. Unfortunately, my actual experience with these cookies was disappointing. My fiance felt the same way. The rich, chocolatey deliciousness of the Chocolate Chocolate cookies managed to shine through the stale flavor, but the more delicate and varied flavors in the Cornflake and Compost cookies were obscured. I would absolutely be willing to give these cookies another try. The price and the short shelf life are drawbacks, but the creativity is noteworthy. I feel like the cookies that I ate would only get two stars, but I acknowledge that my experience is probably more of the exception than the rule.

  5. I thought the most awesome thing about these cookies was how fresh-baked they tasted. I’ve never bought packaged cookies so soft and chewey and FRESH as these seemed! The chocolate was by far my fave (hubs agrees). The Compost cookie was good, I thought, but the butterscotch made it too sweet for me; props for the crunchy corn flakes addition, though! 4 stars.

  6. I got to test the compost cookie and cornflake cookie. I have to say, I have hardly met a cookie that I do not like. However, these fell flat.

    I am sure it was because they were a bit old by the time I recieved them. They tasted a bit bland-like they were missing vanilla or another ingredient to give it a bit more flavor. The texture was chewy, which I prefer in a cookie.

    2 stars.

  7. I got to test all of these. Worth noting–they are huge. I easily split these with the hubby and both of us got enough cookie out of the deal. One thing I liked about these is that they were soft and chewy, as I hate crunchy cookies, but these need to be eaten ASAP. The hubby saved 2 of his halves for later and when he got back to them a few days later, they were pretty tough. Slightly off-putting is that the cookies were a little greasy, too. That being said, the flavors were pretty tasty. The chocolate on chocolate was yummy–perfect for a chocoholic. It had a deep cocoa flavor–like the richest brownie in cookie form. The cornflake cookie reminded me of a rice crispy treat with chocolate chips–probably my favorite out of the three–I think it was the hint of marshmallow that swayed me. The compost cookie was different–the flavors were really unique–a complex cookie with different layers of sweetness. It’s like they took any craving and put them all in one cookie. However, the compost cookie got the hardest out of the three after a few days and my hubby ended up loosening a crown on it, so I’d do that one super fresh or not at all. Overall, I’m a fan of being able to send cookies to people that I don’t have to bake, so I’d love being able to gift these. As I do bake a mean cookie, I probably wouldn’t justify buying these for myself, though. 3 stars

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